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Matched 1139 packages (Maintainer = 'Jack Fink')

NameLatest VersionDescription
2mandvd1.3.5-1005Utility for creating Video DVD media
2mandvd-mac1.3.5-1004Utility for creating Video DVD media
abe1.1-3Abe's amazing adventure - Jump 'n Run
acetoneiso21.96-1005CD/DVD image file manager
adg0.5.3-3Libraries for automatic drawing generation
adg-shlibs0.5.3-3Libraries for automatic drawing generation
aeneas1.2-23D Monte Carlo Semiconductor Device Simulator
aewan1.0.01-2ASCII-Art Editor Without A Name
afternoonstalker1.1.4-1002Afternoon Stalker - A robot-killing game
alac-decoder0.2.0-2Decoder for the Apple Lossless Audio Codec
alienblaster1.1.0-1006Classic 2D shoot 'em up
almanah0.7.2-3Application for managing a personal diary
amigadepacker0.04-3Unpacker for common AMIGA packer formats
angband-sdl3.1.1.1626-3SDL-based dungeon exploration game
apf0.8.4-1003Active Port Forwarder
apollon1.0.2.1-1006KDE - frontend for giFT file-sharing system
apt-dater0.8.5-1Terminal-based remote package update manager
aptsh0.0.7-1005Apt interactive shell
apvlv0.1.1-1Alf's pdf viewer like vim
aranym0.9.15-132-bit Atari computer emulator (ST/TT/Falcon)
archimedes0.9.1-2Semiconductor device development tool
argus3.0.2-2Audit Record Generation & Utilization System
argus-clients3.0.2-3Clients for argus
aria2fe-mac0.0.5-1003Frontend for the CLI download tool aria2
aria2fe-x110.0.5-1004Frontend for the CLI download tool aria2
ario-player1.5.1-2GTK+2 client for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
armagetronad0. Tron clone
arora0.10.2-1004Slim WebKit-using browser, based on Qt4
arora-mac0.11.0-3Slim WebKit-using browser, based on Qt4-mac
arpoison0.6-2Utility to poison ARP caches
arptools1.0.2-3Various libnet/libpcap based ARP utilities
asciiquarium0.3.2-1003KDE - extra screensaver
associationsubscribersmanager3.0rls-1006Helps managing associations of people
ast5.3.1-2Library for handling world coordinate systems
ast-shlibs5.3.1-2Library for handling world coordinate systems
atari800-sdl2.1.0-2Atari 800 emulator, SDL variant
atool0.38.0-1Script tool for making handling archives easy
autostart0.5-1005KDE - set programs to start automatically
autotrust0.3.1-2CLI tool for updating DNSSEC trust anchors
avahi-sharp0.6.19-4C# bindings for avahi
avfs1.0.1-2Virtual filesystem
avfs-dev1.0.1-2Virtual filesystem, development files
avfs-shlibs1.0.1-2Virtual filesystem, shared libs
balsa2.3.26-6Versatile email client for GNOME
balz1.15-1002File compressor, high compression ratio
bandwidthcalc0.2-3File transfer time calculator for GNOME
barrage1.0.4-1Simple, violent action game
batrachians0.1.4-1002Fly-eating frog game
beediff1.9-1004Qt4-based textfile comparison
beediff-aqua1.9-1003Qt4-based textfile comparison, aqua version
beneath-a-steel-sky0.0372-2Science fiction adventure game
bfast0.6.4b-2Blat-like Fast Accurate Search Tool
biloba0.6-3Turn based strategy game for up to 4 players
bing1.1.3-1003Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester
biogrep1.0-2Pattern matching helper
bip0.8.4-1002IRC proxy
bitlbee3.0.3-2IRC to other networks gateway
blackbox0.70.1-1002Alternate Window Manager, basic version
blobandconquer1.08-23D Platform shooting game
bloboats1.0.2-3Arcade-like boat racing game
blobwars1.14-4Platform shooting game
bobs0.1-2SDL-based screensaver
bodr10-1Blue Obelisk Data Repository
bomberclone0.11.8-1002Bomberman-like SDL game
bomns0.99.2-1002Fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch arcade game
bopm3.1.3-4Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor
bouml4.20-1002UML toolbox
briquolo0.5.7-1004Fast paced 3D Breakout
brutalchess0.5.2-10053D chess game inspired by BattleChess
bsdsfv1.18-2All-in-one SFV file utility
btpd0.15-3Faceless BitTorrent client with CLI frontend
bubblemon2.0.15-2GNOME panel applet, displays load as bubbles
bugsquish0.0.6-2Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm
buici-clock0.4.9.2-2Simple analog clock for your X11 desktop
bullet12.80-10043D Game Multiphysics Library
bullet1-shlibs2.80-10043D Game Multiphysics Library
burgerspace1.9.0-1002Hamburger-smashing video game
buthead1.0-2Copy all but the first few lines
bwm-ng0.6-1002Bandwidth monitor, next generation
bwping1.2-2Bandwidth measurement tool
cairo-clock0.3.4-3Analog clock drawn with vector-graphics
capitalist0.3-1003Monopoly clone - server
cb2bib1.4.0-1005Fast extractor for bibliographic references
ccd2iso0.3-1002Converts CloneCD to ISO image files
ccrtp1.7.0-1003Common C++ class framework for RTP packets
ccrtp-shlibs1.7.0-1003Common C++ class framework for RTP packets
cdfly0.3-1008CD/DVD collection manager, based on Qt4
cdfly-aqua0.3-1004CD/DVD collection manager, based on Qt4-mac
cdpr2.4-2Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
celt0.7.1-3Ultra-low delay audio codec
celt-dev0.7.1-3Ultra-low delay audio codec
celt-shlibs0.7.1-3Ultra-low delay audio codec
chemical-mime-data0.1.94-1008Chemical MIME and file type support
chionic1.0.1-1002Sampling software, uses JACK
cirkuit-kde4-mac0.2.2-1004KDE4 - Circuit figure generator
cirkuit-kde4-x110.2.2-1004KDE4 - Circuit figure generator
cksfv1.3-1003Commandline utility for .sfv files
clipgrab-mac3.0.4.1-1004Download tool for Internet videos
clucene-core0.9.21b-1005Full-featured C++ search engine
clucene-core-shlibs0.9.21b-1005Full-featured C++ search engine, shared libs
clustalx2.0.12-1005GUI for clustalw
clustalx-mac2.0.12-1005GUI for clustalw
codebreaker1.2.1-4Master Mind clone using GTK+
commoncpp21.7.0-1005Package for creating portable C++ programs
commoncpp2-shlibs1.7.0-1005Package for creating portable C++ programs
concordance0.21-2Config utility for Logitech Harmony devices
connectagram-x111.0.1-1003Word unscrambling game, uses Qt4-x11
converseen-mac0.3.2-1Image batch converter and thumbnail creator
converseen-x110.3.2-1Image batch converter and thumbnail creator
cosmosmash1.4.5-1002Space rock shooting video game
cppi1.12-2Indentation checker for C/C++ source files
cpufire-applet1.6-3GNOME panel applet showing CPU load as fire
crow2.17.1-1003GTK+2 visual GUI editor
crystal1.0.6-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
crystal-kde4-x112.0.5-1003KDE4 - Window decoration
ctrlproxy3.0.8-5IRC proxy with conversation replay support
ctrlproxy-dev3.0.8-5IRC proxy with conversation replay support
cuberok0.0.7-1004Music player, based on Qt4
cutemaze-mac1.1.0-1003Target hunting in a maze, uses Qt4
cutemaze-x111.1.0-1003Target hunting in a maze, uses Qt4
cwp-kde4-x110.9.17-1003KDE4 - Customizable Weather Plasmoid
cwtext0.96-2Text-to-Morsecode converter
cylonminimal0.2-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
d3lphin0.9.2-1004KDE - Fast file manager
daemonize1.6-2Run anything as a real daemon
daemontools0.76-2Tools for managing UNIX services
darknock0.23-1004Sophisticated edge detection for images
darknock-aqua0.23-1003Sophisticated edge detection for images
datakiosk0.7-1008KDE - Database frontend
dc3dd7.1.614-1Patched version of GNU dd
ddrescue1.14-1Copies data between file/block devices
deb-gview0.2.6-1GNOME viewer for .deb package files
deja-dup11.1-5GUI front-end for duplicity
dekorator0.3-1007KDE - window style with themes
dekorator-kde4-x110.5.1-1003KDE4 - Window decoration engine
dicelab0.6-2Dice roll statistical distribution evaluator
diffstat1.51-2Generate statistics from diff output
digikam0.9.5-1011KDE - Digital photo management
digikam-dev0.9.5-1011KDE - Digital photo management, development files
digikam-shlibs0.9.5-1011KDE - Digital photo management, shared libraries
dmg2img1.6.1-2DMG to standard (HFS+) image converter
dnsproxy1.15-4DNS proxy
docbook2x0.8.8-5Converts DocBook to man or texinfo format
dolphin0.8.2-1003KDE - Fast file manager
dome4.80-1002Calculates and draws geodesic domes
doodle0.6.7-8Desktop search engine
