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NameLatest VersionDescription
3dpong0.5-3Pong clone
6tunnel0.11rc2-1001Tunneling for apps that don't speak IPv6
aalib1.4rc5-1025Ascii art library
abcde2.2.6-1"A Better CD Encoder": Rips CDs to OGG/MP3
abook0.5.6-1003Text-based address-book for use with mutt
abs0.908-13Opensource spreadsheet
adns-1.4-shlibs1.4-2Asynchronous DNS library and utilities
aftp1.0-1Manipulate and browse Apple II disk images
ai-nnflex-pm0.24-3Perl module for implementing neural networks
algorithm-c3-pm51000.08-3Merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
algorithm-c3-pm51230.08-3Merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
algorithm-c3-pm51240.08-3Merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
algorithm-c3-pm51620.08-3Merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
algorithm-c3-pm5880.08-3Merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
alien-sdl-pm51001.4.25-1Building, finding and using SDL binaries
alien-sdl-pm51231.4.25-3Building, finding and using SDL binaries
alien-sdl-pm51241.4.25-3Building, finding and using SDL binaries
alien-sdl-pm51621.4.25-3Building, finding and using SDL binaries
alien-sdl-pm5881.4.25-1Building, finding and using SDL binaries
amigos0.3-1Make tables of torsion angles from PDB files
amiwm0.21pl2-3Amiga Workbench-look window manager
amrnb0.0.1-1AMR narrow-band speech codec
amule2.1.0-1003All-platform eMule p2p client
amyedit1.0-1005Lightweight LaTeX editor
anacron2.3-6Periodic command scheduler
analog6.0-1Program to measure usage on your web server
angband3.4.1-1Text-based dungeon exploration game
angband-nox3.4.1-1Text-based dungeon exploration game
angband-sdl3.4.1-1Text-based dungeon exploration game
annocpan-perldoc-pm51000.10-3Integrate AnnoCPAN notes locally into perldoc
annocpan-perldoc-pm51230.10-3Integrate AnnoCPAN notes locally into perldoc
annocpan-perldoc-pm51240.10-3Integrate AnnoCPAN notes locally into perldoc
annocpan-perldoc-pm51620.10-3Integrate AnnoCPAN notes locally into perldoc
annocpan-perldoc-pm5880.10-3Integrate AnnoCPAN notes locally into perldoc
annocpan-perldoc-syncdb-pm51000.11-5Download the AnnoCPAN database
annocpan-perldoc-syncdb-pm51230.11-105Download the AnnoCPAN database
annocpan-perldoc-syncdb-pm51240.11-105Download the AnnoCPAN database
annocpan-perldoc-syncdb-pm51620.11-105Download the AnnoCPAN database
annocpan-perldoc-syncdb-pm5880.11-5Download the AnnoCPAN database
ant-junit1.7.1-2JUnit plugin for Ant
ant-optional1.7.1-2Optional tasks for the java build tool
antiword0.37-1Display or convert MS-Word files
appconfig-pm1.66-1Modules for reading config files and more
apt-zip0.18-1Update a non-networked computer using apt
arpwatch2.1a15-1Program monitors mac/ip address pairings
ash20040127-1-1NetBSD /bin/sh
asp2php2008-08-13-12Converts asp scripts to php
aspell-da0.50.1-0-1Danish dictionary for aspell
aspell-id0.50.1-0-1Indonesian dictionary for aspell
asr-manpages1.3-4Man pages from alt.sysadmin.recovery
audacious22.2-5Advanced audio player
audacious2-plugins2.2-6Plugins used by audacious2
autoconf2.63-5System for generating configure scripts
autoconf2.62.69-3System for generating configure scripts
autocutsel0.6.2-11Merges two X11 cut buffers
autossh1.4a-1Restarts SSH sessions and tunnels
avahi0.6.31-3Service discovery system
avahi-ui0.6.31-2Service discovery system (Gtk UI)
aview1.3.0rc1-1021Ascii art image viewer
baz1.4.2-2Improved (but obsolete) GNU Arch client
bbkeys0.8.4-1022Key binding handler for Blackbox
bbmail0.8.3-1002Email-watcher designed for use with Blackbox
bbpager0.3.1-1001Pager tool for the Blackbox window manager
bc1.06-1024Arbitrary precision numeric processor
bind99.5.999-6Berkeley Internet Name Domain
bind9-ssl9.5.999-6Berkeley Internet Name Domain
biopython-py251.54-1Python tools for computational biology
biopython-py261.54-1Python tools for computational biology
biopython-py271.54-1Python tools for computational biology
bioruby-rb181.4.0-1Open source bioinformatics library for Ruby
bioruby-rb191.4.3.0001-2Open source bioinformatics library for Ruby
bioruby-rb201.4.3.0001-2Open source bioinformatics library for Ruby
bittorrent4.0.0-2Tool for distributing files
bittorrent-x114.0.0-2Tool for distributing files
blitz0.9-2C++ class library for scientific computing
blt2.4z-155Toolkit for tcl/tk
bmp2png1.62-3BMP to PNG graphics file conversion
cam-dbf-pm1.02-3Read and write dBASE III DBF files
cam-emailtemplate-pm0.92-2Template-based email message sender
cam-emailtemplate-smtp-pm0.91-2Net::SMTP based email message sender
cam-session-pm51001.03-2DBI and cookie CGI session state maintenance
cam-session-pm51231.03-2DBI and cookie CGI session state maintenance
cam-session-pm51241.03-2DBI and cookie CGI session state maintenance
cam-session-pm51621.03-2DBI and cookie CGI session state maintenance
cam-session-pm5881.03-2DBI and cookie CGI session state maintenance
cam-sqlmanager-pm51001.13-2Encapsulated SQL statements in XML
cam-sqlmanager-pm51231.13-2Encapsulated SQL statements in XML
cam-sqlmanager-pm51241.13-2Encapsulated SQL statements in XML
cam-sqlmanager-pm51621.13-2Encapsulated SQL statements in XML
cam-sqlmanager-pm5881.13-2Encapsulated SQL statements in XML
cam-sqlobject-pm51001.01-2Object parent class for SQL delegates
cam-sqlobject-pm51231.01-2Object parent class for SQL delegates
cam-sqlobject-pm51241.01-2Object parent class for SQL delegates
cam-sqlobject-pm51621.01-2Object parent class for SQL delegates
cam-sqlobject-pm5881.01-2Object parent class for SQL delegates
cam-template-cache-pm51000.91-2Template files with database storage
cam-template-cache-pm51230.91-2Template files with database storage
cam-template-cache-pm51240.91-2Template files with database storage
cam-template-cache-pm51620.91-2Template files with database storage
cam-template-cache-pm5880.91-2Template files with database storage
cam-template-pm0.93-2Clotho-style HTML templates
cam-xml-pm51001.14-1Encapsulation of a simple XML data structure
cam-xml-pm51231.14-1Encapsulation of a simple XML data structure
cam-xml-pm51241.14-1Encapsulation of a simple XML data structure
cam-xml-pm51621.14-1Encapsulation of a simple XML data structure
cam-xml-pm5881.14-1Encapsulation of a simple XML data structure
cccc3.1.4-1001C and C++ Code Counter
ccrypt1.7-2Utility for encrypting and decrypting
ccvssh0.9.1-2Ext-to-pserver SSL bridge for CVS
cd-discid0.9-3Calculates CDDB DiscIDs
cdat4.0-1016Climate Data Analysis Tools
cfengine2.1.15-1003System configuration and adminstration agent
cgi-compress-gzip-pm51001.03-1CGI with automatically compressed output
cgi-compress-gzip-pm51231.03-1CGI with automatically compressed output
cgi-compress-gzip-pm51241.03-1CGI with automatically compressed output
cgi-compress-gzip-pm51621.03-1CGI with automatically compressed output
cgi-compress-gzip-pm5881.03-1CGI with automatically compressed output
cgterm1.6-1001C/G telnet client with Commodore 64 PETSCII
chemtool1.6.12-4Draws 2-D pictures of organic molecules
cherrypy-py253.2.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
cherrypy-py263.2.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
cherrypy-py273.5.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
cherrypy-py313.2.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
cherrypy-py323.5.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
cherrypy-py333.5.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
cherrypy-py343.5.0-1Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
