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Matched 49 packages (Maintainer = 'Pierre-Henri Lavigne')

NameLatest VersionDescription
adonthell0.3.5-1Open Source RPG Engine
cal3d0.11.0-13D character animation library
cal3d-dev0.11.0-1Development libraries for cal3d
cal3d-shlibs0.11.0-1Shared libraries for cal3d
chocolate-doom1.3.0-2Doom port
deng1.8.6-7Doomsday Engine
dirac1.0.2-2Video codec
dirac-dev1.0.2-2Development files for dirac-shlibs
dirac-shlibs1.0.2-2Shared libraries for dirac
djbfft0.76-3Fast library for floating-point convolution
geany1.23-1Fast and lightweight GTK+ IDE
libdaemon0.14-2Easy way to write UNIX daemons
libdaemon-shlibs0.14-2Shared libs for libdaemon
libdca0.0.5-2DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
libdca-dev0.0.5-2Development libraries for libdca
libdca-shlibs0.0.5-2Shared libraries for libdca
libdvbpsi0.1.6-2Parse & Generate MPEG Transport Stream Tables
libdvbpsi-shlibs0.1.6-2Shared libraries for libdvbpsi
libming-utils0.4.5-3Utilities to generate SWF (Flash) Files
libming1-dev0.4.5-3Library to generate SWF (Flash) Files
libming1-shlibs0.4.5-3Library to generate SWF (Flash) Files
libtar1.2-1Tar file manipulation API
libtar-shlibs1.2-1Shared libraries for libtar
libtremor1.0.2-1Ogg Vorbis Decoder
libtremor-shlibs1.0.2-1Shared libraries for libtremor
livemedia0.0.2009.11.27-2LIVE555 Streaming Media
mtasc1.12-2Action Script 2 compiler
opencity0.0.6.4-13D City Simulator
pebrot0.8.8-3MSN messenger text mode client
pngnq1.1-2PNG Quantizer Tool
ppracer0.5alpha-1TuxRacer Improved
pydbus-py250.84.0-3Simple interprocess messaging system
pydbus-py25-dev0.84.0-3Development libraries for pydbus-py25
pydbus-py260.84.0-3Simple interprocess messaging system
pydbus-py26-dev0.84.0-3Development libraries for pydbus-py26
pydbus-py270.84.0-5Simple interprocess messaging system
pydbus-py27-dev0.84.0-5Development libraries for pydbus-py27
pymutagen-py251.14-1Module to handle audio metadata
pytwitter-py250.6-1Python wrapper around the Twitter API
pytwitter-py260.6-1Python wrapper around the Twitter API
pytwitter-py271.0-2Python wrapper around the Twitter API
stratagus2.2.4-1Real Time Strategy Engine
swfmill0.2-2Xml2swf and Swf2xml processor
swfmill-dev0.2-2Development libraries for swfmill
swfmill-shlibs0.2-2Shared libs for swfmill
ubuntu-wallpapers0.30-1Ubuntu Wallpapers
wastesedge0.3.4-1Open Source RPG
wxgtk2.82.8.12-9Cross-platform GUI API - unix/gtk version
wxgtk2.8-shlibs2.8.12-9Cross-platform GUI API - unix/gtk version

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