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Matched 80 packages (Maintainer = 'W. G. Scott')

NameLatest VersionDescription
a2ps4.14-3Any to PostScript filter
alidot2.05-1Detecting Conserved RNA Structures
apbs1.4.0-1Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver
apbs-mpi-lammpi1.1.0-10Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver
apbs-mpi-lammpi-dev1.1.0-10apbs headers, static libraries and libtool files
apbs-mpi-openmpi1.1.0-10Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver
apbs-mpi-openmpi-dev1.1.0-10apbs headers, static libraries and libtool files
ccp46.4.0-1Placeholder package
ccp4-setup6.4.0-3Fink-friendly environment files for CCP4
ccp4srs1.0-2Macromolecular geometry utilities
ccp4srs-dev1.0-2Macromolecular geometry utilities
ccp4srs-shlibs1.0-2Macromolecular geometry utilities
cctbx2013.07.05-1Computational Crystallography Toolbox
cctbx-shlibs2013.07.05-1CCTBX dynamic libraries
cgraph2.04-4Postscript plotting library in C
cgraph-shlibs2.04-4Postscript plotting library in C
chooch5.0.2-6Anomalous f' and f" from Xray flourescence
clipper2.1-2Object-oriented crystallographic libraries
clipper-dev2.1-2Object-oriented crystallographic libraries
clipper-shlibs2.1-2Object-oriented crystallographic libraries
coot0.8-pre-revision-5311-1Crystallographic molecular graphics
coot-dev0.8-pre-revision-5311-1Crystallographic molecular graphics
coot-shlibs0.8-pre-revision-5311-1Crystallographic molecular graphics
eden5.3-11Electron density holographic refinement
gnome-themes-glossy-p0.0-3GTK2 themes for 10.4 Aqua default look
gpp41.2.0-32Library providing CCP4 functionality
gpp4-dev1.2.0-32Library providing CCP4 functionality
gpp4-shlibs1.2.0-32Library providing CCP4 functionality
guile18-goosh1.3-1007Guile processs-control lib
guile18-goosh-doc1.3-1007Texinfo documentation files for guile-goosh
guile18-gtk2.1-3Glue code to link gtk to guile
guile18-gtk-dev2.1-3Glue code to link gtk to guile
guile18-gtk-doc2.1-3Texinfo documentation files for guile18-gtk
guile18-gtk-shlibs2.1-3Glue code to link gtk to guile
guile18-gui0.2-1006Guile gui scheme code
guile18-lib0.1.6-2Repository of code written in Guile Scheme
guile18-net-http0.3.1-1003HTTP library for Guile
guile18-www1.1.1-1007Guile WWW library
guile18-www-doc1.1.1-1007Texinfo documentation files for guile-goosh
imosflm1.0.4-4Installs mosflm GUI for use with X11 TclTk
imosflm-aqua1.0.4-4Installs mosflm GUI for use with aqua TclTk
infernal1.0.2-1RNA secondary structure alignments
libccp46.4.0-2LGPL Library providing CCP4 functionality
libccp4-dev6.4.0-2LGPL Library providing CCP4 functionality
libccp4-lib6.4.0-2CCP4 ascii text library files
libccp4-shlibs6.4.0-2LGPL Library providing CCP4 functionality
mathwar0.2.5-12Simple "flash-card" type math game for kids
mmdb1.25.3-102Macromolecular coordinate library
mmdb-dev1.25.3-102Macromolecular coordinate library
mmdb-shlibs1.25.3-102Macromolecular coordinate library
mmdb22.0.1-1Macromolecular coordinate library
mmdb2-dev2.0.1-1Macromolecular coordinate library
mmdb2-shlibs2.0.1-1Macromolecular coordinate library
mosflm7.0.6-4X-ray data processing, large display
mtz2hkl0.3-1Convert mtz to shelx data format
namot2.2.0-pre4-1014Nucleic Acid MOdelling Tool
pdb2pqr1.7-4Converts pdb files to pqr
phaser-mpi2.5.5-1CCP4 automated molecular replacement program
pos1.2-1Finder-terminal 2-way interaction scripts
probe2.12.071128-1Evaluates atomic packing
rdkit2014.03.1-3Cheminformatics and machine-learning software
rdkit-dev2014.03.1-3The rdkit static libraries and headers
rdkit-postgresql932014.03.1-3Optional postgresql module for RDkit
rdkit-shlibs2014.03.1-3The rdkit dynamic libraries
reduce3.14.080821-1Adds hydrogens to a pdb file
refmac5.7.0032-7CCP4 refmac5 standalone update
ribbons3.32-4Molecular graphics creation program
rnabob2.2-1Fast RNA motif/pattern searcher
rnamotif3.0.7-1RNA search for secondary structure motifs
rnaview1.0-3RNA tertiary structure plots
rsearch1.1-10RNA database search with structure queries
ssm1.4.0-6Macromolecular coordinate library
ssm-dev1.4.0-6Macromolecular coordinate library
ssm-shlibs1.4.0-6Macromolecular coordinate library
tinker6.2.06-1Molecular modeling software package
usf1.0-2Uppsala Crystallography software
viennarna2.1.8-1RNA structural prediction
viennarna-dev2.1.8-1RNA structural prediction
xia20.3.6.1-1Automated reduction of X-Ray diffraction data
zsh-templates2.0.5-4Template files for zsh customization

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