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Matched 38 packages (Maintainer = 'Darian Lanx')

NameLatest VersionDescription
aesutil1.0.7-1CLI tool to encrypt/decrypt with AES
agrep2.04-20Flexible egrep/fregrep replacement
bison3.0.2-1000Parser generator
bison-legacy2.7.1-1Parser generator
cddb-pm1.220-1High-level interface to cddb protocol servers
devel-autoprofiler-pm51001.200-5Profile subroutine calls in a perl program
devel-autoprofiler-pm51231.200-5Profile subroutine calls in a perl program
devel-autoprofiler-pm51241.200-5Profile subroutine calls in a perl program
devel-autoprofiler-pm51621.200-5Profile subroutine calls in a perl program
devel-autoprofiler-pm5881.200-5Profile subroutine calls in a perl program
file-mmagic-pm1.30-1Guess file type from filename contents
gnupg-testing1.3.6-1015Gnu privacy guard (TESTING branch)
gpgme0.3.16-124Application access library for GnuPG
gpgme-shlibs0.3.16-124Shared libraries for libgpgme
gpgme111.1.8-2Application access library for GnuPG
gpgme11-shlibs1.1.8-2Shared libraries for libgpgme
gsasl90.2.24-1005GNU Simple Authentication and Security Layer
gsasl9-dev0.2.24-1005GNU SASL headers and static library
gsasl9-shlibs0.2.24-1005GNU SASL shared libraries
hercules3.07-1000System/370, ESA/390, z/Architecture Emulator
hercules-modules3.07-1000Hercules dynamic feature modules
libassuan1.0.5-1Safer IPC library
libhowl-bin1.0.0-17Cross-platform implementation of Zeroconf
libhowl-dev1.0.0-17Cross-platform implementation of Zeroconf
libhowl-shlibs1.0.0-17Cross-platform implementation of Zeroconf
libhttpd-persistent1.3-1010Fix-UP version of libhttpd to work with daapd
msmtp1.4.17-1005"SMTP plugin" for Mutt; other MUAs
msmtp-ssl1.4.17-1005"SMTP plugin" for Mutt; other MUAs
netcat60.5-3Netcat 6 is a netcat clone with IPv6 support
sign1.0.7-1001File signing & signature verification utility
tcpreplay2.3.5-12Tool to replay captured net traffic
time-progress-pm1.8-1Elapsed and estimated finish time reporting
ucarp1.5-1000Userland CARP, alternative to the VRRP
xmlsec-bin1.2.18-4Main xmlsec runtime program
xmlsec-dev1.2.18-4Development files for the xmlsec libraries
xmlsec-shlibs1.2.18-4XML Security Library
zsh5.0.6-1The Z Shell with multibyte support
zsh-multibyte4.3.12-1The Z Shell

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