ckmame0.4.1-11MAME rom set checker and fixer
class-c3-componentised-pm51001.001000-2Mix-ins or components for C3-based classes
class-c3-componentised-pm51231.001000-2Mix-ins or components for C3-based classes
class-c3-componentised-pm51241.001000-2Mix-ins or components for C3-based classes
class-c3-componentised-pm51621.001000-2Mix-ins or components for C3-based classes
class-c3-componentised-pm5881.001000-2Mix-ins or components for C3-based classes
class-c3-pm51000.24-1Pragma to use the C3 algorithm
class-c3-pm51230.25-1Pragma to use the C3 algorithm
class-c3-pm51240.25-1Pragma to use the C3 algorithm
class-c3-pm51620.25-1Pragma to use the C3 algorithm
class-c3-pm5880.24-1Pragma to use the C3 algorithm
class-c3-xs-pm51000.13-1XS speedups for Class::C3
class-c3-xs-pm51230.13-1XS speedups for Class::C3
class-c3-xs-pm51240.13-1XS speedups for Class::C3
class-c3-xs-pm51620.13-1XS speedups for Class::C3
class-c3-xs-pm5880.13-1XS speedups for Class::C3
class-dbi-pm51003.0.17-1Simple Database Abstraction
class-dbi-pm51233.0.17-1Simple Database Abstraction
class-dbi-pm51243.0.17-1Simple Database Abstraction
class-dbi-pm51623.0.17-1Simple Database Abstraction
class-dbi-pm5883.0.17-1Simple Database Abstraction
class-methodmaker-pm51002.18-1Perl module for creating generic methods
class-methodmaker-pm5882.18-1Perl module for creating generic methods
class-singleton-pm1.4-1Implementation of a Singleton class
class-std-pm51000.011-1Support for creating inside-out classes
class-std-pm51230.011-1Support for creating inside-out classes
class-std-pm51240.011-1Support for creating inside-out classes
class-std-pm51620.011-1Support for creating inside-out classes
class-std-pm5880.011-1Support for creating inside-out classes
clearmailspool1.0-1Simple script to clear sendmail spool
cln1.1.13-4C++ Class Library for Numbers
clyther-py260.1-beta-3-1OpenCL Python language extension
cmatrix1.2a-1015Scrolling random text effect like The Matrix
code2html0.9.1-2Converts source code to highlighted HTML
compface1.5.2-148x48x1 image compression and decompression
config-std-pm51000.900-1Load and save configuration files
config-std-pm51230.901-1Load and save configuration files
config-std-pm51240.901-1Load and save configuration files
config-std-pm51620.901-1Load and save configuration files
config-std-pm5880.900-1Load and save configuration files
config-tiny-pm2.20-1Read/Write .ini style files
conglomerate0.9.1-1009Graphical editor for XML documents
cook2.26-2Powerful Make replacement
cowsay3.03-2Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
cpan-distnameinfo-pm0.12-1Extract name and version from a dist filename
crypt++el2.9.1-4Emacs module for encrypted/compressed files
crypt-rc4-pm2.02-1Implements the RC4 encryption algorithm
cssed0.4.0-1CSS editor
cssed-filebrowser-plugin0.2.1-1Filebrowser plugin for cssed
cssed-findinfiles-plugin0.2-1Plugin for cssed to search terms in files
cssed-plugindoc-plugin0.1-1018Documentation plugin for cssed
cssed-quicksearch-plugin0.2-1Quick search plugin for cssed
cssed-tags-plugin0.2-1Tag plugin for cssed
cssed-vte-plugin0.2-1Vte plugin for cssed
ctwm3.5.2-2Claude's Tab Window Manager
cvsgrab1.2-1Read repository's ViewCVS web interface
cyclo2.0-1013Analyze cyclomatic complexity of C/C++ code
data-flow-pm1.02-1Simple-minded recipe-controlled build of data
data-section-pm51000.101621-1Read data out of your DATA section
data-section-pm51230.200005-1Read data out of your DATA section
data-section-pm51240.200005-1Read data out of your DATA section
data-section-pm51620.200005-1Read data out of your DATA section
data-section-pm5880.101621-1Read data out of your DATA section
data-serializer-pm51000.59-1Perl modules that serialize data structures
data-serializer-pm51230.60-1Perl modules that serialize data structures
data-serializer-pm51240.60-1Perl modules that serialize data structures
data-serializer-pm51620.60-1Perl modules that serialize data structures
data-serializer-pm5880.59-1Perl modules that serialize data structures
data-showtable-pm3.3-2Perl routines to display tabular data
data-stag-pm51000.11-1Structured Tags datastructures
data-stag-pm51230.14-1Structured Tags datastructures
data-stag-pm51240.14-1Structured Tags datastructures
data-stag-pm51620.14-1Structured Tags datastructures
data-stag-pm5880.11-1Structured Tags datastructures
data-temporarybag-pm0.09-2Handle long size data using temporary file
date-calc-pm51006.3-1Gregorian calendar date calculations
date-calc-pm51236.3-1Gregorian calendar date calculations
date-calc-pm51246.3-1Gregorian calendar date calculations
date-calc-pm51626.3-1Gregorian calendar date calculations
date-calc-pm5886.3-1Gregorian calendar date calculations
date-manip-pm6.42-1Date/time comparisons and calculations
date-manip-pm51006.39-3OBSOLETE: use package 'date-manip-pm' instead
date-manip-pm51236.39-3OBSOLETE: use package 'date-manip-pm' instead
date-manip-pm51246.39-3OBSOLETE: use package 'date-manip-pm' instead
date-manip-pm5886.39-3OBSOLETE: use package 'date-manip-pm' instead
db444.4.20-1010Berkeley DB embedded database - non crypto
db44-aes4.4.20-1010Berkeley DB embedded database - crypto
dbix-datasource-pm0.02-1Db-independent create and drop functions
dblatex0.3.4-1DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing
dclock2.2.2-2Digital clock for the X11 environment
deborphan1.7.28.8-1Orphaned package finder
decoders4.1.7-2Packages to decode GRIB and text into netCDF
deskmenu1.4.5-1X11 root-window popup menu
devel-corestack-pm1.3-1Generates a stack dump from a core file
devtodo0.1.20-1Command-line todo-list manager
dia0.97.2-4Diagram drawing program
dict1.12.1-1Dictionary-lookup client
digest-sha-pm51005.84-1Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
digest-sha-pm51235.85-1Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
digest-sha-pm51245.85-1Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
digest-sha-pm51625.85-1Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
digest-sha-pm5885.84-1Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
docbook-bundle4.1.2-1004DocBook convenience package
docbook-dsssl-ldp1.12-1LDP's DSSSL DocBook stylesheets
docbook-dsssl-nwalsh1.79-4Norman Walsh's DSSSL DocBook stylesheets
docbook-dtd4.5.0-1DocBook SGML/XML DTDs official releases
dods3.4.5-1012Client libs for scientific data networking
dtdparser1.21-1Java DTD Parser
dxf2svg0.1-1001CAD to SVG converter
dynagraph1.3f-10063D plotting utility for X
ecl0.9l-1Embeddable Common-Lisp
ed2k-gtk-gui0.6.2-1015Graphical interface for Overnet p2p network
edict1.1-1001Command-line interface to online dictionaries
ee1.4.6-1Easy to use text editor
eggdrop1.6.12-12Powerful IRC bot
eigen22.0.17-1C++ template library for linear algebra
eigen33.2.1-1C++ template library for linear algebra
ejabberd1.1.4-1Fault-tolerant distributed Jabber server
ekiga3.1.2-5Voice and video over IP
elisp-manual21-2.8-1002Emacs Lisp Reference Manual
elixir-py250.3.0-1Python declarative layer on top of SQLAlchemy
elscreen1.4.6-1Screen Manager for Emacsen
elscreen-w3m0.2.2-1Integration of ElScreen and Emacs-W3M
emacs2222.3-1006Flexible real-time text editor
emacs22-gtk22.3-1006Flexible real-time text editor
emacs22-nox22.3-1006Flexible real-time text editor
emacs2323.4-3Flexible real-time text editor
emacs23-nox23.4-3Flexible real-time text editor
emacs2424.3-4Flexible real-time text editor
emacs24-nox24.3-4Flexible real-time text editor
emacsen-common1.4.15-5Common facilities for all emacsen
email-find-pm51000.10-1Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
