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Matched 143 packages (Maintainer = 'Karl-Michael Schindler')

NameLatest VersionDescription
arm-embedded-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-embedded
arm-gba-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-gba
arm-linux-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-linux
arm-nds-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-nds
arm-none-eabi-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-none-eabi
arm-wince-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-wince
binutils-docs2.23.2-1Documentation for the GNU binutils
cextra0.3.4-1Download & convert eText from Zeno/Gutenberg
checkmol0.5-1Functional group analysis of molecules
dcraw9.22-1Raw digital photo decoder
ddrescueview0.3-3Graphical viewer for GNU ddrescue log files
dia2pas1.0-1UML Pascal Codegenerator
dos2unix6.0.6-1Convert DOS or Mac text files to Unix format
dos2unix-doc6.0.3-1Documentation for dos2unix
f2c20090414-3Convert Fortran 77 source code to C
f77chk1.2.2f-1Fortran77 source code checker
fcat1.0-2FORTRAN Coverage Analysis Tool
fgen0.3-1Makefile generator for fortran 77/90 code
floppy7.0-7Fortran source code analyzer
flow3.0-7Fortran source code analyzer
fort771.18-19Wrapper for the f2c Fortran to C converter
fortran-utils1.2-1Tools for use with Fortran77 code
forttopas1.01-6Semi-automatic Fortran to Pascal converter
fpc2.6.4-2Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) compiler
fpc-config2.6.4-3Free Pascal compiler configuration
fpc-cross-arm-gba2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-gba
fpc-cross-arm-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-linux
fpc-cross-arm-nds2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-nds
fpc-cross-arm-wince2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-wince
fpc-cross-armv4t-embedded2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-embedded
fpc-cross-armv7m-embedded2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-embedded
fpc-cross-common2.6.4-3FPC common cross-compiler binaries
fpc-cross-i386-darwin2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-darwin
fpc-cross-i386-freebsd2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-freebsd
fpc-cross-i386-go32v22.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-go32v2
fpc-cross-i386-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-linux
fpc-cross-i386-solaris2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-solaris
fpc-cross-i386-win322.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-win32
fpc-cross-i386-wince2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-wince
fpc-cross-powerpc-darwin2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler ppc-darwin
fpc-cross-powerpc-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler ppc-linux
fpc-cross-sparc-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler sparc-linux
fpc-cross-x86-64-darwin2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-darwin
fpc-cross-x86-64-freebsd2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-freebsd
fpc-cross-x86-64-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-linux
fpc-cross-x86-64-win642.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-win64
fpc-doc2.6.4-1Free Pascal compiler documentataion
fpc-sources2.6.4-1Sources of the FreePascal compiler
fpc-xcode3-integration1.0-4FreePascal templates for Xcode 3
fpprofiler20110108-5Profiler for the FreePascal compiler
fpprofiler-cross20110108-4Profiler for the FreePascal cross compiler
freehelix98-17Nucleic acid helix analysis program
ftidy7.2-5Fortran code formatter
ftnchek3.3.1-2Fortran source code analyzer
gchemtools0.12.8-2Gnome Chemistry Utilities
gchemtools13-shlibs0.12.8-2Gnome Chemistry Utilities
gifsicle1.84-1Tools for manipulating GIF's, LZW-enabled
heatwizard-cli0.3.2-2Thermocouple to temperature converter
heatwizard-gui0.3.2-2Thermocouple to temperature converter
i386-beos-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit beos
i386-freebsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit freebsd
i386-go32v2-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit go32v2
i386-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit linux
i386-msdosdjgpp-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit msdosdjgpp
i386-netbsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit netbsd
i386-netware-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit netware
i386-solaris-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit solaris
