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Matched 521 packages (Section = 'devel')

NameLatest VersionDescription
acme0.91-16502 cross-assembler
alex3.1.3-1Lexical analyser generator for Haskell
ant1.8.4-1Java based build tool
ant-base1.8.4-1Java based build tool
ant-contrib1.0-32Additional ant tasks
ant-junit1.8.4-1JUnit plugin for Ant
ant-optional1.8.4-1Optional tasks for Ant
antlr2.7.7-1034ANother Tool for Language Recognition
antlr33.0.1-1ANother Tool for Language Recognition, v3
apple-gdb1824-2The GNU Project Debugger with Apple mods
arch-tla1.3.5-4Distributed revision control(archive) system
arm-embedded-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-embedded
arm-gba-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-gba
arm-linux-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-linux
arm-nds-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-nds
arm-none-eabi-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-none-eabi
arm-wince-binutils2.24-2GNU binutils for arm-wince
asm3.0-rel-1Java bytecode manipulation framework
aspectj1.5.3-2Aspect-oriented extensions to Java
astng-py250.24.0-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astng-py260.24.0-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astng-py270.24.3-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astng-py320.24.3-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astng-py340.24.3-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astroid-py271.1.1-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astroid-py341.1.1-1Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
astyle2.04-1Beautifier/Reformatter of C, C++, C# & Java
autobook1.5-1GNU autotools documentation
autoconf2.63-5System for generating configure scripts
autoconf-archive2014.02.28-1Freely re-usable Autoconf macros
autoconf2.13-legacy2.13-102System for generating configure scripts
autoconf2.62.69-3System for generating configure scripts
automake1.101.10.3-8GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.10-core1.10.3-8GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.111.11.6-7GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.11-core1.11.6-7GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.121.12.6-3GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.12-core1.12.6-3GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.131.13.4-2GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.13-core1.13.4-2GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.141.14.1-1GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake1.14-core1.14.1-1GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automoc-mac0.9.89-0.999999.32Automatic moc for Qt4
automoc-x110.9.89-0.999999.32Automatic moc for Qt4
autoproject0.17-3Create a new skeleton source package
autorevision1.7-1Extracts metadata from VCS repositories
avr-binutils2.24-3GNU binutils for ATMEL AVR micro controllers
avr-gcc4.8.3-1GNU GCC for ATMEL AVR micro controllers
avr-libc1.8.0-1AVR LIBC for GNU GCC & GNU binutils
avrdude5.10-1Atmel AVR Microcontrollers Programmer
bashcritic0.3.3-102+10.9Tool checks shell scripts for common pitfalls
baz1.4.2-2Improved (but obsolete) GNU Arch client
bazaar2.6.0-2Distributed SCM
binutils2.20.1-8Collection of binary tools
binutils-dev2.20.1-8Collection of binary tools
binutils-docs2.23.2-1Documentation for the GNU binutils
bison3.0.2-1000Parser generator
bison-legacy2.7.1-1Parser generator
boost-jam3.1.16-1Extension of Perforce Jam make replacement
buildapp1.5.2-1Make commandline Lisp progams
buildbot-master-py250.8.5-1Automatic software build/test system (master)
buildbot-master-py260.8.5-1Automatic software build/test system (master)
buildbot-py250.8.3-1Transitional package for automatic software build/test system
buildbot-py260.8.3-1Transitional package for automatic software build/test system
buildbot-py270.8.8-1Continuous task automation management
buildbot-slave-py250.8.5-1Automatic software build/test system (slave)
buildbot-slave-py260.8.5-1Automatic software build/test system (slave)
buildbot-slave-py270.8.8-1Continuous task automation (client)
byacc20140409-1Berkeley YACC
byaccj1.1-2Berkeley YACC with Java code-gen support
byteswap-dev20091128-2Linux-style byteswap.h header file
bzr-py252.3.4-1Bazaar distributed SCM
bzr-py262.6.0-1Bazaar distributed SCM
bzr-py272.6.0-2Bazaar distributed SCM
cabal-install1.18.0.5-1Command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
cc652.13.2-2C compiler for 6502 computers
ccache3.1.9-1C/C++ compiler cache
ccache-default3.1.9-1C/C++ compiler cache - As default compiler
cccc3.1.4-1001C and C++ Code Counter
check0.9.6-1Unit test framework for C
check-shlibs0.9.6-1Shared libraries for check
cloog0.15.11-2The Chunky Loop Generator
cloog-org0.16.2-2The Chunky Loop Generator
cloog-org-shlibs0.16.2-2The Chunky Loop Generator
cloog-org20.18.2-1The Chunky Loop Generator
cloog-org2-shlibs0.18.2-1The Chunky Loop Generator
cloog-shlibs0.15.11-2The Chunky Loop Generator
cmake3.0.1-1Cross-platform Make
code2html0.9.1-2Converts source code to highlighted HTML
codeville-py250.1.16-2Distributed version control system
codeville-py260.1.16-2Distributed version control system
codeville-py270.1.16-2Distributed version control system
cook2.26-2Powerful Make replacement