email-find-pm51230.10-1Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
email-find-pm51240.10-1Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
email-find-pm51620.10-1Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
email-find-pm5880.10-1Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
emboss6.3.1-3Molecular Biology Open Software Suite
emboss-kaptain0.98-1Kaptain grammars for EMBOSS
embossdb-rebase004-1Restriction Enzyme Database for EMBOSS
enca1.13-1Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
epic51.1.4-2Enhanced Programmable ircII Client
erlang-otp16.b.2-4General-purpose programming language
esound0.2.41-3Enlightened Sound Daemon
esvn0.6.11-12GUI frontend for Subversion (QT-based)
eterm0.9.6-4Color VT102 terminal emulator
etl0.04.16-1C++ template library for synfig
ettercap0.8.0-1Powerful net sniffer (with OpenSSL)
ettercap-gtk0.8.0-1Powerful net sniffer (with OpenSSL)
euler1.61.0-5Numerical laboratory with a programming language
evilwm0.99.18-1001Minimalist window manager for X11
exiftags1.01-2Parser for EXIF image metadata
exporter-lite-pm51000.02-1Lightweight exporting of variables
exporter-lite-pm51230.02-1Lightweight exporting of variables
exporter-lite-pm51240.02-1Lightweight exporting of variables
exporter-lite-pm51620.02-1Lightweight exporting of variables
exporter-lite-pm5880.02-1Lightweight exporting of variables
extutils-depends-pm0.304-1Allow XS extensions to depend on other XS
extutils-depends-pm5880.205-2OBSOLETE: use extutils-depends-pm instead
extutils-f771.14-4Simple interface to F77 libs for perl
extutils-pkgconfig-pm1.15-1Perl interface to the pkg-config program
extutils-pkgconfig-pm5881.07-2OBSOLETE: use extutils-pkgconfig-pm instead
fann2.0.0-1Fast Artificial Neural Network
fftw2.1.5-1119Discrete Fourier Transform Library
fftw-mpi2.1.5-1119Discrete Fourier Transform Library
fhist1.17-1Minimal file history tool
file-find-rule-filesys-virtual-pm1.22-2File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual
file-find-rule-pm0.33-1Alternative interface to File::Find
file-sharedir-install-pm51230.05-1Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
file-sharedir-install-pm51240.05-1Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
file-sharedir-install-pm51620.05-1Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
file-slurp-pm9999.19-2Efficient reading/writing of complete files
file-tail-pm0.99.3-1Perl extension for tail
filesys-diskfree-pm0.06-1Perform the Unix command 'df'
filesys-virtual-plain-pm0.10-2Plain virtual filesystem
filesys-virtual-pm0.06-1Framework for a virtual filesystem
flask-py250.6.1-1Web development microframework
flask-py260.6.1-1Web development microframework
flask-py270.6.1-1Web development microframework
flawfinder1.21-2Examines C/C++ source code for security flaws
flex2.5.4a-4Fast lexical analyser generator
flex-devel2.5.37-1Fast lexical analyser generator
fnlib0.5-6Font rendering library for X11
foolscap-py250.4.2-1Rewrite of Perspective Broker
foolscap-py260.4.2-1Rewrite of Perspective Broker
foomatic-filters3.0.2-1Universal printer filter script
fop0.20.5-13Formatting Objects (FO) Processor
fortune-mod1.99.1-4001Fortune cookies on demand
fortunes-de0.31-1Fortune-mod: German data files for fortune
freeglut2.4.0-5Opengl utility toolkit
freetts1.2.2-1Speech synthesizer written entirely in Java
freetype1.3.1-13TrueType font rendering library, version 1
freetype-hinting1.3.1-12TrueType font rendering library, version 1, hinting enabled
freetype22.1.4-13TrueType font rendering library, (dummy)
frotz2.43-1012Interpreter for all Infocom-type games
fsh1.2-1005Fast remote command execution
funny-manpages1.3-2Funny manpages
fwbuilder2.1.14-1005Firewall Builder UI and policy compilers
fwipe0.35-2Deletes files irrecoverably
g-wrap1.3.4-1030Generates scheme bindings for C
g-wrap191.9.11-2Generates scheme bindings for C
gd-graph-pm51001.44-1Perl package to generate charts using GD
gd-graph-pm51231.48-1Perl package to generate charts using GD
gd-graph-pm51241.48-1Perl package to generate charts using GD
gd-graph-pm51621.48-1Perl package to generate charts using GD
gd-graph-pm5881.44-1Perl package to generate charts using GD
gd-graph3d-pm51000.63-4Perl package that provides 3D graphs
gd-graph3d-pm51230.63-4Perl package that provides 3D graphs
gd-graph3d-pm51240.63-4Perl package that provides 3D graphs
gd-graph3d-pm51620.63-4Perl package that provides 3D graphs
gd-graph3d-pm5880.63-4Perl package that provides 3D graphs
gd-pm51002.49-1Perl interface to the GD graphics library
gd-pm51232.50-1Perl interface to the GD graphics library
gd-pm51242.50-1Perl interface to the GD graphics library
gd-pm51622.50-1Perl interface to the GD graphics library
gd-pm5882.49-1Perl interface to the GD graphics library
gd-svg-pm51000.33-1Perl module to create svg output from gd
gd-svg-pm51230.33-1Perl module to create svg output from gd
gd-svg-pm51240.33-1Perl module to create svg output from gd
gd-svg-pm51620.33-1Perl module to create svg output from gd
gd-svg-pm5880.33-1Perl module to create svg output from gd
gd-textutil-pm51000.86-13Perl package for text utilities of GD
gd-textutil-pm51230.86-13Perl package for text utilities of GD
gd-textutil-pm51240.86-13Perl package for text utilities of GD
gd-textutil-pm51620.86-13Perl package for text utilities of GD
gd-textutil-pm5880.86-13Perl package for text utilities of GD
gdis0.89-2Molecular and lattice graphics system
getmail3.2.2-2Python-based POP3 mail retriever
getoptbin1.1.4-3GNU version of getopt(1)
ghostscript8.00-3Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
ghostscript-nox7.04-3Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
ghostscript66.01-4Interpreter for PostScript and PDF, v6.01
ghostscript6-nox6.01-5Intrp. for PostScript/PDF, no X11 support
git-mode1.7.4.4-1Emacs mode for Git
gkrellmms22.1.22-1004XMMS-controlling module for GKrellM2
gkrellmoon20.6-1014Moon Phase Module for GKrellM2
gkrellweather22.0.6-1016Weather Module for GKrellM2
glade33.6.7-5GTK+2 user interface builder
glark1.8.0-1Search files to match complex expressions
glui2.1-1027GLUT-based C++ interface library
glunarclock0.34.1-1GNOME Lunar Clock applet
gnet1.1.9-1Simple Network Library
gnome-audio1.4.0-3Audio files for Gnome
gnomeicu0.99.14-2Popular ICQ program
gnotepad+1.3.3-6Simple and feature-rich HTML/text editor
gnuboy1.0.3-1001Nintendo GameBoy Emulator
gnupg-interface-pm51000.46-1Perl interface to GnuPG
gnupg-interface-pm51230.50-1Perl interface to GnuPG
gnupg-interface-pm51240.50-1Perl interface to GnuPG
gnupg-interface-pm51620.50-1Perl interface to GnuPG
gnupg-interface-pm5880.36-1Perl interface to GnuPG
gnupg-interface-py250.3.2-2Python module to interface with GnuPG
gnupg-interface-py260.3.2-2Python module to interface with GnuPG
gnupg-interface-py270.3.2-3Python module to interface with GnuPG
gnupg-interface-py320.3.2-3Python module to interface with GnuPG
gnuplot-nogtk4.6.1-1OBSOLETE: use gnuplot-4.6.1-1+ instead
gnut0.4.28-1005Console based gnutella client
gocr0.50-2Command line OCR program
goldendict-x111.0.1-2Dictionary lookup program
gpa0.8.0-1Front end to GnuPG
gpaint0.2-4Legacy-package upgrade to "gpaint2"
gpaint20.3.3-2Simple, easy-to-use paint program
gplot4.3-3Utility for processing of cgm metafiles
gqview2.1.5-5Browser for graphics files
grads2.0.2-4Grid Analysis and Display System
graph-pm0.96-1Graph module for perl
greycstoration2.5.2-2Tool for image denoising
gtk+extra170.99.17-16Useful widgets for creating GUI's using GTK+
