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Matched 220 packages (Maintainer = 'Todai Fink Team')

NameLatest VersionDescription
a2ps-ja4.13c-6Any to PostScript filter, Japanese support
anthy9100h-1Secure Japanese input system
anthy-dev9100h-1Development files for anthy
anthy-el9100h-1Secure Japanese input system - elisp frontend
anthy-shlibs9100h-1Dynamic libraries for anthy
apel10.7-4Emacs-Lisp support (A Portable Emacs Library)
appleotffonts0.1-11Make Apple otf fonts available to x11
aquafont2.8-3Handwritten Japanese fixed-width TrueTypeFont
aquapfont2.6-4Japanese proportional TrueType font
auctex11.85-3Environment for writing TeX/LaTeX docs
cabocha0.53-4Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
cabocha-dev0.53-4Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
cabocha-shlibs0.53-4Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
canna3.7p3-9Japanese input system (bundle)
canna-dev3.7p3-9Japanese input system (headers)
canna-server3.7p3-9Japanese input system (server)
canna-shlibs3.7p3-9Japanese input system (client libraries)
canna-utils3.7p3-9Japanese input system (client utilities)
cannadic0.95c-4Japanese kana-kanji conversion for canna
chasen2.3.3-1Japanese morphological analysis system
chasen-base2.3.3-1003Japanese morphological analysis system
chasen-dev2.3.3-1003Japanese morphological analysis system
chasen-shlibs2.3.3-1003Japanese morphological analysis system
cm-super0.3.3-1Type 1 fonts of Computer Modern font families
cocot20080315-1COde COnverter on Tty
connect1.96-1SSH Proxy Command
corkscrew2.0-1Tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
cwtext0.95-1Morse Code Translator
darts0.2-1002Double-ARray Trie System
ddskk12.2.0-7Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program
dillo3.0.3-2Small simple web browser with i18n support
dillo-i18n0.8.6-3OBSOLETE use package 'dillo' instead
dvipdfmx20090522-2DVI to PDF translator with CJK support
eb4.3.2-1Library for accessing CD-ROM dictionary
eb-dev4.3.2-1Development files for eb package
eb-shlibs4.3.2-1Shared libraries for eb package
efont-unicode0.4.2-2/efont/ Unicode Bitmap Fonts
emacs-w3m1.4.4-1006Simple Emacs interface to w3m
emacs22-carbon22.3-4Flexible real-time text editor, Aqua native
enumitem2.0-1Itemize/enumerate/description layout control
eptex0.110825-1Placeholder package to update to texlive-base. (OBSOLETE)
fdclone3.00c-1001File & Directory Maintenance Tool
flim1.14.9-1Faithful Library about Internet Message
fs-fonts0.1test3-3Japanese TTF "FS-font"
gauche0.9.2-11Embedable Scheme interpreter
ghostscript-esp8.71-5Ghostscript with better CJK and cups support
ghostscript-fonts8.11-3Standard fonts for Ghostscript
glpk4.44-1GNU Linear Programming Kit
glpk-dev4.44-1GNU Linear Programming Kit
glpk-shlibs4.44-1GNU Linear Programming Kit
gv3.7.3-1X11 interface for ghostscript interpreter
ha-prosper4.21-1Patches and improvements for prosper
hotbabe0.2.2-1004Displays the system activity
imagemagick6.5.8.10-3Image manipulation tools
imagemagick-nox6.5.8.10-2Image manipulation tools
imagemagick-nox2-dev6.5.8.10-2Image manipulation tools
imagemagick2-dev6.5.8.10-3Image manipulation tools
imagemagick2-shlibs6.5.8.10-3Image manipulation tools
imagemagick2-svg6.5.8.10-3Image manipulation tools
inid1.05-1001Italk server that supports Italk Protocol 1.0
ipadic2.6.3-1002Japanese dictionary for ChaSen
ipafonts0.0.20040715-2Japanese TrueType fonts developed by IPA
italk-el1.05.cvs20041107-3Italk client for Emacsen
jgroff1.18.1.1-1100GNU document formatting system with Japanese support
kinput23.1-6Input server for easy input of Japanese text
kochi-substitute20030809-2Japanese TrueType-Font
kterm6.2.0-4X11 terminal emulator, CJK support
latex-beamer3.07-1LaTeX class to produce presentations
latex2html-ja2002-2-1-7Converts LaTeX documents to HTML(ja-patch)
ledit2.01-1Line Editor for Ocaml
lha1.14i-ac20050924p1-2Utility for creating and opening lzh archives
libkpathsea66.0.1-1Path search library for TeX
libkpathsea6-shlibs6.0.1-1Shared libraries of path search lib for TeX
libotf0.9.13-1Library for handling OpenType Font (OTF)
libotf-bin0.9.13-1Library for handling OpenType Font (OTF)