doorman0.81-1004Port-knocking daemon and client
doscan0.3.1-1003Fast network scanner
drivel3.0.0-4GNOME blog editor
duff0.5.2-1Duplicate file finder
dvd+rw-tools7.1-1002Utilities for DVD-ROMs and -RAMs
dxpc3.9.2-1002Differential X Protocol Compressor
dynamips0.2.7-10Emulator for a bunch of CISCO devices
ebook-tools0.2.2-1Accesses/converts various ebook file formats
echinus0.3.2.1-3Window manager for X in spirit of dwm
efte1.0-1002Lightweight, configurable programmer editor
eleet0.3-2SDL-based screensaver
elettra1.0-2Tool for encrypting/obscuring multiple files
empathy2.28.0-4Library & GUI widgets for Telepathy
engauge-digitizer5.1-1Extracts numbers from bitmap graphs or maps
enigma1.04-2Puzzle game
eqonomize0.5-1004KDE - Personal accounting software
etpan-ng0.7.1-2Console mail user agent based on libEtPan
evolvotron0.4.0-1003"Generative art" image evolver, based on Qt
ewf-tools20091108-2Tools and library for handling ewf files
exiv20.17.1-1004Cmdline read/write of EXIF & IPTC metadata
exiv2-0.180.18-1005Cmdline read/write of EXIF & IPTC metadata
exiv2-0.190.19-1102Cmdline read/write of EXIF & IPTC metadata
extace1.9.8-2Visualizer for ESD audio
extrema4.4.5-1002Powerful visualization and data analysis tool
f4l0.2.1-1003Qt based editor for SWF files
fancytasks-kde4-x111.0.0-1004KDE4 - Enhanced task selector plasmoid
farsight20.0.27-2Audio/Video communications framework
farsight2-shlibs0.0.27-2Audio/Video communications framework
fasttree2.0.1-2Fast inference of phylogenetic trees
feh2.10-1Imlib2 based image viewer
ffproxy1.6-1002Filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server
fgr4.5.0-3"find" with the versatility of "grep"
filelight-kde4-mac1.9-rc3-1005KDE4 - Disk space usage tool
filelight-kde4-x111.9-rc3-1005KDE4 - Disk space usage tool
fillets-ng1.0.1-1Puzzle game, clone of Fish Fillets
fitsverify1.0-2FITS File Format Checker
fitz0.4-1004KDE - window decoration style
flam32.7.18-2Cosmic Recursive Fractal Flames
flatzebra0.1.5-1002Game support library
flatzebra-shlibs0.1.5-1002Game support library
flight-of-the-amazon-queen1.0.0-2Fantasy adventure game
flowerattack0.3-1004KDE - OpenGL screensaver
fluxbox-menu-editor1.1.2-1003Editor for fluxbox menu files
focuswriter-x111.2.0-1004Distraction-free word processor, uses Qt4-x11
font-manager0.4.4-3Desktop fonts manager for X11 (GNOME etc)
fotowall-mac0.9-1004Creative, simple picture arranger
fox161.6.46-1C++ GUI Toolkit v. 1.6.x
fox16-shlibs1.6.46-1C++ GUI Toolkit v. 1.6.x
fraqtive0.4.6-1KDE - Versatile fractal generator
freedroid1.0.2-5Clone of the game "Paradroid"
freedroidrpg0.15.1-2Isometric roleplaying game
freeipmi0.7.15-4Free IPMI software
freeipmi-shlibs0.7.15-4Free IPMI software
frox0.7.18-1004Caching FTP proxy server
fuzz0.6-3Stress-test programs with random input
g3dviewer0.2.99.4-5Viewer for 3D object files
gaia0.1-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
galago-daemon0.5.1-4Galago presence daemon
galculator2.1.2-1Scientific calculator based on GTK+2
gamgi0.14.4-2General Atomistic Modeling Graphic Interface
garlic1.6-2Visualization program for biomolecules
gbemol0.3.1-3GUI frontend for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
gcolor20.4-3GTK+2 Color Selector
gcursor0.061-2GNOME cursor theme managing software
gdisk0.8.5-2GPT fdisk for MacOS X
gdk-pixbuf-psd20081217-7GdkPixbuf loader for Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
geeqie1.1-2Image viewer, fork of gqview
geg1.0.2-2Simple GTK+ Equation Grapher
gelemental1.2.0-1008Periodic table viewer for GNOME
ggobi2.1.9-2Visualization for high-dimensional data
ggobi-dev2.1.9-2Visualization for high-dimensional data
ggobi-shlibs2.1.9-2Visualization for high-dimensional data
ghemical2.99.2-1006Molecular modelling environment for GNOME
gibbs9.95-2Sampling algorithm for protein motifs
giblib1.2.4-4Wrapper library for imlib2, and other stuff
giblib-shlibs1.2.4-4Wrapper library for imlib2, and other stuff
giggle0.5-6GTK+2 frontend for the git directory tracker
gigolo0.4.1-1Manages remote GIO/GVFS connections
gimmix0.5.7.1-3Graphical MPD client using GTK+2
giplet0.1.7-10GNOME panel applet: display your IP address
gkii0.4.7-3Displays pretty fractal images
glabels2.2.8-1003Label, business card and media cover creator
glabels-dev2.2.8-1003Label, business card and media cover creator
glabels-doc2.2.8-1003Label, business card and media cover creator
glabels-shlibs2.2.8-1003Label, business card and media cover creator
glista0.4-2Simple to-do list manager based on GTK+2
gliv1.9.7-1Fast imageviewer, based on OpenGL
gmime242.4.26-1Library and tools for handling MIME messages
gmime24-shlibs2.4.26-1Library and tools for handling MIME messages
gmpc11.8.16-2Gnome Music Player Client (GUI for MPD)
gmpc-plugins11.8.16-2Plugins for the Gnome Music Player Client
gnac0.2.1-4Audio converter tool for GNOME
gno3dtet1.96.1-10063D Tetris clone for GNOME
gnome-chess0.4.0-3Chess client for the GNOME
gnome-commander1.2.8.4-1006Two-panel file manager for GNOME
gnome-contacts0.9.1-4Light addressbook, uses EDS as a backend
gnome-do0.8.5-1Universal app launcher for GNOME
gnome-keyring-sharp1.0.0-2C# interface for the GNOME Keyring Daemon
gnome-mastermind0.3.1-4Mastermind clone for the GNOME desktop
gnomekiss2.0-2KiSS paper doll viewer for GNOME
gnomint1.2.1-1CA managing tool for Gnome/GTK
gnubik2.2-7Rubik's Cube
gobby0.5.0-1Collaborative editor
gogoc1.2-3Tool for connecting 6to4 tunnels
gollage0.3-5Photo collages with a Polaroid photo frame
google-ctemplate0.95-1002Google Template System
google-ctemplate-shlibs0.95-1002Google Template System
google-sparsehash1.5.2-1005Memory-efficient hash_map implementation
googleimagedownloader1.0.1-1005Search pictures with Google Image
googleimagedownloader-mac1.0.1-1003Search pictures with Google Image
gossip0.31-6Jabber client for GNOME
gottet-mac1.0.3-1005Tetris clone, uses Qt4
gottet-x111.0.3-1005Tetris clone, uses Qt4
gozer0.7-3Simple text renderer
gpar20.3-1004GUI to verify & repair PAR/PAR2 recovery sets
gpass0.5.1-3Password manager for GNOME2
gpicview0.2.3-1Slim imageviewer, uses GTK+2
gpredict1.2-2Satellite tracking and orbit prediction
graphplot0.1b-1002Function plotter, uses GTK+2 and MathGL
grc1.3-2Generic Logfile Colorizer
grdc0.5.0-2GTK+/Gnome Remote Desktop Client
grdc-applet0.1.1-2Gnome panel applet for grdc
grdesktop0.23-3GNOME frontend for the Remote Desktop client
gringotts1.2.10-3Application for secure note-taking
grsync1.0.0-2GTK+2 GUI for rsync
grun0.9.3-2GTK+2 based Run dialog
gsegrafix1.0.3-3Scientific/engineering function plotter
gsmartcontrol0.8.7-3Hard disk drive health inspection tool
gsql0.2.1-7Integrated database development tool (GNOME)
gsql-dev0.2.1-7Integrated database development tool (GNOME)
gsql-shlibs0.2.1-7Integrated database development tool (GNOME)
gssdp0.10.0-1Resource discovery/announcement over SSDP
gstreamer0.10-gnonlin0.10.13-2Non-linear editing module for GStreamer
gstreamer0.10-gnonlin-dev0.10.13-2Non-linear editing module for GStreamer, development files
gstreamer0.10-gnonlin-doc0.10.13-2Non-linear editing module for GStreamer, docs
gtans1.2-4Tangram (puzzle) game using GTK+
gtk-kde4-x110.9.1-1003KDE4 - Select GTK settings from within KDE
gtk-server2.3.1-5GUI access for script languages
gtk-vnc0.3.10-6VNC viewer widget for GTK+2
gtk-vnc-bin0.3.10-6VNC viewer widget for GTK+2, user program
gtk-vnc-shlibs0.3.10-6VNC viewer widget for GTK+2, shared libraries
gtk2-engines-murrine0.98.2-3Very configurable, modern GTK+2 engine
gtk2-engines-nimbus0.1.4-2Nimbus GTK engine and theme
gtkballs3.1.5-3Clone of the well-known DOS game "Lines"
gtkdatabox0.9.1.1-6Widgets for live display of numerical data
gtkdatabox-doc0.9.1.1-6Widgets for live display of numerical data
gtkdatabox-shlibs0.9.1.1-6Widgets for live display of numerical data
gtkhash0.2.0-4GUI utility for computing checksums and more
