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Matched 93 packages (Maintainer = 'Ben Hines')

NameLatest VersionDescription
amaze0.0-1014Text-based 3D maze game
bidwatcher1.3.17-1014GTK auction management/snipe tool for eBay
cadaver-ssl0.23.3-1WebDAV client
chmtools1.0-3Tools for working with CHM files
cmine1.4-1004Text-based minesweeper game
connect41.2-1011Text-based Connect Four game
dama0.5.4-12Turkish draughts board game. (checkers-like)
danican0.5.2-12International draughts board game
diffconvert1.3-1001Tools to convert diff file formats
dlocate1.02-1Fast alternative to dpkg -L and dpkg -S
dnstracer1.9-1DNS tracing utility
dpkg-awk1.0.1-2Awk script to scan dpkg database
dsniff2.3-6Network auditing and penetration test tools
dtags1.0.1-1Use exuberant-ctags with xsltproc
flac1.2.1-1001Free lossless audio codec
flac-doc1.2.1-1001HTML format docs for flac and libflac.
flac-xmms1.2.1-1000XMMS plugin: Free lossless audio codec (FLAC)
gai0.5.5-1014General Applet Interface Library
gai-shlibs0.5.5-1014General Applet Interface Library
gedcom-parse0.90.0-13GEDCOM parser library
gedcom-parse-bin0.90.0-13GEDCOM parser library
gedcom-parse-shlibs0.90.0-13GEDCOM parser library
getxml1.0.4-1Localization tool for XML
gkrellkam22.0.0-1023Gkrellm2 plugin - Webcam viewer
gkrellm22.3.5-1System monitor stack for GTK+2
gkrellm2-dev2.3.5-1System monitor stack for GTK+2
gkrellmss2.2-1012Gkrellm2 plugin - ESD Sound Scope
gothello0.1-13Small othello game for GTK
gramps3.0.4-3Genealogy software for GNOME/GTK 2
grhino0.11.0-1018Strong othello game for GNOME 2
gspeakers0.11-1003GTK+ speaker design program
gtetrinet0.4.4-14Legacy-package upgrade to "gtetrinet2"
gtetrinet20.7.11-1014Tetrinet (internet Tetris) client for GNOME2
help2man-perl51001.41.1-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl51231.43.3-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl51241.43.3-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl51621.43.3-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl5881.41.1-1Generates man pages from program output
hexcurse1.55-1012Terminal-based hex editor
inform6.30-2Interactive fiction language and compiler
ivtools1.2.3-1012X11 drawing editors for PS, TeX, web graphics
ivtools1.2.3-dev1.2.3-1012X11 drawing editors for PS, TeX, web graphics
ivtools1.2.3-shlibs1.2.3-1012X11 drawing editors for PS, TeX, web graphics
jwhois3.2.3-1Improved Whois client (command line)
launch1.1-1004Replacement for OS X "open" command
libflac81.2.1-1001Free lossless audio codec - shared libs
libflac8-dev1.2.1-1001Free lossless audio codec - encoder/decoder
libgii00.8.5-11Flexible library for input handling
libgii0-dev0.8.5-11Flexible library for input handling
libgii0-shlibs0.8.5-11Flexible library for input handling
libusb0.1.12-1015Portable library for USB device access
libusb-shlibs0.1.12-1015Portable library for USB device access
lifelines3.0.62-1003Scriptable Genealogy program
lxsplit0.1.1-1File splitter & joiner
manconf20020121-12Placeholder package for Jaguar update (do not install)
metapixel1.0.0-2Photomosaic generator
mpegencode1.5b-2Berkeley MPEG-1 Encoder
mppdec1.15s-2Musepack (.mpc) file decoder
newspost2.1.1-1USENET Binary Autoposter
nibbles1.2-1011Text-based color snake game
num-utils0.5-1Command-line utils for dealing with numbers
ondir0.2.2-1010Auto-execute scripts as you traverse dirs
othello0.03-1Console based Othello Game
pngcrush1.7.16-1Optimizer for PNG files
popularity-contest1.3-301Fink Package Popularity Contest
puf1.0.0-1Parallel URL Fetcher
pyorbit2-py252.14.3-3Python2.5 bindings for ORBit2
pyorbit2-py25-dev2.14.3-3Development files for PyORBit (python 2.5)
pyorbit2-py262.24.0-3Python2.6 bindings for ORBit2
pyorbit2-py26-dev2.24.0-3Development files for PyORBit (python 2.6)
pyorbit2-py272.24.0-3Python2.7 bindings for ORBit2
pyorbit2-py27-dev2.24.0-3Development files for PyORBit (python 2.7)
replaypc0.4.0-1012ReplayTV interface utilities
sagasu2.0.6-1006GNOME tool to find strings in files
scanssh1.6b-2Fast SSH Protocol Scanner
srm1.2.8-1Secure replacement for rm
tornado1.3-1015Networkable text-based weather destruction
treecc0.3.0-1001Tree Compiler-Compiler
vigor0.016-1102VI editor featuring paperclip assistant
vigra1.4.0-1002Computer Vision Library
vigra-doc1.4.0-1002Documentation for vigra libraries
vile9.4-1023Enhanced vi-like text editor
vilearn1.0-1Tutorial for vi newbies
wdiff1.2.1-1Word-based frontend to GNU diff
xaos3.2-1001Fractal explorer
xjig2.4-1012Jigsaw puzzle game for X11
xlaby2.0.2-1Evil labyrinth game for X11
xlightoff1.1-10Light switching game for X11
xmountains2.7-1Fractal landscape generator
xpilot4.5.4-2Multi-player 2D space game
yaala0.7.2-1Flexible log file analysis program
yydecode0.2.10-11Decoder for yEnc encoded binaries on USENET
ztools981107-1Set of Z-Machine tools

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