gtkgraph0.6.2-5Graphing calculator using Gtk+
guile1.4-1031Embedable Scheme interpreter
guile161.6.7-1014Embedable Scheme interpreter
hashcash1.22-3Denial-of-service counter measure tool
hc1.1-2The Hacker's Calculator
heap-pm0.80-1Heap routines
hfstar1.13.19-12Modified GNU tar retains hfs+ attributes
hfsutils3.2.6-12Read/Write Mac HFS media
hook-lexwrap-pm0.24-1Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers
hpijs2.8.7-1HP printer drivers
hspell1.2-1Hebrew spell checker and analyzer
ht2html2.0-1Python-based web page template processor
html-fromtext-pm51002.05-15Text2html: marks up plain text as HTML
html-fromtext-pm51232.07-1Text2html: marks up plain text as HTML
html-fromtext-pm51242.07-1Text2html: marks up plain text as HTML
html-fromtext-pm51622.07-1Text2html: marks up plain text as HTML
html-fromtext-pm5882.05-15Text2html: marks up plain text as HTML
http-proxy-pm51000.300-1Pure Perl HTTP proxy
http-proxy-pm51230.300-1Pure Perl HTTP proxy
http-proxy-pm51240.300-1Pure Perl HTTP proxy
http-proxy-pm51620.300-1Pure Perl HTTP proxy
http-proxy-pm5880.300-1Pure Perl HTTP proxy
httperf0.9.0-1Tool to measure webserver performance
hyperestraier1.4.13-1Full-text search system
ices22.0.1-1Source client for broadcasting in Ogg Vorbis
icewm1.3.7-101X11 window manager - with GNOME2 support
icewm-gnome21.2.33-5OBSOLETE use package 'icewm' instead
image-base-pm1.17-1Loading, manipulating and saving images
image-xbm-pm1.08-1Manipulate xbm image files
image-xpm-pm1.12-1Manipulate xpm image files
indent2.2.9-3C language source code formatting program
insilicospectro-pm51001.3.24-3Open source Perl library for proteomics
insilicospectro-pm51231.3.24-4Open source Perl library for proteomics
insilicospectro-pm51241.3.24-4Open source Perl library for proteomics
insilicospectro-pm51621.3.24-4Open source Perl library for proteomics
insilicospectro-pm5881.3.24-3Open source Perl library for proteomics
ioapi3.0-1I/O API library for environmental modeling
iolib1.12.4-2Library of reading and writing chromatograms
jags0.22.1-1002Windows Network Neighbourhood browser GUI
jakarta-servletapi4.1.20100129-1Java Servlet and JSP API Classes
jam2.5-2Just Another Make build tool
java-getopt1.0.9-1Port of the GNU getopt from C to Java
javascript-mode2.0.0.8-1Major mode to edit JavaScript for emacs
jless382-iso258-1001Text pager with ISO 2022 code extension
jsapi1.0-3Java Speech API
jtoolkit-py250.7.8-3Python web application framework
jts1.8.0-2API of 2D spatial predicates and functions
junkbuster2.0.2-5Banner-ad block and cookie protector
jwgc-ssl0.5-2Jabber WindowGram Client
jzip2.1-1021Infocom/Inform game interface
kid-py250.9.5-2Python template language for XML
kmymoney20.8.9-3Personal finance manager
lablgl1.05-1OpenGL binding for Objective Caml
lablgl-x111.05-1OpenGL binding for Objective Caml
lablgtk1.2.7-1003Objective Caml interface to gtk+
ladspa1.13-1Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API
lasi-shlibs1.1.0-1005Library for creating Postscript documents
lasi1-shlibs1.1.1-1Library for creating Postscript documents
latex-figbib2004-08-12-2Organise figures in BibTeX databases and more
latex-xft-fonts0.1-11TTF math fonts for lyx and latex
lcdf-typetools2.92-1OpenType and MM font manipulation programs
lclint2.5r-2Statically checks C programs
leafnode1.10.0-2Simple NNTP (usenet) server for small sites
lesstif0.95.2-5Free implementation of OSF/Motif
libast20.7-3Library of Assorted Spiffy Things
libavahi-glib1-dev0.6.31-2Service discovery system (Glib)
libbind65.999-3Berkeley Internet Name Domain
libcapsinetwork0.3.0-1026C++ daemon development library
libcdk4.9.10-1005Curses Development Kit
libdvdnav20.1.10-10DVD navigation Library (dummy)
libebml1.2.1-2C++ libary to parse EBML files
libelf0.8.9-2ELF object file access library
libemf1.0.7-1ECMA-234 library
libfann2-shlibs2.2.0-1Fast Artificial Neural Network (shared libs)
libffi3.0.9-7Foreign Function Interface
libfwbuilder72.1.14-1004Firewall Builder API lib & compiler support
libggi22.0.1-1012Flexible drawing library
libghttp1.0.9-4HTTP protocol client library
libicu36-dev3.6.0-6Headers for Apple-supplied ICU libraries
libiodbc2.50.3-16Intrinsic ODBC libraries
libjpeg-exif6b-17Utilities for manipulating JPEG and EXIF
libmaa-shlibs1.3.2-1Low-level data-struture library
libmal100.44.1-2Library for syncing AvantGo
libmatroska1.2.0-2C++ libary to parse Matroska files
libmeanwhile1.0.2-3Library for sametime communication
libming0-shlibs0.4.0.beta5-10Library to generate SWF (Flash) Files
libmpcdec51.2.6-1Musepack audio compression library
libmsn- for connecting to MSN Messenger
libmusicbrainz42.1.5-1026Library for accessing musicbrainz database
libofx10.7.0-1006Library allows applications to support OFX
liboil- optimization library
libole20.2.4-5Library for the OLE2 file format
libopenbox27-shlibs3.5.0-3Another Window Manager not unlike blackbox
libopenbox29-shlibs3.5.2-1Another Window Manager not unlike blackbox
liborigin20070115-6Library for reading OPJ files
liborigin2.120101029-1Library for reading OPJ files
libosip10.9.7-3Implementation of SIP (RFC 3261)
libpgeasy3.0.4-1024Easy-to-use C interface to PostgreSQL
libplplot10-shlibs5.9.6-5Scientific plotting package
libpoco-doc1.4.6p4-1POCO C++ Documentation
libpoco16-shlibs1.4.6p4-1POCO C++ Libraries
libpqpp4.0-1024Old PostgreSQL C++ interface
libpqxx1.5.1-1024PostgreSQL C++ interface
libproplist0.10.1-5Routines for string list handling
libquagga0-shlibs0.99.23-1Routing Software Suite (shared libraries)
libquicktime11.2.4-3Library for working with Quicktime files
librep0.17-1026Embedable interpreter for a Lisp dialect
libsamplerate00.1.8-2Samplerate conversion library
libsndfile00.0.28-2Read and write files containing sampled sound
libsvm2numpy-py25r300-1Pythonic interface for libsvm
libsvm2numpy-py26r300-1Pythonic interface for libsvm
libtool141.5.26-4Shared library build helper, v1.5
libwbxml20.10.9-2Parse, encode and handle WBXML (binary XML)
libwpd- and export of WordPerfect formats
libwww5.4.0-7General-purpose cross-platform Web API in C
libxine21.2.5-3Xine video/media player library
libxml1.8.17-15XML parsing library
libxml-pm51000.08-2Perl modules for working with XML in Perl
libxml-pm51230.08-2Perl modules for working with XML in Perl
libxml-pm51240.08-2Perl modules for working with XML in Perl
libxml-pm51620.08-2Perl modules for working with XML in Perl
libxml-pm5880.08-2Perl modules for working with XML in Perl
libzvt22.0.1-1019Zed's Virtual Terminal
liferea1.6.5-1RSS feed aggregator for GNOME
lingua-en-numbers-ordinate-pm1.02-1Perl mod To Convert 1 to 1st
lingua-preferred-pm51000.2.4-22Let you specify your lang in Perl
lingua-preferred-pm51230.2.4-22Let you specify your lang in Perl
lingua-preferred-pm51240.2.4-22Let you specify your lang in Perl
lingua-preferred-pm51620.2.4-22Let you specify your lang in Perl
lingua-preferred-pm5880.2.4-22Let you specify your lang in Perl
linkchecker9.2-1Check websites and HTML docs for broken links
links-ssl0.99-5OBSOLETE use package 'links' instead
littre-mac2.0-13French dictionary (Aqua version)
littre-x112.0-3French dictionary (X11 version)
localepurge0.0.37-2Automatically remove unnecessary locale data
log-tracemsgs-pm51001.4-12Better way of putting trace messages in code
log-tracemsgs-pm51231.4-12Better way of putting trace messages in code
log-tracemsgs-pm51241.4-12Better way of putting trace messages in code
log-tracemsgs-pm51621.4-12Better way of putting trace messages in code
log-tracemsgs-pm5881.4-12Better way of putting trace messages in code