gtkperf0.40-5GTK+2 performance tester
gtksourceviewmm2.2.0-1006C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview library
gtksourceviewmm-shlibs2.2.0-1006C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview library
gtping0.14-2Uses GTP ping requests to ping GGSNs
gtranslator1.9.11-3Gettext po message-file editor
gtweakui0.4.0-3Collection of simple dialogs to GConf
guake0.4.1-7Terminal emulator like the quake console
guiloader2.17.1-2Loads GuiXml interface files
guiloader++2.17.1-1002C++ bindings for guiloader
guiloader++-shlibs2.17.1-1002C++ bindings for guiloader
guiloader-shlibs2.17.1-2Loads GuiXml interface files
guimup0.1.2-1003User interface for the music player daemon
gupnp0.14.1-2GObject-based API for doing UPnP
gupnp-tools0.8.1-2Free replacements of Intel UPnP tools that use GUPnP
gupnp-vala0.6.12-2VALA bindings for GuPNP
gvpe2.22-1002GNU Virtual Private Ethernet
gwaei1.2.1-3Japanese Dictionary for GNOME
gweled0.7-5"Diamond Mine"/"Bejeweled" clone for GNOME
gwenrename1.1-1003KDE - lightweight batch renamer tool
gwenview1.4.2-1008KDE - Versatile image viewer
gwenview-i18n1.4.2-1002KDE - Versatile image viewer, translations
gwget1.0.4-3Download manager for GNOME
gwyddion2.31-5Software framework for SPM data analysis
gwyddion-dev2.31-5Software framework for SPM data analysis
gwyddion-doc2.31-5Software framework for SPM data analysis
gwyddion-shlibs2.31-5Software framework for SPM data analysis
gwyfract0.8-2Simple Mandelbrot set outside renderer
gyrus0.3.8-2Tool for Cyrus-IMAP servers administration
hackedbox0.8.5-1002Alternate Window Manager, hacked version
happytimer1.2.3-2Small timer application for GNOME/GTK+2
haproxy1.4.8-3High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer
havp0.91-1002HTTP Anti Virus Proxy
herrie2.2-4Commandline music player
hex-a-hop1.1.0-1Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles
hexalate-mac1.0.1-1004Color matching game, uses Qt4
hexalate-x111.0.1-1004Color matching game, uses Qt4
hexxagon1.0.1-1Board game, uses GTK+2
highlight2.9-1002Sourcecode converter with syntax colouring
hitori0.2-3Puzzle game, similar to Sudoku
ht2.0.18-1003File editor/viewer/analyzer for executables
htc3.0.5-2Tunnel arbitrary TCP connections through HTTP
httping1.4.1-2Utility for measuring http response
hunspell1.2.15-1002Spell checker, default in OpenOffice
hyena0.2-2C# support library
iat0.1.3-1003ISO9660 analyzer tool
icbm3d0.4-3Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D
icinga0.8.4-3Open Source Monitoring System based on Nagios
ifstat1.1-3Interface statistics monitoring
iftop0.17-1003Bandwidth monitor, similar to top
ind0.12-2Indent output from subprocess
indicator-applet0.1.6-4Applet to display information in panel
indicator-messages0.1.6-3System message collector
invulgotracker0.61-1003Simple application for tracking time usage
iodine0.6.0-rc1-2Tunnels IPv4 data through a DNS server
iozone3.338-2Filesystem benchmark tool
ipfm0.11.5-3IP Flow Meter - a bandwidth analysis tool
ipmitool1.8.11-2CLI for to IPMI-enabled devices
isomaster1.3.5-3Graphical CD image file converter
israndom1.0.7-2Kolmogorov powered randomness tester
jack-bitmeter1.2-4Diagnosis tool for JACK audio software
jack-meterbridge0.9.2-2Configurable meterbridge for JACK
jackbeat0.7.5-3Audio sequencer designed for ease of use
jamin0.95.0-2JACK audio masterin interface
jwm2.1.0-2Joe's Window Manager
k3dsurf0.6.2-1002Surface renderer, can export 3D models
kalign1.04-2Multiple sequence alignment
kallery1.2.0-1008KDE - Image gallery generator
kanif1.2.1-2Cluster management and administration tool
kapitalist0.4-1004Monopoly clone - KDE client
kapow-mac1.3.1-1004Punch clock for tracking your time
kapow-x111.3.1-1004Punch clock for tracking your time
karchiver3.4.2.b4-1009KDE - Universal archiving tool
kasablanca0.4.0.2-1004KDE - FTP client that supports FXP transfers
katapult0.3.2.1-1005KDE - Universal app launcher
kate-plugin-filetree0.1.20070704-1004KDE - File tree view plugin for Kate
kate-plugin-projectmanager0.1.2-1004KDE - Projectmanagement plugin for Kate
katy0.3.1-1006KDE - text editor, inspired by UltraEdit
kbackup0.5.4-1003KDE - Backup application, using tar
kbackup-kde4-mac0.7.1-1003KDE4 - Backup application
kbackup-kde4-x110.7.1-1003KDE4 - Backup application
kbarcode2.0.7-1004KDE - Print barcodes and labels
kbfx0.4.9.2-rc4-1003KDE - Custom, versatile menu applet
kbib0.6.6-1008KDE - Bibliography editor, uses BibTeX
kbibtex0.2.1-1004KDE - BibTeX editor, embeddable
kbiof0.3-1003KDE - OpenGL screensaver
kcdlabel2.13-1004KDE - Creates CD covers, labels and booklets
kchmviewer3.0-1004KDE - Viewer for .chm help files
kchmviewer-kde4-mac5.1-1003KDE4 - Viewer for MS CHM help files
kchmviewer-kde4-x115.1-1003KDE4 - Viewer for MS CHM help files
kcoloredit-kde4-x112.0.0-1004KDE4 - Color palettes editor
kconfigure2.1-1006KDE - Simplify compiling/installing software
kdbus0.8.6-1009KDE - D-BUS service browser
kdesudo2.6-1005KDE - better sudo wrapper
kdesudo-kde4-mac3.4.2.3-1005Replacement for kdesu (respects sudoers etc)
kdesudo-kde4-x113.4.2.3-1005Replacement for kdesu (respects sudoers etc)
kdesvn1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdesvn-dev1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdesvn-kde4-mac1.5.5-1KDE4 - SVN frontend
kdesvn-kde4-x111.5.5-1KDE4 - SVN frontend
kdesvn-shlibs1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdiff30.9.92-1004KDE - compare/merge 2 or 3 files/directories
kdiff3-kde4-mac0.9.95-1009KDE4 - compare/merge files or directories
kdiff3-kde4-x110.9.95-1009KDE4 - compare/merge files or directories
kding0.4.2-1004KDE - Dictionary lookup program
kding-kde4-mac0.5.1-1005KDE4 - Dictionary lookup program
kding-kde4-x110.5.1-1005KDE4 - Dictionary lookup program
kdoodle0.2.3-1002KDE - Frontend GUI for doodle
keep0.4.0-1005KDE - Backup system, based on rdiff
keurocalc-kde4-mac1.0.2-1003KDE4 - Currency converter/calculator
keurocalc-kde4-x111.0.2-1003KDE4 - Currency converter/calculator
kexchange1.0-1005KDE - Currency converter
kfieldlines0.1-1002KDE - OpenGL screensaver
kfish2.01-1004KDE - Panel applet displaying a fish
kflickr0.9-1004KDE - upload tool for users
kflickr-kde4-mac20081222-1003KDE4 - Picture upload tool for
kflickr-kde4-x1120081222-1003KDE4 - Picture upload tool for
kflocks0.1-1001KDE - OpenGL screensaver
kftpgrabber0.8.1-1003KDE - FTP client
khtpasswd0.1.7-1002KDE - Editor for .htaccess & .htpasswd files
kiconedit-kde4-mac4.4.0-1KDE4 - Icon editor
kiconedit-kde4-x114.2.2-1003KDE4 - Icon editor
kid31.3-1003KDE - ID3 tagger for mp3 and ogg files
kile2.0.3-1003KDE - LaTeX frontend
kile-kde4-mac2.1b3-1003KDE4 - TeX editor
kile-kde4-x112.1b3-1003KDE4 - TeX editor
kinstaller0.2-1004KDE - Application installer
kipi-plugins0.1.2-1013Plugins for the KDE Image Plugin Interface
klatexformula2.1.1-1002KDE - Creates images from LaTeX formulas
klavaro1.9.7-2Touch Typing Tutor
kleansweep0.2.9-1002KDE - Finds and removes unneeded files
klibido0.2.5-1008KDE - Linux Binaries Downloader
klogic1.63-1005KDE - Digital circuit simulation
klogshow1.0.3-1002Graphical logfile viewer, based on Qt4
klogview0.6-1003KDE - Shows multiple log files, in realtime
klusters1.6.2-1004KDE - Cluster-cutter for neurophysiologists
kmess-kde4-mac2.0.3-1006KDE4 - Instant messenger for the MSN network
kmess-kde4-x112.0.3-1006KDE4 - Instant messenger for the MSN network
kmldonkey0.10.1-1004KDE - Frontend for MLDonkey
kmldonkey-dev0.10.1-1004KDE - Frontend for MLDonkey, development files
kmldonkey-kde4-mac2.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-kde4-mac-shlibs2.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-kde4-x112.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-kde4-x11-shlibs2.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-shlibs0.10.1-1004KDE - Frontend for MLDonkey, shared libraries
kmplayer0.10.0-1005KDE - Video player
