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This database includes information about all packages found in the respective latest stable and unstable trees. Furthermore, all packages from the most recent binary distributions are covered.

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Matched 21 packages (Maintainer = 'Thomas Kotzian')

NameLatest VersionDescription
apt-cacher0.7-1003Caching proxy for use by Apt
bcrypt1.1-1Cross platform file encryption utility
cfv1.18.2-2Checksum file verifier
doxygen1.8.3.1-1Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C
doxygen-doc1.8.3.1-1Doxygen documentation
fop-offo0.20.5-2FOP Hyphenation files for various languages
libytnef1.5-3TNEF Stream Reader Library
libytnef-dev1.5-3TNEF Stream Reader Library
libytnef-shlibs1.5-3TNEF Stream Reader Library
log4c1.0.10-1012Flexible logging to conf. destinations
ncftp3.1.9-1001Browser program using ftp protocol
nget0.27.1-1002Downloader for binary news postings
oinkmaster1.2-1Updater for your Snort 1.9+ rules
par1.1-1Parity Archive Volume Set
python-fchksum-py251.7.1-3Python extension to find checksum of files
python-fchksum-py261.7.1-3Python extension to find checksum of files
python-fchksum-py271.7.1-3Python extension to find checksum of files
ren1.0-1Rename multiple files
uudeview0.5.20-1Powerful UU decoder
vpnc0.5.3-1Client for Cisco VPN concentrator
ytnef2.6-3TNEF Stream Reader

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