log4j1.2.17-2Java logging
logcheck1.1.1-2Log file auditing
logrotate3.7.1-1Rotates, compresses, removes and mails logs
loudmouth1.4.3-1Lightweight C library for the Jabber protocol
lpsolve-octave3605.5.2.0-5Octave-3.6.0 interface to lpsolve
lpsolve-octave3615.5.2.0-5Octave-3.6.1 interface to lpsolve
lpsolve-octave3625.5.2.0-5Octave-3.6.2 interface to lpsolve
lpsolve-octave3635.5.2.0-5Octave-3.6.3 interface to lpsolve
lpsolve-octave3645.5.2.0-5Octave-3.6.4 interface to lpsolve
lynx-ssl2.8.5-6OBSOLETE: use package 'lynx' instead
lzo1.08-3Real-time data compression library
lzop1.03-1Real-time compressor
m41.4.17-1Advanced macro processing language
macosx-file-pm5880.71-1002Perl modules to manipulate files on MacOS X
mah-jong1.10-1Multiplayer tile game
maildrop2.0.2-1001Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities
mairix0.21-1Command-line mail indexing tool
makepatch2.05-1Perl scripts to make and apply patches
massxpert-mac3.1.0-2Mass spectrometric package, uses Qt4
massxpert-x112.3.6-1004Mass spectrometric package, uses Qt4
math-matrix-pm0.8-1Perl module to multiply and invert matrices
mdate1.5.6-1Convert Gregorian to Mayan Long Count
mdk1.2.5-2GNU MIX Development Kit
mdk-gui1.2.5-2GNU MIX Development Kit
mesa7.0.2-33-D graphics library
metacity-setup0.7.1-1010Configure the Metacity Window Manager
metrics1.0-2Code analysis tool
mic-paren3.7-2Advanced highlighting of parenthesis
micq0.4.10.1-3OBSOLETE use package 'climm' instead
mime-base64-pm51003.05-4Perl module for base64 encoding/decoding
mime-base64-pm51233.05-104Perl module for base64 encoding/decoding
mime-base64-pm51243.05-104Perl module for base64 encoding/decoding
mime-base64-pm51623.05-104Perl module for base64 encoding/decoding
mime-base64-pm5883.05-4Perl module for base64 encoding/decoding
mime-lite-pm3.01-12Low-calorie MIME generator
mined2012.22-1Text editor with Unicode and CJK support
ming0.2a-8C library to make SWF ("Flash") format movies
mingw-binutils2.16.91-20050827-1-4GNU binutils for MinGW
mingw-gcc4.1.0-3GNU GCC for MinGW
mingw-runtime3.8-1Minimalist GNU for Windows - Runtime
mingw-w32api3.3-1Minimalist GNU for Windows - Win32 API
mlpy-py253.5.0-1High performance package for Machine Learning
mlpy-py263.5.0-1High performance package for Machine Learning
mlpy-py273.5.0-1High performance package for Machine Learning
module-load-conditional-pm51000.54-1Simple caller() trace
module-load-conditional-pm51230.62-1Simple caller() trace
module-load-conditional-pm51240.62-1Simple caller() trace
module-load-conditional-pm51620.62-1Simple caller() trace
module-load-conditional-pm5880.54-1Simple caller() trace
module-load-pm0.24-202OBSOLETE: Use 'module-load-pm5162' instead
module-load-pm51230.32-1Load modules in a DWIM style
module-load-pm51240.32-1Load modules in a DWIM style
module-load-pm51620.32-1Load modules in a DWIM style
module-pluggable-pm51004.8-1Give your module the ability to have plugins
module-pluggable-pm51235.1-1Give your module the ability to have plugins
module-pluggable-pm51245.1-1Give your module the ability to have plugins
module-pluggable-pm51625.1-1Give your module the ability to have plugins
module-pluggable-pm5884.8-1Give your module the ability to have plugins
module-scandeps-pm1.13-1Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
module-signature-pm51000.70-1Module signature file manipulation
module-signature-pm51230.73-1Module signature file manipulation
module-signature-pm51240.73-1Module signature file manipulation
module-signature-pm51620.73-1Module signature file manipulation
module-signature-pm5880.70-1Module signature file manipulation
moria5.5.2-7Terminal-based dungeon exploration game
mp3-info-pm51001.24-1Get info data out of and into MP3 files
mp3-info-pm51231.24-1Get info data out of and into MP3 files
mp3-info-pm51241.24-1Get info data out of and into MP3 files
mp3-info-pm51621.24-1Get info data out of and into MP3 files
mp3-info-pm5881.24-1Get info data out of and into MP3 files
mp3info0.8.5a-5Read and modify the id3 tags of mp3 files
mp3info-x110.8.5a-5Read and modify the id3 tags of mp3 files
mpg3210.3.2-1Mpeg audio player for layer 1, 2, and 3
mpi4py-py251.2.1-1MPI for Python
mpi4py-py261.2.1-1MPI for Python
mpi4py-py271.2.1-1MPI for Python
mtools4.0.10-1Collection of tools to manipulate MSDOS files
mtoolsfm1.9-3-4Frontend/file manager for mtools
multi-aterm0.2.1-1010Tabbed derivative of aterm, a VT102 emulator
muparser1.34-1Fast math parser library
mutella0.4.5-1Command-line gnutella client
nana2.5-2Runtime assertion and debugging library
ncarg4.4.1-106Package for scientific visualization
ncl4.2.0.a032-2NCAR command language
nedit5.6cvs20081118-2Multi-purpose text editor X Windows
neon24-shlibs0.24.7-17HTTP/WebDAV client library with a C API
neon24-ssl-shlibs0.24.7-17HTTP/WebDAV client library with a C API
neon25-shlibs0.25.5-4HTTP/WebDAV client library with a C API
neon26-shlibs0.26.4-5HTTP/WebDAV client library with a C API
net-dav-server-pm51001.304-1Provide a DAV Server
net-dav-server-pm51231.304-1Provide a DAV Server
net-dav-server-pm51241.304-1Provide a DAV Server
net-dav-server-pm51621.304-1Provide a DAV Server
net-dav-server-pm5881.304-1Provide a DAV Server
net-google-pm51001.0-2OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API
net-google-pm51231.0-2OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API
net-google-pm51241.0-2OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API
net-google-pm51621.0-2OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API
net-google-pm5881.0-2OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API
net-irc-pm0.79-1Perl Module for writting IRC script in Perl
net-jabber-pm51232.0-23Perl module for the XMPP protocol
net-jabber-pm51242.0-23Perl module for the XMPP protocol
net-jabber-pm51622.0-23Perl module for the XMPP protocol
net-ping-external-pm0.14-1Perform the Unix command 'ping'
net-xmpp-pm51231.02-1Perl module for the XMPP protocol
net-xmpp-pm51241.02-1Perl module for the XMPP protocol
net-xmpp-pm51621.02-1Perl module for the XMPP protocol
netcdf-perl-pm5881.2.3-7Perl extension for netCDF datasets access
netpacket-pm0.43.1-3Assemble/disassemble network packets
nicotine1.0.8-2001Client for SoulSeek filesharing system
nightfall1.70-2Astronomy app for fun, education, and science
nsis2.42-1Scriptable win32 installer/uninstaller system
ntop3.3-3Network usage information via web interface
numarray-py251.5.2-2N-dimensional array package for Python
numarray-py261.5.2-2N-dimensional array package for Python
numarray-py271.5.2-2N-dimensional array package for Python
number-compare-pm0.03-1Numeric comparisons for KB, MB, GB
numeric-py2524.2-3N-dimensional array package for Python
numeric-py2624.2-3N-dimensional array package for Python
numeric-py2724.2-3N-dimensional array package for Python
ocaml-gsl0.6.0-2GNU Scientific Library for OCaml
ode30.12-1Open Dynamics Engine
offlineimap6.5.4-1Mailbox synchronization tool
ogmtools1.5-1Tools for OGG media streams
oneko1.2-3Makes a kitty follow your mouse cursor
onyx5.1.2-1The scripting language
openbox3.4.11.2-1Another Window Manager not unlike blackbox
openh323-11.19.0-8OpenH323 Libraries + simph323
openldap-ssl2.1.29-1028LDAP directory services implementation
opensp4-shlibs1.5.1-1015SGML parser library
openssh5.2p1-1Secure shell (remote login) client and server
pangoxsl1.6.0.3-4Xsl extension libs for pango
par20.4-1005Parity Archive Volume Set II
parallel-py251.6.2-1Simple parallel processing for Python
parallel-py261.6.2-1Simple parallel processing for Python