knmap2.1-1011KDE - Frontend for nmap, the Network Mapper
knocker0.7.1-1003TCP port scanner
knowit0.10-1004KDE - Hierarchical notebook like CueCards
koctave0.70-1006KDE - Frontend/GUI for octave
komparator0.9-1003KDE - tool for comparing directory contents
kompose0.5.4-1003KDE - full screen task manager
konserve0.10.3-1004KDE - System tray app for periodic backups
konversation-kde4-mac1.3.1-1004KDE4 - Full-featured IRC client
konversation-kde4-x111.3.1-1004KDE4 - Full-featured IRC client
konvertible-kde4-mac0.1.3-1003KDE4 - Audio converter, uses ffmpeg
konvertible-kde4-x110.1.3-1003KDE4 - Audio converter, uses ffmpeg
kooldock0.4.7-1004KDE - Cute desktop panel with icon zooming
kopete-antispam0.5-1003KDE - Antispam plugin for Kopete
kopete-otr0.7-1003KDE - OTR encryption plugin for Kopete
koverartist0.5-1004KDE - Tool for fast creation of CD covers
kpar2-kde4-mac0.4.5-1003KDE4 - Frontend for libpar2
kpar2-kde4-x110.4.5-1003KDE4 - Frontend for libpar2
kphotoalbum3.1.1-1003KDE - Catalog for pictures and movies
kphotoalbum-kde4-mac4.1.1-1004KDE4 - Picture viewing/organizing app
kphotoalbum-kde4-x114.1.1-1004KDE4 - Picture viewing/organizing app
kpl3.3-1006KDE - Function plotter, 2D and 3D
kplayer0.6.3-1003KDE - Video player, frontend/GUI for mplayer
kpogre1.8.2-1005KDE - Administration tool for PostgreSQL
kprayertime4-kde4-x114.01-1003KDE4 - Plasmoid for islamic prayer times
kradioripper-kde4-mac0.5.10-1003KDE4 - Internet stream converter
kradioripper-kde4-x110.5.10-1003KDE4 - Internet stream converter
kradview1.1.0-1003KDE - DICOM image viewer
kraft0.32-1003KDE - Software for small business operators
krd1.6-1005KDE - Remote desktop manager
krecipes1.0-1006KDE - Cooking book
krecipes-kde4-mac2.0-svn20100115-1004KDE4 - Recipes database, uses sqlite3
krecipes-kde4-x112.0-svn20100115-1004KDE4 - Recipes database, uses sqlite3
krename3.0.14-1006KDE - batch renamer tool
krename-kde4-mac4.0.3-1004KDE4 - Powerful batch file renamer
krename-kde4-x114.0.3-1004KDE4 - Powerful batch file renamer
krep0.8.2-1005KDE - monitors a file, with filters
krep-kde4-mac0.5-1003KDE4 - File monitor, has filters
krep-kde4-x110.5-1003KDE4 - File monitor, has filters
krusader-kde4-mac2.2.0.beta1-1005KDE4 - Twin panel filemanager
krusader-kde4-x112.2.0.beta1-1005KDE4 - Twin panel filemanager
kscope1.6.2-1004KDE - cscope-based source editing environment
kshutdown1.0.4-1003KDE - Advanced shut down utility
ksmoothdock4.5-1005KDE - Cute desktop panel with icon zooming
ksoprano-kde4-mac0.2-1KDE4 - Query and manipulate RDF data
ksoprano-kde4-x110.2-1KDE4 - Query and manipulate RDF data
ksplash-engine-moodin0.4.2-1004KDE - fading splash screen engine
kst1.7.0-1004KDE - Scientific data plotter
kst-dev1.7.0-1004KDE - Scientific data plotter, development files
kst-shlibs1.7.0-1004KDE - Scientific data plotter, shared libraries
ksubnet1.0-1003KDE - IP subnet calculator
ksubtile1.3-1003KDE - Editor for .srt subtitle files
ksudoku0.4-1005KDE - Sudoku game, includes a solver
ktorrent2.2.8-1004KDE - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-mac3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-mac-dev3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-mac-shlibs3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-x113.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-x11-dev3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-x11-shlibs3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
kuake0.3-1005KDE - Console that imitates the Quake engine
kudus0.3-1006KDE - sudoku game
kuftp1.5.0-1003KDE - FTP client with tabbed sessions
kvirc3.4.2-1003KDE - IRC client with many extras
kvirc-dev3.4.2-1003KDE - IRC client with many extras, development files
kvirc-shlibs3.4.2-1003KDE - IRC client with many extras, shared libs
kvpnc0.9.1-1004KDE - Frontend for various VPN clients
kvpnc-kde4-mac0.9.6a-1KDE4 - Frontend for various VPN clients
kvpnc-kde4-x110.9.6a-1KDE4 - Frontend for various VPN clients
kynaptic0.55-1007KDE - Graphical package manager
lame3.99.5-2MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
lame-dev3.99.5-2MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
lame-shlibs3.99.5-2MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
lbreakout2.6.4-4Breakout clone, based on SDL
leafpad0.8.17-2GTK+ based simple text editor
lhapdf5.8.9-1Les Houches Accord Parton Density Function
lhapdf-py265.8.9-1Les Houches Accord Parton Density Function
lhapdf-shlibs5.8.9-1Les Houches Accord Parton Density Function
libalgol2.6-3Algol-to-C translator
libalgol-shlibs2.6-3Algol-to-C translator
libarprec2.2.4-1002C++/Fortran-90 arbitrary precision package
libbeagle0.3.9-3Library for accessing Beagle, dev files
libbeagle-doc0.3.9-3Library for accessing Beagle, documentation
libbeagle-shlibs0.3.9-3Library for accessing Beagle, shared library
libburn0.8.8-4Library for reading and writing optical media
libburn-bin0.8.8-4Limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper for libburn
libburn-shlibs0.8.8-4Library for reading and writing optical media
libchm0.40-3Library for reading MS CHM files
libchm-shlibs0.40-3Library for reading MS CHM files
libcomplearn11.1.5-4Machine-learning with data compression
libcomplearn1-shlibs1.1.5-4Machine-learning with data compression, shared library
libconcord0.21-1003Library for Logitech Harmony remote controls
libconcord-shlibs0.21-1003Library for Logitech Harmony remote controls
libcryptopp5.6.0-1002Cryptographic schemes library for C++
libdbusmenu0.1-3Menus over DBus shared library
libdbusmenu-shlibs0.1-3Menus over DBus shared library
libdc13942.1.2-4Library for FireWire digital cameras
libdc1394-shlibs2.1.2-4Library for FireWire digital cameras
libdoodle-dev0.6.7-8Desktop search engine
libdoodle-shlibs0.6.7-8Desktop search engine
libdrizzle0.8-2Drizzle Client & Protocol Library
libdrizzle-shlibs0.8-2Drizzle Client & Protocol Library
libdvdcss1.2.11-2Abstraction library for DVD decryption
libdvdcss-shlibs1.2.11-2Abstraction library for DVD decryption
libecat1.5-4Library for handling CTI data files, headers
libecat-bin1.5-4Library for handling CTI data files, executables
libecat-shlibs1.5-4Library for handling CTI data files, shared libraries
libedit3.0-2BSD editline and history library
libedit-shlibs3.0-2BSD editline and history library
libelemental01.2.0-1008Periodic table viewer for GNOME
libelemental0-shlibs1.2.0-1008Periodic table viewer for GNOME
libempathy2.28.0-4Library & GUI widgets for Telepathy
libempathy-gtk2.28.0-4Library & GUI widgets for Telepathy
libempathy-gtk-shlibs2.28.0-4Library & GUI widgets for Telepathy
libempathy-shlibs2.28.0-4Library & GUI widgets for Telepathy
libepub0.2.2-1Accesses/converts various ebook file formats
libepub-shlibs0.2.2-1Accesses/converts various ebook file formats
libesmtp1.0.4-104Library for Posting Electronic Mail
libesmtp-shlibs1.0.4-104Library for Posting Electronic Mail
libetpan0.57-5Mail handling library
libetpan-shlibs0.57-5Mail handling library, shared libraries
libev3.80-4High-performance event loop library
libev-shlibs3.80-4High-performance event loop library
libewf20091108-2Tools and library for handling ewf files
libewf-shlibs20091108-2Tools and library for handling ewf files
libexiv20.17.1-1004Library to read/write EXIF and IPTC metadata
libexiv2-0.180.18-1005Library to read/write EXIF and IPTC metadata
libexiv2-0.190.19-1102EXIF/IPTC metadata access, dev files
libexiv2-0.19-shlibs0.19-1102EXIF/IPTC metadata access, shared libs
libexiv2-shlibs0.17.1-1004Library to read/write EXIF and IPTC metadata, shared libs
libexiv2-shlibs-0.180.18-1005Library to read/write EXIF and IPTC metadata, shared libs
libextractor0.5.22-1003Extract metadata from arbitrary-type files
libextractor-bin0.5.22-1003Extract metadata from arbitrary-type files
libextractor-shlibs0.5.22-1003Extract metadata from arbitrary-type files