libotf-shlibs0.9.13-1Library for handling OpenType Font (OTF)
limit1.14.10-1Library about Internet Message
lsdb0.11-5Lovely Sister Database (emacs email-rolodex)
lv4.51-1101Powerful Multilingual File Viewer / Grep
m17n-db1.6.2-1Database for the m17n library
m17n-lib1.6.2-3Multilingual text processing library for C
m17n-lib-examples1.6.2-3Multilingual text processing library for C
m17n-lib-gui1.6.2-3Multilingual text processing library for C
m17n-lib-gui-shlibs1.6.2-3Multilingual text processing library for C
m17n-lib-shlibs1.6.2-3Multilingual text processing library for C
man1.6e-1Utility to show UNIX manpages
mathabx0.0.20050518-1Set of mathematical symbols font series
mccc0.7.1-1001Mac Japanese Character Code Converter
mecab0.95-1002Yet Another Morphological Analyzer - programs
mecab-dev0.95-1002Yet Another Morphological Analyzer - headers
mecab-ipadic2.7.0-20060707-1Japanese dictionary for MeCab
mecab-perl0.93-2Placeholder package for migration to mecab-pm
mecab-pm5880.95-1003Perl binding of MeCab
mecab-py250.95-1003Python binding of MeCab
mecab-python0.93-2Placeholder package for migration to mecab-py
mecab-rb180.95-1002Ruby binding of MeCab
mecab-ruby0.93-2Placeholder package for migration to mecab-rb
mecab-shlibs0.95-1002Yet Another Morphological Analyzer - shlibs
mell1.0.0-5M Emacs Lisp Library
mew5.2-5MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs
mew-bin5.2-5MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs
mgv3.1.5-1Motif PostScript viewer based on Ghostview
mikachan9.1-1Handwritten Japanese TrueType fonts
mlterm2.9.4-3Multilingual terminal emulator on X11
mlterm-shlibs2.9.4-3Dummy package. Merged into mlterm
mplus-bitmap-fonts2.2.4-2M+ BITMAP FONTS
mrxvt0.5.4-2VT102 emulator with multi-language support
mule-ucs0.85+0.20061127-3Mule universal encoding system
multi-c-rehash1.1-2Replacement for c_rehash included in OpenSSL
mysql5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified instead
mysql-client5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified-client instead
mysql-ssl5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified instead
mysql-ssl-client5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified-client instead
mysql-ssl15-dev5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified-dev instead
mysql-ssl15-shlibs5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified-shlibs instead
mysql-unified5.0.96-3Open Source SQL database
mysql-unified-client5.0.96-3Open Source SQL database - Client
mysql-unified-dev5.0.96-3Open Source SQL database - library headers
mysql-unified-shlibs5.0.96-3Open Source SQL database - Shared libraries
mysql15-dev5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified-dev instead
mysql15-shlibs5.0.45-2OBSOLETE: use mysql-unified-shlibs instead
naga101.1-4Japanese 10dot font suitable for small screen
navi2ch1.8.0-12ch navigator for Emacsen
ngraph6.3.30-2Tool for creating scientific 2D graphs
ngraph-doc6.3.30-2Tool for creating scientific 2D graphs
nkf2.0.7-1Network Kanji Filter with UTF-8/16 support
nkf-pm5882.0.7-1Perl module for NKF
okumura-clsfiles090826-2Document class for pTeX made by H.Okumura
otf-fontfiles1.5.6.1-1Virtual fonts and style files for otf in ptex
pdfjam1.20-1Collection of PDF document handling utilities
pgf1.01-1TeX Portable Graphic Format
powerdot1.3-3Presentation class for LaTeX, the successor of HA-Prosper
preview-latex11.85-3LaTeX style files for editor embedded preview
prime1.0.0.1-2Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor
prime-dict0.8.7-1001Dictionary files for PRIME input method
prime-el1.5.1.3-6Prime Client for Emacs
progressbar-rb0.9-1Text Progress Bar Library for Ruby
prosper1.5-1LaTeX class for writing transparencies
psmulti-dna1.1.2-1The Multi-talented postscript filter
ptex3.1.11-4Bundle package for ASCII publishing TeX
ptex-babel20071208-2Correct hyphenation of Babel macros for pTeX
ptex-base3.1.11-3OBSOLETE: Use 'texlive-base' instead
ptex-nox3.1.11-4Bundle package for ASCII publishing TeX
ptex-nox-base3.1.11-3OBSOLETE: Use 'texlive-nox-base' instead
ptex-texmf2.5-3OBSOLETE: Use 'texlive-texmf' instead
ptexenc1.0.6-1Kanji code convert library for pTeX