parallel-py271.6.2-1Simple parallel processing for Python
paraview3.6.1-1001Visualization application for large data sets
paraview-mpi-lammpi3.6.1-1001Visualization application for large data sets
paraview-mpi-openmpi3.6.1-1001Visualization application for large data sets
pccts1.33.mr33-4Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set
pcsc-lite1.7.4-1Access a smart card using SCard API
pdf-api2-pm51002.020-1TheNextGen PDF Create/Modify API
pdf-api2-pm51232.020-1TheNextGen PDF Create/Modify API
pdf-api2-pm51242.020-1TheNextGen PDF Create/Modify API
pdf-api2-pm51622.020-1TheNextGen PDF Create/Modify API
pdf-api2-pm5882.020-1TheNextGen PDF Create/Modify API
pdflib5.0.3-1004Library for generating PDF (lite version)
pdflib67.0.4-1Library for generating PDF (lite version)
pdumpfs0.6-1Daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs
pgpenvelope2.10.2-303Interface between pine and gnupg
pilot-link90.11.8-1103Palm libraries
pilot-link9-pm5880.11.8-1103Palm libraries perl modules
pine4.64-1101OBSOLETE use package 're-alpine' instead
pine-ssl4.64-1101OBSOLETE use package 're-alpine' instead
pisg0.73-1Perl IRC Statistics Generator
plotmtv1.4.4t-3Scientific data plotting & visualization
pootle1.0.2-2Manage your translation project
poppler-data0.4.6-1Character-encoding files for poppler
poppler-py260.12.1-3Python bindings for Poppler
poppler-py270.12.1-3Python bindings for Poppler
poppler-shlibs0.5.0-1128PDF rendering library
poppler34-shlibs0.22.1-5PDF rendering library
poppler37-shlibs0.22.5-2PDF rendering library
poppler4-glib-shlibs0.10.7-7PDF rendering library (GLIB Interface)
poppler4-shlibs0.10.7-9PDF rendering library
poppler4.4-qt4-mac-shlibs0.26.2-2PDF rendering library (Qt4 binding)
poppler4.4-qt4-x11-shlibs0.26.2-2PDF rendering library (Qt4 binding)
poppler46-shlibs0.26.2-1PDF rendering library
poppler8-glib-shlibs0.26.2-1PDF rendering library (GLIB Interface)
pspp0.4.0-1002Statistical analysis program
pssh-py251.3.1-1Parallel versions of the openssh tools
pssh-py272.3.1-2Parallel versions of the openssh tools
pssh-py322.3.1-2Parallel versions of the openssh tools
pssh-py332.3.1-2Parallel versions of the openssh tools
psvn20071115-2Subversion interface for Emacs
psyco-py251.6-1Specializing compiler for Python
psyco-py261.6-1Specializing compiler for Python
psync0.71-11Perl scripts to manipulate files on MacOS X
pwm20010309-3WM with many windows attached to one frame
pybliographer1.2.15-1Tool for managing bibliographic databases
pyfort-py258.5.3-2Python-Fortran connection tool
pyfort-py268.5.3-2Python-Fortran connection tool
pygist-py251.5.23-2Python interface for Gist
pygist-py261.5.23-2Python interface for Gist
pygist-py271.5.23-2Python interface for Gist
pygsl-py250.9.5-4Python interface for the GSL
pygsl-py260.9.5-4Python interface for the GSL
pygsl-py270.9.5-4Python interface for the GSL
pylibacl-py250.2.1-2Python module for POSIX.1e ACLs
pylibacl-py260.2.1-2Python module for POSIX.1e ACLs
pylibacl-py270.2.1-2Python module for POSIX.1e ACLs
pysoulseek1.2.7c-1Client for SoulSeek filesharing system
pytables-py252.3.1-1Hierarchical datasets in Python
pytables-py262.3.1-1Hierarchical datasets in Python
pytables-py272.3.1-1Hierarchical datasets in Python
python-bibtex1.2.4-2BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-bibtex-py251.2.5-1BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-bibtex-py261.2.5-1BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-bibtex-py271.2.5-1BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-cdb-py250.34-1Python interface to the CDB library
python-cdb-py260.34-1Python interface to the CDB library
python-cdb-py270.34-1Python interface to the CDB library
python-mx-py253.2.4-1Python extensions from eGenix
python-mx-py263.2.4-1Python extensions from eGenix
python-mx-py273.2.4-1Python extensions from eGenix
python-tlslite-py250.3.8-1TLS/SSL library for Python
python-tlslite-py260.3.8-1TLS/SSL library for Python
python-tlslite-py270.3.8-1TLS/SSL library for Python
pywavelets-py250.1.6-3Python module for wavelet transforms
pywavelets-py260.1.6-3Python module for wavelet transforms
pywavelets-py270.2.2-1Python module for wavelet transforms
pyx-py250.11.1-1PyX - Python graphics package
pyx-py260.11.1-1PyX - Python graphics package
pyx-py270.11.1-1PyX - Python graphics package
pyxg-py250.2.0-1Python interface to Apple's Xgrid
pyxg-py260.2.0-1Python interface to Apple's Xgrid
pyxg-py270.2.0-1Python interface to Apple's Xgrid
qkc1.0.0-4Quick KANJI code converter
qpdf2.3.1-1Command-line PDF structural transformations
qpdf13-shlibs5.1.1-1Command-line PDF structural transformations
qscintilla1.65-1004Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qt4-base-mac4.8.6-4Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-doc5.3.2-1Qt5 documentation (mac)
qt5-mac-enginio5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-image-format-plugins5.3.2-1Qt5 image format plugins (mac)
qt5-mac-qml-module-graphicaleffects5.3.2-1Qt5 graphical effects QML module (mac)
qt5-mac-qml-module-qtquick-controls5.3.2-1Qt5 Quick Controls (mac)
qt5-mac-qtbase5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtconnectivity5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtdeclarative5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtlocation5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtmacextras5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtmultimedia5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtquick15.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtscript5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtsensors5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtserialport5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtsvg5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qttools5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtwebkit5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtwebsockets5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-qtxmlpatterns5.3.2-1Cross-Platform framework (mac)
qt5-mac-translations-l10n5.3.2-1Qt5 translations (mac)
qtiplot0.9.7.6-1OBSOLETE: use 'qtiplot-qt4-x11' instead
quickml0.7-5Easy-to-use mailing list system
qwt5.0.0rc1-5Qt Widgets for Technical Applications
qwtplot3d0.2.6-6Qt/OpenGL-based C++ programming library
qwtplot3d-qt4-mac0.2.7-4Qt/OpenGL-based C++ programming library
qwtplot3d-qt4-x110.2.7-4Qt/OpenGL-based C++ programming library
radmind1.13.0-1Remotely administer Unix file systems
rasmol2.7.5-3Molecular graphics visualisation tool
rasmol-8bit2.7.5-2Molecular graphics visualisation tool
rast0.3.1-1Full-text search system
raster3d3.0-3-1Tools for generating images of molecules
ratpoison1.4.5-1Mouse-free windowmanager
re-alpine2.02-4Text based tool for managing emails
recode3.6-14Convert files between various charsets
relax-py263.1.1-1Protein dynamics by NMR relax. data analysis
relax-py273.2.3-1Protein dynamics by NMR relax. data analysis
rlpr2.06-2Network-wide printing to lpd via TCP/IP
roguedarwin1.0.0-5Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
rsnapshot1.3.0-2Filesystem (Backup) snapshot utility
rtf-parser-pm1.09-1Perl minimal RTF parser
rtf-tokenizer-pm1.13-1Perl minimal RTF tokenizer
rtf2latex2e1.0fc2-1Translates RTF files into LaTeX files
rxp1.2.5-1XML well-formedness checker and validator
rzip2.1-1Compression utility for large files
sambasentinel0.1-13Gtk+ frontend to smbstatus
sane-backends1.0.24-1Scanner Access Now Easy
scilab4.1.2-1007Software package for numerical computations