libfm0.20100503git-2File management background library
libfm-shlibs0.20100503git-2File management background library
libg3d0.0.8-7Library for reading various 3D object formats
libg3d-doc0.0.8-7Library for reading various 3D object formats
libg3d-shlibs0.0.8-7Library for reading various 3D object formats
libgalago0.5.2-3Galago presence library
libgalago-doc0.5.2-3Galago presence library
libgalago-gtk0.5.0-4GTK+ widgets for Galago presence framework
libgalago-gtk-shlibs0.5.0-4GTK+ widgets for Galago presence framework
libgalago-shlibs0.5.2-3Galago presence library
libgdamm3.0.1-1006C++ bindings for libgda
libgdamm-shlibs3.0.1-1006C++ bindings for libgda, shared libraries
libgee0.1.6-5GObject based collection library
libgee-shlibs0.1.6-5GObject based collection library
libgee10.3.0-5GObject based collection library
libgee1-shlibs0.3.0-5GObject based collection library
libgee20.5.1-3GObject based collection library
libgee2-shlibs0.5.1-3GObject based collection library
libghemical2.98-1009Computational chemistry lib for ghemical
libghemical-shlibs2.98-1009Computational chemistry lib for ghemical
libghemical52.99.1-1006Computational chemistry lib for ghemical
libghemical5-shlibs2.99.1-1006Computational chemistry lib for ghemical
libgnomedbmm2.9.5-1004C++ bindings for libgnomedb
libgnomedbmm-doc2.9.5-1004C++ bindings for libgnomedb
libgnomedbmm-shlibs2.9.5-1004C++ bindings for libgnomedb
libgphoto22.4.8-1010Library for digital cameras
libgphoto2-shlibs2.4.8-1010Library for digital cameras, shared libs
libgringotts1.2.1-2Gringotts data encapsulation and encryption library
libgringotts-shlibs1.2.1-2Gringotts data encapsulation and encryption library
libgssdp-dev0.10.0-1Resource discovery/announcement over SSDP
libgssdp-shlibs0.10.0-1Resource discovery/announcement over SSDP
libgupnp-av0.6.1-3Audio/Visual utility library for GUPnP
libgupnp-av-shlibs0.6.1-3Audio/Visual utility library for GUPnP
libgupnp-dev0.14.1-2GObject-based API for doing UPnP
libgupnp-igd0.1.11-1Handles UPnP IGD port mapping for GUPnP
libgupnp-igd-doc0.1.11-1Handles UPnP IGD port mapping for GUPnP
libgupnp-igd-shlibs0.1.11-1Handles UPnP IGD port mapping for GUPnP
libgupnp-shlibs0.14.1-2GObject-based API for doing UPnP
libgupnp-ui0.1.1-5GTK+ widgets for GUPnP
libgupnp-ui-shlibs0.1.1-5GTK+ widgets for GUPnP
libhunspell1.2.15-1002Spell checker, default in OpenOffice
libhunspell-shlibs1.2.15-1002Spell checker, default in OpenOffice
libical0.48-1C/C++ support for the iCalendar format
libical-shlibs0.48-1C/C++ support for the iCalendar format
libident0.32-4Simple library for the ident protocol
libident-shlibs0.32-4Simple library for the ident protocol, shared libraries
libindicate0.1.6-4Applet to display information in panel
libindicate-doc0.1.6-4Applet to display information in panel
libindicate-shlibs0.1.6-4Applet to display information in panel
libinfinity0.3.1-5Backend library of Gobby
libinfinity-doc0.3.1-5Backend library of Gobby
libinfinity-infinoted0.3.1-5Backend library of Gobby
libinfinity-shlibs0.3.1-5Backend library of Gobby
libisofs0.6.34-2Library for creating/editing ISO9660 images
libisofs-shlibs0.6.34-2Library for creating/editing ISO9660 images
libjson-glib0.12.6-2GLib JSON manipulation library
libjson-glib-doc0.12.6-2GLib JSON manipulation library
libjson-glib-shlibs0.12.6-2GLib JSON manipulation library
libkdcraw0.1.1-1005KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw
libkdcraw-shlibs0.1.1-1005KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw, shared libraries
libkdcraw20.1.2-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw
libkdcraw2-shlibs0.1.2-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw, shared libraries
libkdcraw40.1.6-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw
libkdcraw4-shlibs0.1.6-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw, shared libraries
libkexif0.2.5-1004Library for reading embedded image tags
libkexif-shlibs0.2.5-1004Library for reading embedded image tags, shared libraries
libkexiv20.1.6-1009KDE - a KIPI wrapper for exiv2
libkexiv2-shlibs0.1.6-1009KDE - a KIPI wrapper for exiv2, shared libraries
libkipi0.1.5-1003KDE Image Plugin Interface
libkipi-shlibs0.1.5-1003KDE Image Plugin Interface, shared libraries
libktorrent-mac1.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libktorrent-mac-shlibs1.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libktorrent-x111.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libktorrent-x11-shlibs1.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libldns1.6.4-5Library that simplifies DNS programming
libldns-shlibs1.6.4-5Library that simplifies DNS programming
liblouis1.6.0-3Braille translation library
liblouis-bin1.6.0-3Braille translation library
liblouis-shlibs1.6.0-3Braille translation library
libmatio1.3.4-4MAT File I/O Library
libmatio-shlibs1.3.4-4MAT File I/O Library
libmodplug0.8.7-4Library for reading MOD and other music files
libmodplug-shlibs0.8.7-4Library for reading MOD and other music files
libmodplug10.8.8.4-1Library for reading MOD and other music files
libmodplug1-shlibs0.8.8.4-1Library for reading MOD and other music files
libmp3splt0.5.6-3Split mp3 and ogg files without reencoding
libmp3splt-shlibs0.5.6-3Split mp3 and ogg files without reencoding
libmpd11.8.17-2Client library for Music Player Daemon
libmpd-shlibs11.8.17-2Client library for Music Player Daemon
libmpdclient2.9-1Client library for the Music Player Daemon
libmpdclient-shlibs2.9-1Client library for the Music Player Daemon
libmxp0.2.4-1002Parser library for the MUD eXtension Protocol
libmxp-shlibs0.2.4-1002Parser library for the MUD eXtension Protocol
libnet61.3.12-1002Library for development of network-based apps
libnet6-shlibs1.3.12-1002Library for development of network-based apps
libnice0.0.9-7The GLib ICE implementation
libnice-doc0.0.9-7The GLib ICE implementation
libnice-gstplugin0.0.9-7The GLib ICE implementation
libnice-shlibs0.0.9-7The GLib ICE implementation
libnice100.1.0-2The GLib ICE implementation
libnice10-doc0.1.0-2The GLib ICE implementation
libnice10-gstplugin0.1.0-2The GLib ICE implementation
libnice10-shlibs0.1.0-2The GLib ICE implementation
libnipper0.12.6-1002Router config and security analysis library
libnipper-shlibs0.12.6-1002Router config and security analysis library
libnotify0.5.0-1Send desktop notifications
libnotify-shlibs0.5.0-1Send desktop notifications (shared library)
libnotifymm0.6.1-1006C++ bindings for libnotify
libnotifymm-doc0.6.1-1006C++ bindings for libnotify, documentation
libnotifymm-shlibs0.6.1-1006C++ bindings for libnotify, shared libraries
libobby0.4.7-1004Library for synced document buffers
libobby-shlibs0.4.7-1004Library for synced document buffers
liboglappth0.98-10033D vector/coordinate transformations
liboglappth-shlibs0.98-10033D vector/coordinate transformations
liboping0.3.5-1005Library for generating ICMP Echo requests
liboping-shlibs0.3.5-1005Library for generating ICMP Echo requests, shared libraries
libopm3.1.3-4Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor
libopm-shlibs3.1.3-4Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor
libortp0.18.0-1Real-time Transport Protocol stack
libortp-shlibs0.18.0-1Real-time Transport Protocol stack
libpar20.2-1004Library for dealing with PAR recovery sets
libpar2-shlibs0.2-1004Library for dealing with PAR recovery sets
libpgf6.09.44-4Tools for handling PGF image files
libpgf-shlibs6.09.44-4Tools for handling PGF image files
libqd2.3.9-1002C++/Fortran-90 double-double and quad-double
libqfits06.2.0-5Library offering easy access to FITS files
libqfits0-shlibs6.2.0-5Library offering easy access to FITS files, shared libraries
libqsearch11.0.8-4Nondeterministic quartet tree search library
libqsearch1-shlibs1.0.8-4Nondeterministic quartet tree search library
libschroedinger1.0.8-3Codec library for Dirac video streams
