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Matched 91 packages (Maintainer = 'Chris Zubrzycki')

NameLatest VersionDescription
aircrack-ng1.0.0.0-1Wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities
autobook1.5-1GNU autotools documentation
autoconf2.13-legacy2.13-102System for generating configure scripts
automake1.101.10.3-8GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.10-core1.10.3-8GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.111.11.6-7GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.11-core1.11.6-7GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.121.12.6-3GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.12-core1.12.6-3GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.131.13.4-2GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.13-core1.13.4-2GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.141.14.1-1GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.14-core1.14.1-1GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
autoproject0.17-3Create a new skeleton source package
bchunk1.2.0-1CD image converter (bin/cue to iso/cdr/wav)
bitchx1.0c19-1032Advanced Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client
bitchx-common1.0c19-1032Common files for BitchX
bitchx-ssl1.0c19-1033Advanced Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client
cdda2wav2.01.01-10.4.77Creates files from audio CDs
cdparanoia3a9.8-15Audio extraction tool for sampling CDs
cdrdao1.2.3-1000Create CDs in disc-at-once (DAO) mode
cdrecord2.01.01-10.4.77A command line CD/DVD writing tool
cdrtools2.01.01-10.4.77Various tools for mastering CD-Rs
ckermit8.0.211-1001Kermit Transfer Program/Swis Army Knife
darkstat2.5-5Smaller network traffic analyzer
debconf1.4.51-1321Package configuration management system
debconf-doc1.4.51-1321Documentation for debconf
debconf-english1.4.51-1321Small footprint English-only debconf
debconf-i18n1.4.51-1321Full internationalization support for debconf
debconf-utils1.4.51-1321Utilities for debconf
dialog1.0-20060221-1002Displays dialogboxes from shell scripts
dvilib21.3.2-4A portable DVI interpreter library
dvilib2-dev1.3.2-4A portable DVI interpreter library-dev files
gcdmaster1.2.3-1Gtk interface for cdrdao
gift0.11.8.1-1Metapackage for the giFT filesharing system
gift-fasttrack0.8.9-1FastTrack Plugin for giFT
gift-gnutella0.0.10-10OpenFT Plugin for giFT
gift-openft0.2.1.5-1011OpenFT Plugin for giFT
gift-utils1.0.0-1Misc. tools for giFT
giftcurs0.6.2-1012Cursed frontend to the giFT daemon
giftd0.11.8.1-13Filesharing daemon from the giFT project
giftd-dev0.11.8.1-13Filesharing daemon from the giFT project, development files
giftd-shlibs0.11.8.1-13Filesharing daemon from the giFT project, shared libs
gkermit1.00-2Simple, Portable, Free File Transfer Software
grep-dctrl1.10-23Grep Debian package information
html2text1.3.2a-1022Advanced HTML to text converter
id3lib43.8.3-2002Library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag
id3lib4-dev3.8.3-2002Development files for id3lib
id3lib4-doc3.8.3-2002Documentation for id3lib *FIXME*
id3lib4-shlibs3.8.3-2002Shared libraries for id3lib4
id3tool1.2-1Command line editor for id3 tags
intltool-debian0.30+20040213-202Help i18n of RFC822 compliant config files
libcdparanoia0-dev3a9.8-15Development files for libcdparanoia
libcdparanoia0-shlibs3a9.8-15Shared libraries for cdparanoia (runtime lib)
libmpfr-dev2.1.0-2C multiple-precision floating-point library
libncursesw55.9-20110507-1Full-screen ascii drawing (wchar version)
libncursesw5-shlibs5.9-20110507-1Shared libraries for libncursesw5 package
linpal0.5-1016GTK+2 based client for The Palace
minicom2.6.2-1Serial communication program
mkisofs2.01.01-10.4.77Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images
mplayer-font-arial-iso-8859-10.1-1Subtitle font for mplayer
mplayer-skin-avifile1.5-1Avifile-like skin for mplayer
mplayer-skin-blue1.0-1Blue skin for mplayer
mplayer-skin-blue-small1.0-1Blue skin for mplayer
mplayer-skin-default1.7-2Default skin for mplayer
mplayer-skin-midnight-love1.5-1Midnight Love skin for mplayer
nfs-tuner1.0.0-1Tunes NFS default settings
normalize0.7.4-2Audio file volume normalizer
openslp1.2.1-1Open Service Location Protocol
openslp-dev1.2.1-1Development files for OpenSLP
openslp-doc1.2.1-1Documentation for OpenSLP
openslp-shlibs1.2.1-1Shared Libraries for OpenSLP
openslp-ssl1.2.1-1Open Service Location Protocol, SSL enabled
openslp-ssl-dev1.2.1-1Development files for OpenSLP
openslp-ssl-shlibs1.2.1-1Shared Libraries for OpenSLP + SSL Support
pgcedit8.6-1DVD IFO and menu editor
po-debconf0.8.23-2Gettext translation tools for Debconf
publib0.39.3.1-1C function library
pv1.1.4-2Shell pipeline element to meter passing data
reportbug3.5-1002Reports bugs in the Fink distribution
slay1.2-1Kills all of a user's processes
spawg1.3.2-4a simple TeX DVI previewer with a simple GTK+ UI
spawx111.3.2-4a simple TeX DVI previewer for X11
tex-guy1.3.2-4Miscellaneous utilities using DVIlib
uptimed0.2.0-1Utility to log computer uptimes
userutils1.2-1Add/Remove users&groups via the command line
vflib33.6.14-6Versatile Font Library, runtime libs
vflib3-bin3.6.14-6Versatile Font Library, binary apps
vflib3-dev3.6.14-6Versatile Font Library, development files
xgdvi1.3.2-4a TeX DVI previewer for X, with a nice GTK+ UI
xmms-normalize0.7.4-1004Xmms plugin to normalize sound files

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