scilab-atlas4.1.2-1007Software package for numerical computations
scipy-core-py251.3.0-8OBSOLETE use package 'numpy-py' instead
scipy-core-py261.3.0-8OBSOLETE use package 'numpy-py' instead
scite3.4.1-1Small syntax styling source code editor
scons2.3.2-1Python-based build tool
screem0.17.1-1010Web development environment
sdl-gfx132.0.23-1SDL basic drawing routines and rotozoomer
sdl-pm51002.511-1Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl
sdl-pm5882.511-1Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl
sgml-entities-iso88791986-4SGML (ISO 8879) entity sets for special chars
sgmls-pm1.03ii-1004Perl lib for use with the onsgmls parser
shout0.8.0-2Client for the shoutcast MP3 streaming system
sidplay1.0.9-1002Command line SID (C64 audio file) player
sisc1.16.5-1R5RS Scheme implementation for the Java VM
skycal5-1Astronomer's almanac tools
sleepwatcher2.1.2-3Daemon that monitors sleep and wakeup
slib2d6-1003Portable scheme library
slib-gu142d6-1003Portable scheme library for guile
slib-gu162d6-1003Portable scheme library for guile16
smlnj-doc110-2Documentation for Standard ML of New Jersey
soap-lite-pm51000.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-pm51230.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-pm51240.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-pm51620.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-pm5880.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-ssl-pm51000.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-ssl-pm51230.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-ssl-pm51240.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-ssl-pm51620.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
soap-lite-ssl-pm5880.712-6Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) modules
socket1.1-1Access to TCP sockets from shell level
software-license-pm51000.103005-1Common open source software licenses
software-license-pm51230.103008-1Common open source software licenses
software-license-pm51240.103008-1Common open source software licenses
software-license-pm51620.103008-1Common open source software licenses
software-license-pm5880.103005-1Common open source software licenses
sort-versions-pm1.5-1Sorting of revision (and similar) numbers
spell1.0-1GNU wrapper for ispell
spice3f5sfix-14Circuit simulation application
spidermonkey1.7.0-3Mozilla JavaScript-C Engine
spreadsheet-parseexcel-pm51000.59-1Get information from an Excel file
spreadsheet-parseexcel-pm51230.59-1Get information from an Excel file
spreadsheet-parseexcel-pm51240.59-1Get information from an Excel file
spreadsheet-parseexcel-pm51620.59-1Get information from an Excel file
spreadsheet-parseexcel-pm5880.59-1Get information from an Excel file
srecord1.62-2Set of tools for manipulating EPROM files
ssed3.62-1Super stream editor
statistics-regression-pm0.53-2Perl module for weighted linear regression
stegdetect0.6-4Detects data hidden in JPEG files
string-approx-pm51003.27-1Perl module for approximate (fuzzy) matching
string-approx-pm51233.27-1Perl module for approximate (fuzzy) matching
string-approx-pm51243.27-1Perl module for approximate (fuzzy) matching
string-approx-pm51623.27-1Perl module for approximate (fuzzy) matching
string-approx-pm5883.27-1Perl module for approximate (fuzzy) matching
string-escape-pm51232010.002-2Escapes, quoted phrase, word elision, etc
string-escape-pm51242010.002-2Escapes, quoted phrase, word elision, etc
string-escape-pm51622010.002-2Escapes, quoted phrase, word elision, etc
string-shellquote-pm1.04-1Quotes strings to pass them through the shell
sub-name-pm51000.05-1Sub::Name - (re)name a sub
sub-name-pm51230.05-1Sub::Name - (re)name a sub
sub-name-pm51240.05-1Sub::Name - (re)name a sub
sub-name-pm51620.05-1Sub::Name - (re)name a sub
sub-name-pm5880.05-1Sub::Name - (re)name a sub
subsubsub0.3.0-1005Editing hierarchically-structured documents
swf-file-pm51000.42-5Read and write SWF files
swf-file-pm51230.42-5Read and write SWF files
swf-file-pm51240.42-5Read and write SWF files
swf-file-pm51620.42-5Read and write SWF files
swf-file-pm5880.42-5Read and write SWF files
swig1.3.35-3Tool that connects C, C++ programs with HLL
syck0.45-4Fast parser for YAML files
sympy-py250.6.7-1Python library for symbolic mathematics
sympy-py260.6.7-1Python library for symbolic mathematics
sympy-py270.7.3-1Python library for symbolic mathematics
synfig0.64.0-4Vector-based 2D animation renderer
synfigstudio0.64.0-1Animation studio for 2D animation renderer
system-bash-completion1.3-3Command-line completions for system bash
szip2.1-3Freeware portable lossless compression
tcllib1.15-1Standardized Tcl library
tcoffee9.03.r1318-202T-Coffee Multiple Sequence Alignment Program
tcpflow0.21-2Captures data transmitted in TCP connections
tcsh6.15.00-1001TENEX C Shell, an enhanced Berkeley csh
tea17.6.6-1Gtk2-based text editor
teknap1.3g-1015Text napster client
term-progressbar-pm51002.13-1Perl module to make a progress bar
term-progressbar-pm5882.13-1Perl module to make a progress bar
term-readline-gnu-pm51001.20-2Perl extension for the GNU Readline
term-readline-gnu-pm51231.20-2Perl extension for the GNU Readline
term-readline-gnu-pm51241.20-2Perl extension for the GNU Readline
term-readline-gnu-pm51621.20-2Perl extension for the GNU Readline
term-readline-gnu-pm5881.20-2Perl extension for the GNU Readline
term-readline-pm1.0303-1Minimal interface to Readline
test-differences-pm51000.61-1Show differences when tests fail
test-differences-pm51230.61-1Show differences when tests fail
test-differences-pm51240.61-1Show differences when tests fail
test-differences-pm51620.61-1Show differences when tests fail
test-differences-pm5880.61-1Show differences when tests fail
test-subcalls-pm51001.09-1Test number of times a subroutine is called
test-subcalls-pm51231.09-1Test number of times a subroutine is called
test-subcalls-pm51241.09-1Test number of times a subroutine is called
test-subcalls-pm51621.09-1Test number of times a subroutine is called
test-subcalls-pm5881.09-1Test number of times a subroutine is called
tex2im1.6-1Script to convert latex formulas into images
text-glob-pm0.09-1Match globbing patterns against text
text-kakasi-pm51002.04-13API for kakasi (kanji kana simple inverter)
text-kakasi-pm51232.04-13API for kakasi (kanji kana simple inverter)
text-kakasi-pm51242.04-13API for kakasi (kanji kana simple inverter)
text-kakasi-pm51622.04-13API for kakasi (kanji kana simple inverter)
text-kakasi-pm5882.04-13API for kakasi (kanji kana simple inverter)
text-pdf-pm51000.29-4PDF Manipulation and generation
text-pdf-pm51230.29-4PDF Manipulation and generation
text-pdf-pm51240.29-4PDF Manipulation and generation
text-pdf-pm51620.29-4PDF Manipulation and generation
text-pdf-pm5880.29-4PDF Manipulation and generation
text-shellwords-pm1.08-1Perl module for parsing of tokens from a line
text-template-pm1.46-1Expand template text with embedded Perl
tidy051026-6Utility to clean up HTML/XHTML/XML
tie-ixhash-pm1.23-1Helps preserve order in associative arrays
tile0.8.4.0-2Next-generation core Tk widgetset
tk-lcd-pm51001.3-12Liquid Crystal Display widget
tk-lcd-pm51231.3-12Liquid Crystal Display widget
tk-lcd-pm51241.3-12Liquid Crystal Display widget
tk-lcd-pm51621.3-12Liquid Crystal Display widget
tk-lcd-pm5881.3-12Liquid Crystal Display widget
tk-pm5100804.030-1Graphical User Interface ToolKit
tk-pm5123804.031-2Graphical User Interface ToolKit
tk-pm5124804.031-2Graphical User Interface ToolKit
tk-pm5162804.031-2Graphical User Interface ToolKit