libschroedinger-doc1.0.8-3Codec library for Dirac video streams (docs)
libschroedinger-shlibs1.0.8-3Codec library for Dirac video streams
libsexy0.1.11-8GTK+ widgets collection, development files
libsexy-doc0.1.11-8GTK+ widgets collection, documentation
libsexy-shlibs0.1.11-8GTK+ widgets collection, shared library
libsexymm0.1.9-1006GTKMM widgets collection, development files
libsexymm-shlibs0.1.9-1006GTKMM widgets collection, shared library
libsigc++22.2.8-1002Callback system for widget libraries
libsigc++2-shlibs2.2.8-1002Callback system for widget libraries
libsrtp1.4.4-3Secure RTP and UST Reference Implementations
libtelepathy0.3.3-4Telepathy framework - old GLib library
libtelepathy-shlibs0.3.3-4Telepathy framework - old GLib library
libtubo4.5.0-3Interprocess communication library
libtubo-shlibs4.5.0-3Interprocess communication library
libunique1.1.6-7Library for single-instance applications
libunique-doc1.1.6-7Single instance applications library (docs)
libunique-shlibs1.1.6-7Single instance applications library
libyaml0.1.6-1YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
libyaml-shlibs0.1.6-1YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
libz80ex1.1.18-3ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator in library form
libz80ex-shlibs1.1.18-3ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator in library form
libzrtpcpp1.4.2-1003CCRTP extension for zrtp/Zfone support
libzrtpcpp-shlibs1.4.2-1003CCRTP extension for zrtp/Zfone support
lifeograph0.5.2-1002Electronical diary, with encryption and more
limit-tool0.1-2Runs a process and sends a signal to it
lmarbles1.0.8-1Puzzle game, resembles Atomix
log4cpp1.0-1002C++ classes for flexible logging
log4cpp-shlibs1.0-1002C++ classes for flexible logging
longloops1.0.1-1002Brain-stretching strategy game
loopy-kde4-mac0.5.3-1003KDE4 - Slim, themeable video player
loopy-kde4-x110.5.3-1003KDE4 - Slim, themeable video player
loqui0.4.4-4IRC client for the GTK+-2.0 environment
lostirc0.4.6-1004Simple IRC client
lpairs1.0.4-3Memory game
lrzip0.44-1003Compressor, uses LZMA, LZO & RZIP algorithms
lspbs1.1-3Cluster status checking tool
lss0.1.6-2LaTeX Symbols Selector
luckybackup0.4.0-1005Qt4/rsync-based backup utility
luckybackup-aqua0.4.0-1003Qt4-mac/rsync-based backup utility
luminance2.0-1004HDR imaging tool, based on Qt4
luola1.3.0-3Multiplayer cave-flying game
luola-levels-nostalgia1.2-2Multiplayer cave-flying game, level pack
luola-levels-standard6.0-2Multiplayer cave-flying game, level pack
madbomber0.2.5-2Clone of the Kaboom! game
maelstrom3.0.6-1007Arcade-style game resembling Asteroids
mailody0.5.0-1004KDE - advanced IMAP email client
mandvd2.2-1003Editor for building Video DVDs
marlin0.13-7Full-featured sample editor
marlin-dev0.13-7Full-featured sample editor
marlin-shlibs0.13-7Full-featured sample editor
marst2.6-3Algol-to-C translator
marsyas0.4.5-1Audio processing & info retrieval framework
mateedit0.2-1004KDE - collaborative editor
mathgl1.11.3-1Library for scientific graphics
mathgl-bin1.11.3-1Library for scientific graphics
mathgl-data2.0.3-6Library for scientific graphs (data files)
mathgl-shlibs1.11.3-1Library for scientific graphics
mathgl62.0.3-6Library for scientific graphics
mathgl6-bin2.0.3-6Library for scientific graphics
mathgl6-shlibs2.0.3-6Library for scientific graphics
maximus0.4.3-5Window management tool
mdz0.0.6-2Mandelbrot Deep Zoom image generator
mediaarchiver0.3.0.1-1006Media cataloguer, based on Qt4
mediatagtools0.3.2-1004Collection of tools for audio files
mednafen0.9.35-1Console game emulator
meme4.8.1-5Motif-based sequence analysis tools
menu-cache0.3.2-2Freedesktop menu specification implementation
menu-cache-dev0.3.2-2Freedesktop menu specification implementation
menu-cache-shlibs0.3.2-2Freedesktop menu specification implementation
mergeant0.67-7Front-end for db administrators
merkaartor0.13.2-1003Openstreetmap mapping program, X11 version
mhwaveedit1.4.18-2GTK+2 wave editor with several sound backends
midori0.2.8-2Slim GTK+2 browser that uses WebKit
milkytracker0.90.80-1003Free clone of FastTracker
minialarm1.0.1-1004Simple alarm program, based on Qt4
minitube0.9-1004YouTube downloader, based on Qt4
minitube-mac1.3-1004YouTube downloader, based on Qt4-mac
mirmon2.3-4Monitor your mirrors
mktorrent1.0-2CLI tool, creates BitTorrent metainfo files
molden4.8-5Visualize molecular and electronic structures
moneymanagement0.1-1004Calculates stock trades, uses Qt4
monkeystudio1.9.0.2-1IDE based on Qt4
monster-masher1.8.1-1003Mash'em-up action game for GNOME
moodbar0.1.2-2Creates visual representation of audio file
mopac71.15-3Powerful, fast semi-empirical package
mopac7-dev1.15-3Powerful, fast semi-empirical package
mopac7-shlibs1.15-3Powerful, fast semi-empirical package
mothur1.9.0-1003Microbial ecology software suite
mothur-mpi1.9.0-1004Microbial ecology software suite
motti2.5.0.5-4Simple strategy game for 2-31 players
mp5.1.3-3Minimum Profit - text editor for programmers
mp3blaster3.2.5-1003Console music player, uses SDL for output
mp3splt-gtk0.5.6-3GUI to split mp3/ogg files without reencoding
mpd0.17.6-2Music Player Daemon
mpdas0.2.5-1002AudioScrobbler client for MPD reporting client for mpd
muh2.2-3IRC bouncer
multitalk1.4-1004New type of presentation program
mumsa1.0-2Checks multiple sequence alignments
musca0.9.24-2Minimalistic window manager
muscle3.7-1003Protein multiple sequence alignment software
n2n1.2.2-2Layer Two Peer-to-Peer VPN
naim0. client for AIM/ICQ etc
nautilus-filename-repairer0.0.5-5Nautilus Filename Repairer
nazghul0.7.0-2RPG engine, includes one game
ncmpc0.21-1Fully featured curses client for MPD
ncmpcpp0.5.4-1002C++ clone of ncmpc with some new features
ndmanager1.2.1-1003KDE - Neurophysiological Data Manager
nepenthes0.2.2-1003Honeypot for catching malware/scriptkiddies
netfleet0.1.4-1006Multithreaded download utility
netfleet-mac0.1.4-1006Multithreaded download utility, Mac version
netspeed0.16-2Traffic monitor applet for GNOME
nettee0.1.9.1-2Sends sth. to multiple targets on a network
neuroscope1.3.3-1004KDE - Viewer for physio and behavioral data
nexuiz0.20100408-4Modified Quake 1 engine
nexuiz-data2.5.2-11Data pack for nexuiz
nexuiz-dedicated0.20100408-2Modified Quake 1 engine - Dedicated Server
nexuiz-mappackr2-3Extra map pack for nexuiz
ngircd0.13-3Next generation IRC server
ninvaders0.1.1-2Invaders for the console, based on ncurses
nipper-cli0.12.0-1002Network infrastructure parser - CLI version
nitrogen-kde4-x113.3.0-1003KDE4 - Window decoration
notification-daemon0.5.0-1Popup message display system
notify-sharp0.4.0-3C# interface for notification-daemon
nrg2iso0.4-1002Converts .nrg to .iso image files
nsd3.2.3-2Authoritative only, high perf. name server
ntp4.2.6-4The Network Time Protocol
nullfxp2.0.1-1004Full-featured FTP/FXP client, based on Qt4
ocp0.1.21-2Music player with CoreAudio support
omake0.9.8.6-0.rc1Build system, scalable and portable
oneclickftp0.5.1-1Slim ftp client, uses Qt4
opak0.1-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
openglad0.98-1002Top-down gauntlet-style RPG
ophcrack3.3.1-2Windows password cracker
oping0.3.5-1005Generate ICMP Echo requests
optimum1.0-2SDL-based demo pack
orca2.28.3-6Scriptable screen reader
ortep31.0.3-9Thermal ellipsoid plot program
osh12-2V6 Thompson Shell Port
pasang-emas3.0.0-3Traditional board game of Brunei
peg-e-mac1.1.0-1002Peg solitaire game, uses Qt4
peg-e-x111.1.0-1002Peg solitaire game, uses Qt4
pftp0.11.4mew6-1002FTP/FXP client for the console
pgcalc2.2-1004KDE - Full-featured desktop calculator
phantom1.2-2Generate phantomblocks, save disk space
pidgimpd1.0.1-2Pidgin plugin for monitoring/controlling MPD
pidgin-facebookchat1.69-1Facebook chat plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-gfire0.8.2-3Xfire network/protocol plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-guifications2.16-4Pidgin plugin that displays popup messages