ptexenc-shlibs1.0.6-1Shared libraries of Kanji code convert library for pTeX
ptexenc11.2.0-1Kanji code convert library for pTeX
ptexenc1-shlibs1.2.0-1Shared libs of Kanji code convertor for pTeX
qucs0.0.13-1001Qt based integrated circuit simulator
quit1.2a-1Bicycle with traillers like "sl"
rdist6.1.5-2Remote file distribution program
riece5.0.0-1IRC client for Emacs
rxvt2.7.10-4VT102 emulator for X11
rxvt-ml2.7.10-3OBSOLETE use package 'rxvt' instead
rxvt-unicode9.07-1Clone of rxvt with XFT and Unicode support
sary1.2.0-1008Suffix array library
sary-bin1.2.0-1008Suffix array library - examples and manuals
sary-rb181.2.0-1004Ruby binding of Sary for Ruby
sary-shlibs1.2.0-1008Suffix array library
sazanami20040629-4Japanese TrueType-Font
semi1.14.6-11Library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emacs
shinonome0.9.11p1-1Japanese bitmap fonts for X11
skk-dict20060312-1Dictionary file for SKK
sl1.0.4-2Corrects your miss typing
starttls0.10-5TLS initialization wrapper and emacs module
suikyo2.1.0-4Romaji Hiragana conversion library
suikyo-el2.1.0-4Romaji Hiragana conversion library
suikyo-rb2.1.0-4Romaji Hiragana conversion library
t-gnus6.17.2.00-2Branch of Semi-gnus (Gnus for SEMI) variants
teckit2.5.1-1Text Encoding Conversion toolkit
teckit-dev2.5.1-1Development files of TECkit
teckit-shlibs2.5.1-1Shared libraries of TECkit
texlive0.20110705-3Bundle package for TeX Live
texlive-base0.20110705-3Base programs for a TeX Live installation
texlive-nox0.20110705-3Bundle package for TeX Live
texlive-nox-base0.20110705-3Base programs for a TeX Live installation
texlive-texmf0.20110705-1Main texmf tree for a TeX Live installation
texpower0.2-4Dynamic online presentations with LaTeX
timidity++-gtk2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity++-motif2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity++-nox2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity++-tcltk2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity-eawpatches12-3Eric Welsh's GUS patches for TiMidity++
timidity-el2.13.2-1Emacs interface for TiMidity++
timidity-freepats20060219-2Set of patches for the timidity
timidity-shompatches19960409-1Shoji's GUS patches for TiMidity++
tinysvm0.09-1002Support Vector Machines
tinysvm-dev0.09-1002Support Vector Machines
tinysvm-shlibs0.09-1002Support Vector Machines
tipa1.3-2Fonts and macros for IPA phonetics characters
uim1.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
uim-anthy1.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
uim-canna1.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
uim-dev1.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
uim-gtk21.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
uim-shlibs1.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
uim-skk1.5.4-3Light-weight, full-featured input method lib
user-ja4.3-1Config files for Japanese UTF-8 environment
utf-fontfiles1.9.6-1Virtual fonts and style files for utf in ptex
w3m0.5.3-3Text-mode WWW browser with tables/frames
w3m-ssl0.5.3-3OBSOLETE use package 'w3m' instead
w3m-x110.5.3-3X11 support for w3m
wavpack4.60.1-1Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack-dev4.3-1004Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack-shlibs4.3-1004Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack1-dev4.60.1-1Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack1-shlibs4.60.1-1Hybrid lossless audio compression
wl2.14.0+cvs20050405-6Yet Another Message Interface on Emacsen
wxmac282.8.9-5Cross-platform GUI API - mac/carbon version
wxmac28-shlibs2.8.9-5Cross-platform GUI API - mac/carbon version
xcolor2.11-1Easy driver-independent TeX class for color
xfontpath0.4-16X font path manager for fink
xgraph12.1-1Program to graphically display numerical data
xkeyval2.5f-1Extension of the keyval package
yamcha0.33-1004Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
yamcha-dev0.33-1004Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
yamcha-shlibs0.33-1004Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
yatex1.73-4Yet Another TeX mode for Emacs
yc4.0.13-8Yet another Canna client for Emacsen

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