tk-pm588804.030-1Graphical User Interface ToolKit
tk-tablematrix-pm51001.23-1Tcl/tk Tktable widget v2.6 for perl/tk
tk-tablematrix-pm51231.23-1Tcl/tk Tktable widget v2.6 for perl/tk
tk-tablematrix-pm51241.23-1Tcl/tk Tktable widget v2.6 for perl/tk
tk-tablematrix-pm51621.23-1Tcl/tk Tktable widget v2.6 for perl/tk
tk-tablematrix-pm5881.23-1Tcl/tk Tktable widget v2.6 for perl/tk
tla-tools0.2004.p90-2Useful tools for working with GNU Arch
tmake1.13-1Tool for creating and maintaining makefiles
tmda1.1.11-2Anti-spam system & local mail delivery agent
tome2.3.5-2Troubles of Middle Earth, curses-based RPG
traits-backend-qt-py253.2.0-1PyQt backend for Traits and TraitsGUI
traits-backend-qt-py263.2.0-1PyQt backend for Traits and TraitsGUI
traits-backend-qt-py273.2.0-2PyQt backend for Traits and TraitsGUI
translate-toolkit1.9.0-1Convert between various translation formats
ttaenc3.4.1-1TTA Lossless Audio Codec
ttfmkfontdir1.0-2Make fonts.dir for TrueType Fonts
ttyrec1.0.6-1Record/play-back data from a tty
twisted2-conch-py258.2.0-1SSH/SFTP protocol implementation
twisted2-conch-py268.2.0-1SSH/SFTP protocol implementation
twisted2-flow-py258.2.0-2Generator based asynchronous result flows
twisted2-flow-py268.2.0-2Generator based asynchronous result flows
twisted2-lore-py258.2.0-1Document generator with HTML/Latex support
twisted2-lore-py268.2.0-1Document generator with HTML/Latex support
twisted2-mail-py258.2.0-1SMTP/IMAP/POP protocol implementation
twisted2-mail-py268.2.0-1SMTP/IMAP/POP protocol implementation
twisted2-names-py258.2.0-1DNS protocol implementation
twisted2-names-py268.2.0-1DNS protocol implementation
twisted2-news-py258.2.0-1NNTP protocol implementation
twisted2-news-py268.2.0-1NNTP protocol implementation
twisted2-pair-py258.2.0-2Low-level tcp protocol implementation
twisted2-pair-py268.2.0-2Low-level tcp protocol implementation
twisted2-py258.2.0-1Asynchronous networking framework
twisted2-py268.2.0-1Asynchronous networking framework
twisted2-runner-py258.2.0-1Process management
twisted2-runner-py268.2.0-1Process management
twisted2-web-py258.2.0-1HTTP protocol implementation
twisted2-web-py268.2.0-1HTTP protocol implementation
twisted2-web2-py258.1.0-1HTTP/1.1 server framework
twisted2-web2-py268.1.0-1HTTP/1.1 server framework
twisted2-words-py258.2.0-1Chat and instant-messaging
twisted2-words-py268.2.0-1Chat and instant-messaging
unison2.27.57-1008File synchronization tool
unison-aqua2.27.57-1008File synchronization tool
unison-nox2.27.57-1008File synchronization tool
unrtf0.21.3-2Converts rtf format to several other formats
uptimec0.2p3-11The Uptime Project
urw-fonts1.0.7pre44-1Cyrillized free URW fonts
user-pm1.9-1OS-independent API to access user information
vitables-py252.0-2Grapical HDF5 file editor
vitables-py262.0-2Grapical HDF5 file editor
vitables-py272.0-2Grapical HDF5 file editor
vorbisgain0.37-1Calculate ReplayGain for OggVorbis files
vrcon0.99-1Curses-based rcon util for gameserver admins
vtwm5.4.6b-4Virtual Tab Window Manager
webmin1.270-2Web interface for unix system administration
webpy-py250.21-1Python web framework
werkzeug-py250.6.2-1Web server API
werkzeug-py260.6.2-1Web server API
werkzeug-py270.9.4-1Web server API
whatmask1.2-1Subnet calculator
windowmaker-extra0.1-1Icons and themes for Window Maker
winefish1.3.3-1005LaTeX-oriented text editor
wise22.2.0-3Intelligent algorithms for DNA searches
wmglobe1.3-2Applet for WindowMaker with revolving earth
wwwoffle2.7h-2Caching proxy server for HTTP/FTP
wxgtk2.5.2.8-1013Cross-platform GUI API - unix/gtk version
wxgtk2.8-py252.8.12.1-2Python bindings for the wxGTK library
wxgtk2.8-py262.8.12.1-2Python bindings for the wxGTK library
wxgtk2.8-py272.8.12.1-3Python bindings for the wxGTK library
wxmac2.6.4-7Cross-platform GUI API - mac/carbon version
xalan-j2.7.1-2Java XSLT processor
xalan-j-docs2.7.1-2Docs for xalan-j
xar1.5.2-1The eXtensible ARchiver
xbae4.60.4-4Set of motif based widgets
xblast2.6.1-3Bomberman clone
xbomber0.8-1Bomberman clone
xcdroast0.98alpha16-1Frontend for cdrtools
xdaliclock2.41-2Dali Clock is a digital clock
xearth1.1-12Draws the planet Earth in the root window
xemacs21.4.22-4Highly customizable text editor
xemacs-base-pkg1.84-1Core files for xemacs package installation
xemacs-efs-pkg1.32-1Download from FTP site or mirrors in xemacs
xemacs-sumo-pkg20090217-1All xemacs packages together
xfonts-intl1.2.1-1International Fonts
xforms1.0.90-6GUI toolkit based on Xlib
xforms2-shlibs1.2.3-1GUI toolkit based on Xlib
xgks2.6-4Graphical Kernel System for X11
xinvaders2.1.2-7Space Invaders clone for X
xkeycaps2.46-3Graphical front-end to xmodmap
xlispstat3-52-20-2Lisp-based environment for statistics
xlt13.0.13-3Set of motif based widgets
xmahjongg3.7-4X-Windows version of Mah Jongg
xmakemol5.16-1View atomic and molecular systems
xmhtml1.1.7-6Motif widgets for displaying HTML documents
xml-dom-pm51001.44-2Perl ext that adds new style to XML::Parser
xml-dom-pm51231.44-2Perl ext that adds new style to XML::Parser
xml-dom-pm51241.44-2Perl ext that adds new style to XML::Parser
xml-dom-pm51621.44-2Perl ext that adds new style to XML::Parser
xml-dom-pm5881.44-2Perl ext that adds new style to XML::Parser
xml-filter-buffertext-pm51001.01-4Filter to put all characters() in one event
xml-filter-buffertext-pm51231.01-4Filter to put all characters() in one event
xml-filter-buffertext-pm51241.01-4Filter to put all characters() in one event
xml-filter-buffertext-pm51621.01-4Filter to put all characters() in one event
xml-filter-buffertext-pm5881.01-4Filter to put all characters() in one event
xml-node-pm51000.11-4Perl extension interface to XML::Node
xml-node-pm51230.11-104Perl extension interface to XML::Node
xml-node-pm51240.11-104Perl extension interface to XML::Node
xml-node-pm51620.11-104Perl extension interface to XML::Node
xml-node-pm5880.11-4Perl extension interface to XML::Node
xml-sax-writer-pm51000.53-2Perl module for a SAX2 XML writer
xml-sax-writer-pm5880.53-2Perl module for a SAX2 XML writer
xml-semanticdiff-pm1.0002-202OBSOLETE: use xml-semanticdiff-pm5162 instead
xml-semanticdiff-pm51231.0002-2Perl extension for comparing XML documents
xml-semanticdiff-pm51241.0002-2Perl extension for comparing XML documents
xml-semanticdiff-pm51621.0002-2Perl extension for comparing XML documents
xml-stream-pm51231.23-1XML Stream connector and return-data parser
xml-stream-pm51241.23-1XML Stream connector and return-data parser
xml-stream-pm51621.23-1XML Stream connector and return-data parser
xmltv0.5.63-301Set of utilities to manage your TV viewing
xmms-coreaudio1.0-5XMMS plugin: CoreAudio output
xmms-sid0.8.0beta14-1003XMMS plugin: play SID (C64 audio file format)
xmolwt0.7-18Molecular weight calculator
xournal0.4.7-2For notetaking, sketching, and journaling
xpdf3.04-1Portable Document Format (PDF) file viewer
xsane0.998-8Graphical frontend and gimp2 plugin for sane
xvidcore1.3.2-1XViD Media Codec library
yafc1.1.1-1Enhanced ftp client, supporting ssh2 (sftp)
yahtzee1.00-3Curses-based version of the dice game
yaml-mode0.0.3-1Major mode to edit YAML files for emacs
yorick2.2.02-2Interpreted language and scientific graphics
yorick-mpeg0.1-1Add-on for the Yorick interpreted language
yorick-z1.2-5Add-on for the Yorick interpreted language
zphoto1.2-1023Zooming photo album generator
zphoto-wxgtk1.2-1013Zooming photo album generator
zphoto-wxmac1.2-1023Zooming photo album generator
ztrack1.0-1Curses-based pseudo 3D driving game

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