pidgin-libnotify0.14-4Display notification bubbles in pidgin
pidgin-musictracker0.4.17-4"Now playing" status plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-otr3.2.0-1004OTR plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-sipe1.12.0-1Pidgin plugin for Microsoft LCS/OCS
pigz2.1.6-2Parallel gzip for multiple cores/cpus
pinball0.3.1-1004Pinball simulator
pingtunnel0.71-2Forwards TCP packets over ICMP
pipepanic0.1.3-3Skill test game: Connect the pipes
planner0.14.4-5Project management application for GNOME
planner-dev0.14.4-5Project management application for GNOME
planner-shlibs0.14.4-5Project management application for GNOME
plib1.8.5-1008Steve's Portable Game Library
plotdrop0.5.3-2Minimal GNOME frontend to GNUPlot
pms0.41-1002Practical Music Search (ncurses mpd client)
pngtools0.4-3Useful tools for manipulating PNG images
polipo1.0.4.1-3Small, caching web proxy
polyester1.0.5-1002KDE - extra theme/style
potamus14-2Lightweight GTK+2 audio player
pound2.5-3Reverse HTTP/HTTPS proxy and load balancer
prank100701-1002Probabilistic Alignment Kit
primegen0.97-2Prime number generator
proxyknife1.7-4Customizable multithread proxy hunter
pstplus1.5-1006LaTeX/PSTricks helper for mathematical docs
purple-pluginpack2.6.3-3Plugins for libpurple (pidgin's backend)
pushover0.0.1-1002Puzzle game
qchartdiary0.6.4.1-1004Diary/Agenda application, uses Qt4
qcheckers-mac20091230-1003Checkers boardgame, uses Qt4-mac
qcheckers-x1120091230-1003Checkers boardgame, uses Qt4-x11
qcomicbook0.4.4-1005Picture/comicbook viewer, based on Qt4
qdiskusage-mac1.0.4-1005Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer
qdiskusage-x111.0.4-1005Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer
qelectrotech-x110.22-1003Qt4-based tool for creating electric diagrams
qfits6.2.0-5FITS manipulation tools
qgfe1.0-1002Graphical frontend for gnuplot, uses Qt3
qgit2.3-1004Qt-based frontend for git, X11 version
qgit-mac2.3-1004Qt-based frontend for git, Mac version
qmasspics1.0.0-1004Downloads numbered pics from webpages
qnapi0.1.6-1004Qt4-based movie subtitle downloader
qorganizer2.1-1004Qt4 Organizer with ToDo-List, Calendar etc
qosmic1.4.8-1003Graphical interface to flam3, X11 version
qosmic-mac1.4.8-1005Graphical interface to flam3, Mac version
qsimplesheet0.3.1-1004Simple spreadsheet, uses Qt4
qspider0.23.10-10073D modeler, uses Qt4
qsvn0.8.3-1005Qt-based frontend for svn
qsvn-0.8.3-shlibs0.8.3-1005Qt-based frontend for svn
qsvn-dev0.8.3-1005Qt-based frontend for svn
qsvn-mac0.8.3-1003Qt4-mac-based frontend for svn
qsvn-mac-0.8.3-shlibs0.8.3-1003Qt4-mac-based frontend for svn
qsvn-mac-dev0.8.3-1003Qt4-mac-based frontend for svn
qtfm2.0-1003Lightweight file manager
qtm0.7-1003Blogging helper, based on Qt4
qtoctave0.7.4-1006Transition package to varianted qtoctave
qtoctave-mac0.9.1-1006Graphical frontend for octave, uses Qt4
qtoctave-x110.9.1-1006Graphical frontend for octave, uses Qt4
qtpfsgui1.9.3-1004HDR imaging tool, based on Qt4
qtpfsgui-mac1.9.3-1004HDR imaging tool, based on Qt4-mac
qtrainer0.5.2-1005Personal home trainer, based on Qt4
qtrainer-aqua0.5.2-1004Personal home trainer, based on Qt4-mac
qtrans-kde4-mac0.2.2.2-1004KDE4 - Word translator
qtrans-kde4-x110.2.2.2-1004KDE4 - Word translator
qtwitter0.4.1-1004Qt4-based client for
qtwitter-aqua0.2.1-1003Qt4-mac-based client for
quadkonsole2.0.3-1004KDE - terminal emulator with 4 konsole kparts
quassel0.8.0-1Distributed IRC client using a central core
quesoglc0.7.2-7Character renderer for OpenGL
quesoglc-shlibs0.7.2-7Character renderer for OpenGL
qxmledit0.4.3-1004Qt4-based xml editor
rc1.7.1-2Remake of the Plan 9 shell
redir2.2.1-1002TCP port redirector
rekonq-kde4-mac0.5.0-1004KDE4 - Lightweight WebKit based web browser
rekonq-kde4-x110.5.0-1004KDE4 - Lightweight WebKit based web browser
remmina0.7.5-4GTK+ Remote Desktop Client
residual0.1.0-2OBSOLETE: use 'residualvm' instead
residualvm0.1.0-2Engine for Monkey Island IV and Grim Fandango
ripmime1.4.0.10-1Extracts MIME parts from email attachments
rmold0.3.1-2Removes old files/dirs from specified path(s)
rotter0.8-2Transmission/audio logger for JACK
roxterm1.14.2-3Multi-tabbed GTK+2 terminal emulator
rud0.0.2-3Reset USB Device
sakura2.3.3-2Terminal emulator based on GTK+2 and VTE
schismtracker20090817-1002Free clone of ImpulseTracker
scramble4.5.0-2File encryption utility
scummvm1.6.0-2Engine for several graphical adventure games
scummvm-tools1.6.0-1Tools for ScummVM
sdljump0.91-2Jump up the Falling Tower
sdlzombies1.0.0-4"Zombies" clone, old game for 8bit computers
sendip2.5-1002CLI tool for sending arbitrary IP packets
showimg0.9.5-1005KDE - Feature-rich image viewer
sibsim40.20-2Align expressed and genomic DNA sequences
sigma1.1.1-4Multialign of non-coding DNA sequences
sim0.9.4.3-1004KDE - Multiprotocol instant messenger
simpleproxy3.4-1003Simple TCP proxy
sir1.2-1003Simple image resizer, based on Qt3
skanlite-kde4-mac0.3-1003KDE4 - Simple scanning app (replaces kooka)
skanlite-kde4-x110.3-1003KDE4 - Simple scanning app (replaces kooka)
skrooge-kde4-mac0.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
skrooge-kde4-mac-shlibs0.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
skrooge-kde4-x110.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
skrooge-kde4-x11-shlibs0.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
sleuthkit3.1.0-3Tools for forensics analysis
sleuthkit-dev3.1.0-3Tools for forensics analysis
sleuthkit-shlibs3.1.0-3Tools for forensics analysis
slimevolley2.4.1-2Simple volleyball simulation
slurm0.3.3-3Realtime network interface monitor
smalltalk3.2.2-4GNU Small talk interpreter and image
smalltalk-dev3.2.2-4GNU Small talk interpreter and image
smalltalk-shlibs3.2.2-4GNU Small talk interpreter and image
smb4k0.9.9-1002KDE - advanced network neighborhood browser
smb4k-dev0.9.9-1002Headers and dev libraries for KDE advanced netwrk nbhd browser
smb4k-kde4-mac0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-mac-dev0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-mac-shlibs0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-x110.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-x11-dev0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-x11-shlibs0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-shlibs0.9.9-1002Shared libraries for KDE advanced netwrk nbhd browser
snpfile2.0.1-1003Library for manipulating large SNP datasets
snpfile-bin2.0.1-1003Library for manipulating large SNP datasets
socnetv0.81-1005Social Networks Visualizer, uses Qt4
socnetv-mac0.81-1002Social Networks Visualizer, uses Qt4-Mac
solarsystem0.1-2SDL-based screensaver
soundkonverter0.3.9-1004KDE - Frontend for audio transcoding tools
soundtouch1.3.1-1005Sound stretching library
soundtouch-bin1.3.1-1005Sound stretching library, binaries
soundtouch-shlibs1.3.1-1005Sound stretching library, shared libraries
sphinx30.7-1003Speech recognition engine, tools
sphinx3-dev0.7-1003Speech recognition engine, development files
sphinx3-shlibs0.7-1003Speech recognition engine, shared libs
sphinxbase0.3-1003Speech recognition engine, base
sphinxbase-bin0.3-1003Speech recognition engine, base executables
sphinxbase-shlibs0.3-1003Speech recognition engine, base shared libs
stella3.2.2-1002Emulator for the ATARI 2600 VCS
stereoboost0.1-2Widen/enlarge/boost stereo effects in music
stiff2.1.2-2Converts FITS images to TIFF
stone2.3.2.7-2Application-layer TCP/IP packet repeater
stride1.0-4Protein secondary structure assignment
structuresynth0.9.5-10043D structure creator, X11 version
structuresynth-mac0.9.5-10033D structure creator, Mac version
styleclock0.5.1-1005KDE - Themeable clock applet
subtitleeditor0.33.0-1007Editor for subtitle files (for movies)
subtitleeditor-shlibs0.33.0-1007Editor for subtitle files (for movies)