i386-win32-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit win32
i386-wince-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit wince
ideviceinstaller1.0.1-4Manage applications of an iDevice
jasmin2.4-1Assembler for the Java Virtual Machine
lazarus-aqua1.2.4-1Free Pascal IDE
lazarus-doc1.0.12-1Lazarus and FreePascal library documentation
lazarus-gtk21.2.4-1Free Pascal IDE
lazarus-lcl-carbon1.2.4-1The carbon version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-carbon-powerpc1.2.4-1The carbon-powerpc version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-cocoa1.2.4-1The cocoa version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-customdrawn1.2.4-1The customdrawn version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-gtk21.2.4-1The gtk2 version of the lcl for lazarus-aqua
lazarus-lcl-win321.2.4-1The win32 version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-win641.2.4-1The win64 version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-wince-arm1.2.4-1The wince-arm version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-wince-i3861.2.4-1The wince-i386 version of the lcl
lhasa0.2.0-1LHA/LHarc LArc archives (De-)Compressor
lhasa-doc0.2.0-1HTML documentation of lhasa
lhasa0-dev0.2.0-1Files for compiling against liblhasa
lhasa0-shlibs0.2.0-1LHA/LHarc LArc archives (De-)Compressor
libgrx2.4.9-22D graphics library
libgrx-bin2.4.9-22D graphics library
libgrx-shlibs2.4.9-22D graphics library
libimobiledevice1.1.4-9Library to talk to iDevices
libimobiledevice-py261.1.4-5Library to talk to iDevices
libimobiledevice-py26-dev1.1.4-5Library to talk to iDevices
libimobiledevice-py271.1.4-6Library to talk to iDevices
libimobiledevice-py27-dev1.1.4-6Library to talk to iDevices
libimobiledevice4-dev1.1.4-9Library to talk to iDevices
libimobiledevice4-shlibs1.1.4-9Library to talk to iDevices
libplist-bin1.10-2Library for handling apple .plist files
libplist-py261.10-1Python bindings for libplist
libplist-py26-dev1.10-1Python bindings for libplist
libplist-py271.10-2Python bindings for libplist
libplist-py27-dev1.10-2Python bindings for libplist
libplist11.10-2Library for handling apple .plist files
libplist1-shlibs1.10-2Library for handling apple .plist files
lua525.2.3-1Small and fast embeddable scripting language
lua52-dev5.2.3-1Files for compiling against Lua C API
lua52-shlibs5.2.3-1Shared libraries for linking Lua 5.2
m68k-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for m68k-linux
memtester4.3.0-2Userspace memory subsystem fault tester
mipsel-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for mipsel-linux
mol2ps0.4b-12D depiction of molecular structures
pasdoc0.13.0-1Documentation tool for Pascal source code
pasdoc-gui0.13.0-1Documentation tool for Pascal source code
powerpc-freebsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit freebsd
powerpc-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit linux
powerpc-macos-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit macos
powerpc-netbsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit netbsd
protobuf2.4.1-1Protocol Buffers from Google
protobuf-c0.15-1Protocol Buffers from Google for C
protobuf-c-dev0.15-1Protocol Buffers from Google for C
protobuf-c-shlibs0.15-1Protocol Buffers from Google for C
protobuf7-dev2.4.1-1Protocol Buffers from Google
protobuf7-shlibs2.4.1-1Protocol Buffers from Google
qemu1.7.1-1Fast machine emulator and virtualizer
rosegarden12.04-2Music composition and editing environment
satk0.3.5-347-1Sather-K Compiler Halle
snoopy1.0-5ASCII art calendar sheet with a famous dog
sparc-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for sparc-linux
sparc-netbsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for sparc-netbsd
sparc-solaris-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for sparc-solaris
ssh-copy-id1.0.0-2Transfer script for ssh public key
tkinfo2.8-2Graphical browser for "info" files
to-f902000-03-21-5Fortran 77 to fortran 90 converter
tofrodos1.7.13-1Text file conversion utility
ultrastardx1.1-final-1Singing game
unrar5.1.7-1RAR archive decoder
usbmuxd1.0.8-4USB multiplexing daemon
usbmuxd2-dev1.0.8-4USB multiplexing daemon
usbmuxd2-shlibs1.0.8-4USB multiplexing daemon
x86-64-freebsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 64 bit freebsd
x86-64-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 64 bit linux
x86-64-win64-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 64 bit win64
xdev-toolkit2012-1451-8Delphi -> Lazarus/FPC conversion tools

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