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Matched 81 packages (Maintainer = 'Dave Reiser')

NameLatest VersionDescription
aqbanking162.3.3-1010Online banking interface
aqbanking16-shlibs2.3.3-1010Online banking interface
aqbanking203.8.2-2Online banking interface
aqbanking20-shlibs3.8.2-2Online banking interface
aqbanking335.0.23-1Online banking interface
aqbanking33-shlibs5.0.23-1Online banking interface
finance-quote-pm51001.18-1Perl module to get stock quotes
finance-quote-pm51231.19-1Perl module to get stock quotes
finance-quote-pm51241.19-1Perl module to get stock quotes
finance-quote-pm51621.19-1Perl module to get stock quotes
finance-quote-pm5881.18-1Perl module to get stock quotes
finance-quotehist-pm51001.19-2Perl module to get old financial quotes
finance-quotehist-pm51231.19-2Perl module to get old financial quotes
finance-quotehist-pm51241.19-2Perl module to get old financial quotes
finance-quotehist-pm51621.19-2Perl module to get old financial quotes
finance-quotehist-pm5881.19-2Perl module to get old financial quotes
gnucash22.4.13-151Financial-accounting software
gnucash2-dev2.4.13-151GnuCash development headers and libraries
gnucash2-docs2.4.2-1Help files/documentation for gnucash2
gnucash2-shlibs2.4.13-151Financial-accounting software
gnumeric1.10.17-3Spreadsheet for gnome, reads many formats
gnumeric-dev1.10.17-3Spreadsheet for gnome, reads many formats
gnumeric-shlibs1.10.17-3Spreadsheet for gnome, reads many formats
gnutls- TLS encryption library
gnutls-2.12-shlibs2.12.20-2GNU TLS encryption library
gnutls262.10.2-5GNU TLS encryption library
gnutls26-shlibs2.10.2-5GNU TLS encryption library
gnutls283.3.4-1GNU TLS encryption library
gnutls28-shlibs3.3.4-1GNU TLS encryption library
gwenhywfar382.6.2-4Utility Library for AqBanking
gwenhywfar38-shlibs2.6.2-4Utility Library for AqBanking
gwenhywfar473.8.2-2Utility Library for AqBanking
gwenhywfar47-shlibs3.8.2-2Utility Library for AqBanking
gwenhywfar604.3.2-3Utility Library for AqBanking
gwenhywfar60-shlibs4.3.2-3Utility Library for AqBanking
html-tableextract-pm51002.10-1Perl module to extract data from html tables
html-tableextract-pm51232.10-1Perl module to extract data from html tables
html-tableextract-pm51242.10-1Perl module to extract data from html tables
html-tableextract-pm51622.10-1Perl module to extract data from html tables
html-tableextract-pm5882.10-1Perl module to extract data from html tables
ktoblzcheck1.41-1Library to check German bank code/acct number
ktoblzcheck-bankdata1.41-1German bank data for ktoblzcheck
ktoblzcheck-shlibs1.41-1Shared libraries for ktoblzcheck
libdbi0.8.3-2Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C
libdbi-dev0.8.3-2Development package for libdbi
libdbi-drivers-mysql0.8.3-4MySQL driver for libdbi
libdbi-drivers-pgsql900.8.3-3PostgreSQL version 9.0 driver for libdbi
libdbi-drivers-pgsql910.8.3-3PostgreSQL version 9.1 driver for libdbi
libdbi-drivers-sqlite0.8.3-2SQLite driver for libdbi
libdbi-drivers-sqlite30.8.3-2SQLite3 driver for libdbi
libdbi-shlibs0.8.3-2Shared libraries for libdbi
libgcrypt1.5.0-3GNU cryptographic library
libgcrypt-shlibs1.5.0-3GNU cryptographic library
libgoffice- of document-centric objects
libgoffice-0.6-shlibs0.6.6-3Library of document-centric objects
libgoffice- of document-centric objects
libgoffice-0.8-shlibs0.8.17-2Library of document-centric objects
libgpg-error1.13-1GPG error reporting library
libgpg-error-shlibs1.13-1GPG error reporting library
libhogweed-shlibs2.7.1-1Low level cryptographic library
libofx30.8.3-1004OFX Library
libofx3-shlibs0.8.3-1004OFX Library
libofx40.9.4-1OFX Library
libofx4-shlibs0.9.4-1OFX Library
libofx50.9.6-1OFX Library
libofx5-shlibs0.9.6-1OFX Library
libtasn1-32.13-2ASN.1 library
libtasn1-3-shlibs2.13-2ASN.1 library
libtasn1-6-dev3.4-1ASN.1 library
libtasn1-6-shlibs3.4-1ASN.1 library
nettle4-bin2.7.1-1Low level cryptographic library
nettle4a2.7.1-1Low level cryptographic library
nettle4a-shlibs2.7.1-1Low level cryptographic library
pyqt-py253.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt-py25-bin3.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt-py263.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt-py26-bin3.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt-py273.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt-py27-bin3.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
slib33b4-1Portable scheme library
slib3-gu183b4-1Portable scheme library for guile18

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