supertuxkart0.6.2a-10033D racing game with many tracks and extras
swfdec0.8.4-4Flash player for GNOME, backend library
swfdec-doc0.8.4-4Flash player for GNOME, backend library
swfdec-gnome2.30.0-2Flash player for GNOME
swfdec-shlibs0.8.4-4Flash player for GNOME, backend library
systester1.0.0-1004Calculates Pi (CPU stress test), uses Qt4
tagainijisho0.2.4-1004Japanase dictionary and kanji lookup tool
taglib-sharp2.0.3.0-2C# bindings for taglib
taktuk3.6.1-5Adaptive scaled remote executions deployment
taktuk-dev3.6.1-5Adaptive large scale remote executions deployment, development files
taktuk-shlibs3.6.1-5Adaptive large scale remote executions deployment, shared library
talkfilters2.3.8-6Filters that convert english into slangs
talkfilters-dev2.3.8-6Filters that convert english into slangs
talkfilters-shlibs2.3.8-6Filters that convert english into slangs
tanglet-mac1.1.0-1004Word finding game (based on Boggle)
tanglet-x111.1.0-1004Word finding game (based on Boggle)
tangogps0.99.3-3GTK+ mapping and GPS application
tardy1.19-1002Postprocessor for tar archive files
task2.1.1-1Command-line jobs manager
telepathy-farsight0.0.9-4Interface for the farsight2 framework
telepathy-farsight-shlibs0.0.9-4Interface for the farsight2 framework
telepathy-feed0.13-3Galago feed for Telepathy
telepathy-glib0.10.1-3Glib based helper library for telepathy
telepathy-glib-doc0.10.1-3Glib based helper library for telepathy
telepathy-glib-shlibs0.10.1-3Glib based helper library for telepathy
telepathy-haze0.3.2-3Telepathy connection manager via libpurple
telepathy-inspector0.5.3-3Swiss-army knife of every telepathy developer
telepathy-missioncontrol4.67-4Telepathy mission control library
telepathy-missioncontrol-shlibs4.67-4Telepathy mission control library
tellico1.2.14-1005KDE - Collection manager
tellico-kde4-mac2.3.7-2KDE4 - Collections manager
tellico-kde4-x112.3.7-2KDE4 - Collections manager
tempo1.2.3-1003EDF file visualizer
testncurses0.1-2Display ncurses capabilities on your terminal
tetgen1.4.2-1002Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator
tetzle-mac1.2.1-1004Jigsaw puzzle game, uses Qt4
tetzle-x111.2.1-1004Jigsaw puzzle game, uses Qt4
texmaker1.9.9-1004Versatile TeX editor, based on Qt4
thewidgetfactory0.2.1-2Widget showcase for testing GTK+2 themes
throttle1.2-2Pipe tool for limiting bandwidth
throttled0.5.1-1006Port-based load balancer for TCP/IP
tightvnc1.3.8-4Enhanced version of VNC
tilda0.9.6-5First person shooter terminal emulator
tinc1.0.19-1Virtual Private Network daemon
tint20.7-6Lightweight X11 panel/taskbar
tinyproxy1.8.0-2Lightweight, non-caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy
tlswrap1.04-1003TLS/SSL wrapper for FTP
tmux1.9a-1Terminal multiplexer
tophat1.0.12-1002Fast splice junction mapper for RNA-Seq reads
toppler1.1.3-1002Remake of the old game "Nebulus"
tork0.31-1005KDE - Anonymity manager
torque2.4.6-5Resource manager, for batch jobs and clusters
torque-dev2.4.6-5Resource manager, for batch jobs and clusters
torque-shlibs2.4.6-5Resource manager, for batch jobs and clusters
totd1.5-2Small DNS proxy, translates IPv4/IPv6
toycars0.3.10-1006Physics based 2D racer, like Micro Machines
transkode0.7-1005KDE - Frontend for audio transcoding tools
transmission2.32-3Advanced Bittorrent client
treesize0.54.1-3Disk consumption analyzing tool
tweak0.2.2-1003KDE - set various hidden config options
twitux0.69-4Twitter client for the Gnome desktop
ucspi-tcp0.88-2UNIX Client-Server Program Interface tool
udav-mac0.6-1004Universal Data Array Visualization
udpcast20090920-2Multicast file transfer utility
udptunnel1.1-2Tunnel UDP packets over TCP connections
uget1.5.9.2-2Download helper
unalz0.62-1004Unarchiver for .alz files
unbound1.4.5-3DNS resolver with many capabilities
unbound2-dev1.4.5-3DNS resolver with many capabilities
unbound2-shlibs1.4.5-3DNS resolver with many capabilities
unifdef1.0-2Remove #ifdef'ed lines from a file
unweave0.3.1-1003Removes scaling artifacts from pictures
unzoo4.4-3Unarchiver for zoo archive files
uuid1.6.2-8Common API for unique numbers
uuid-bin1.6.2-8Common API for unique numbers
uuid-shlibs1.6.2-8Common API for unique numbers
vala0.12.1-2Compiler for the GObject type system
vala-shlibs0.12.1-2Compiler for the GObject type system
vala0.180.17.7-1Compiler for the GObject type system
vala0.18-shlibs0.17.7-1Compiler for the GObject type system
varnish2.0.6-2High-performance HTTP accelerator
varnish-dev2.0.6-2High-performance HTTP accelerator
varnish-shlibs2.0.6-2High-performance HTTP accelerator
vectoroids1.1.0-2Vector-based rock-shooting Asteroids clone
videocut0.1.2-1005Extracts frames from video files
viewnior1.0-3Fast and elegant picture viewer
viking1.5-1Helps managing GPS data
vinagre2.26.2-5556VNC Client for the GNOME Desktop
vino2.28.0-3VNC Server for GNOME
violetland0.2.10-1002Action-Adventure, uses SDL
vips7.26.8-1VASARI Image Processing System
vips-dev7.26.8-1VASARI Image Processing System
vips-shlibs7.26.8-1VASARI Image Processing System
vnstat1.10-2Console-based network traffic monitor
vor0.5.4-3Dodge the rocks until you die
wally1.3.1-1005Backdrop manager for window managers
waon0.9-2Wave-to-Notes transcriber
watray0.1.1-3General purpose IDE
whiteline0.1-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
whohas0.23-3Shows which dists have something
wisdom0.5-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
wordwarvi0.25-3Retro styled side scrolling shoot-'em-up
worker3.5.0-1File-manager for X-Windows
wzip1.1.2-2Lossy compression and denoising
xapian-core1.0.20-1002Search engine library, development files
xapian-core-bin1.0.20-1002Search engine library, executables
xapian-core-doc1.0.20-1002Search engine library, documentation
xapian-core-shlibs1.0.20-1002Search engine library, shared libraries
xapian-omega1.0.17-1002CGI search interface/indexers using Xapian
xarchive0.2.8.6-2Frontend for various command line archivers
xdx2.4.2-2TCP/IP DX-cluster client for Amateur Radio
xineadump0.1-1003Xine audio decoding utility
xmedcon0.10.5-3Open toolkit for medical image conversion
xmedcon-dev0.10.5-3Open toolkit for medical image conversion
xmedcon-shlibs0.10.5-3Open toolkit for medical image conversion
xmlindent0.2.17-2XML stream reformatter
xmms1.2.10-6Multimedia player headers and libraries
xmms-bin1.2.10-6Multimedia player for the X Window System
xmms-jack0.19-3XMMS plugin: JACK output
xmms-shlibs1.2.10-6Multimedia player shared libraries
xmms20.8-1XMMS successor
xor-analyze0.5-1002Program for cryptanalyzing xor "encryption"
xorriso0.6.2-2ISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator
xpa2.1.13-2Messaging System
xpa-dev2.1.13-2Messaging System
xprobe20.3-1003Active OS fingerprinting tool
xye0.9.1-1002Open Source version of Kye
xyscan3.2.2-1005Extracts data points (numbers) from plots
yad0.1.0-3Yet another dialog - fork of zenity
yakuake2.8.1-1004KDE - Quake-style terminal emulator
yakuake-kde4-mac2.9.8-1KDE4 - Quake-like terminal emulator
yakuake-kde4-x112.9.8-1KDE4 - Quake-like terminal emulator
yawp-kde4-x110.3.2-1005KDE4 - Yet another weather plasmoid
yaz3.0.50-3C toolkit for Z39.50 applications
yaz-shlibs3.0.50-3C toolkit for Z39.50 applications, shared libraries
yaz55.2.0-1Toolkit for Z39.50 applications
yaz5-shlibs5.2.0-1Shared libraries for Z39.50 applications
yazpp1.1.1-1004C++ bindings for YAZ and ZOOM
yazpp-shlibs1.1.1-1004C++ bindings for YAZ and ZOOM
ysm2.9.9.1-2You Sick Me - console ICQ client
zhu3d4.2.2-1003Functions viewer/animator, uses Qt4/OpenGL
zhu3d-aqua4.2.2-1003Functions viewer/animator, uses Qt4/OpenGL
zile2.3.21-2Very small emacs-like editor
ziproxy3.3.0-2Non-caching compressing HTTP proxy
znotes-mac0.3.6-1003Simple tool for taking notes
zsync0.6.1-3Mimics rsync using the http protocol
zzuf0.13-1Application fuzzer, good for bughunting

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