cppcheck1.60.1-1C/C++ static code analyzer
cppi1.12-2Indentation checker for C/C++ source files
cppunit1. Port of JUnit framework for unit testing
cppunit1.10.2-shlibs1.10.2-1007C++ Port of JUnit framework for unit testing
cppunit1. Port of JUnit framework for unit testing
cppunit1.12.1-shlibs1.12.1-2C++ Port of JUnit framework for unit testing
cpputest2.3-1C /C++ based unit xUnit test framework
cproto4.7l-1Generate C prototypes from source code
cscope15.7a-1Text screen based source browsing tool
cunit12.1.2-1Unit testing framework for C
cunit1-shlibs2.1.2-1Unit testing framework for C
cvs-fast-export1.10-1Export CVS to fast-import stream
cvs2cl2.62-1CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion
cvs2svn2.3.0-2CVS to SVN/git/bzr/hg repository converter
cvsgrab1.2-1Read repository's ViewCVS web interface
cvsps2.1-2Generate 'patchset' info from CVS repository
cvsps33.13-1Collect changesets from CVS repositories
cvsxxdiff1.4-1GUI to track CVS changes and commits
cyclo2.0-1013Analyze cyclomatic complexity of C/C++ code
ddd3.3.12-4GUI front-end for command-line debuggers
delta2006.08.03-1Heuristic test-case minimization for debug
devhelp2.28.1-2API documentation browser for GNOME
devtodo0.1.20-1Command-line todo-list manager
dfu-programmer0.5.4-3DFU based USB programmer for Atmel chips
dia2pas1.0-1UML Pascal Codegenerator
diffuse0.4.2-1Visual diff and merge tool
distcc2.18.3-1034Distributed compilation tool
distcc-default2.18.3-1034Enable distcc+ccache by default
distcc-gtk2.18.3-1030GUI monitor for distcc build hosts
djbfft0.76-3Fast library for floating-point convolution
doxygen1.8.3.1-1Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C
doxygen-doc1.8.3.1-1Doxygen documentation
doxygen1. system for C++, Java, IDL and C
dsc-extractor195.6-1Extract dylibs from iOS dyld_shared_cache
dtags1.0.1-1Use exuberant-ctags with xsltproc
duma2.5.15-1Detect Unintended Memory Access
duma-dev2.5.15-1Detect Unintended Memory Access
duma-shlibs2.5.15-1Detect Unintended Memory Access
ecj3.6.1-1Eclipse Compiler for Java
endian-dev20110604-1Linux-style endian.h header file
enunciate1.26.2-1Web service enhancement tool
epydoc-py253.0.1-4Python documentation system
epydoc-py263.0.1-4Python documentation system
epydoc-py273.0.1-4Python documentation system
esvn0.6.11-12GUI frontend for Subversion (QT-based)
f77chk1.2.2f-1Fortran77 source code checker
fauxsu0.9.1-1Grants applications fake root privileges
fcat1.0-2FORTRAN Coverage Analysis Tool
fgen0.3-1Makefile generator for fortran 77/90 code
findbugs1.3.9-1Bug pattern detector for java
fink-buildenv-modules0.1.1-1Script for getting common buildtime values
fink-package-precedence0.18-1Check fink masking of system libs
finkinfofile1.6-1Spotlight importer for Fink .info files
flag-dedup0.2-31Remove duplicate compiler flags
flag-sort0.5-1Wrapper that sorts compiler flags
flawfinder1.21-2Examines C/C++ source code for security flaws
flex2.5.4a-4Fast lexical analyser generator
flex-devel2.5.37-1Fast lexical analyser generator
floppy7.0-7Fortran source code analyzer
flow3.0-7Fortran source code analyzer
fortran-utils1.2-1Tools for use with Fortran77 code
forttopas1.01-6Semi-automatic Fortran to Pascal converter
fossil20130911114349-1Distributed version control system
fpc-xcode3-integration1.0-4FreePascal templates for Xcode 3
fpprofiler20110108-5Profiler for the FreePascal compiler
fpprofiler-cross20110108-4Profiler for the FreePascal cross compiler
ftidy7.2-5Fortran code formatter
ftnchek3.3.1-2Fortran source code analyzer
gaa1.6.6-1C function checker "GAA Argument Analyser"
gcutils0.2.3-1Scripts to keep git repo synced with cvs
gdb7.8-2The GNU Project Debugger
gengen1.4.2-3Parameterized-text-generator generator
gengetopt2.22.6-1Generates getopt_long functions
getxml1.0.4-1Localization tool for XML
git2.1.0-1+10.9Distributed version control system
git-archimport2.1.0-1Tool to import an arch repository into git
git-cola-mac2.0.5-1Highly caffinated GUI for git
git-cola-x111.7.0-1Highly caffinated GUI for git
git-cvsimport2.1.0-1Tool to import a CVS repository into git
git-extras1.7.0-2Little git extras
git-flow0.4.1-1High-level git repository operations
git-ftp0.9.0-1Git powered FTP client
git-remote-bzr0.2-1Access bzr repos as git remotes
git-remote-hg0.2-1Access hg repos as git remotes
git-remote-mediawiki2.1.0-1+10.9Git remote helper to access MediaWiki sites
git-remote-testsvn2.1.0-1+10.9SVN remote helper for git
git-send-email2.1.0-1+10.9Tool to send email from git
git-svn2.1.0-1+10.9Tool to let git use subversion repositories
global5.7.5-1Source code tag system for C, C++, Java, etc
gnulib20120913-1GNU portability library
gob1.0.12-2Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object
gob22.0.18-1Preprocessor for building GTK+ Objects (v2)
google-ctemplate0.95-1002Google Template System
google-ctemplate-shlibs0.95-1002Google Template System
google-sparsehash1.5.2-1005Memory-efficient hash_map implementation
gperf3.0.4-1Perfect hash function generator
gputils0.13.7-1Microchip PIC development utilities
gtest01.5.0-1Google test framework
gtest0-shlibs1.5.0-1Google test framework
gtk-doc1.20-1GTK+ - API documentation generator
gunicorn0.12.1-1Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX
happy1.19.4-1Parser generator for Haskell
haskell-platform2014.2.0.0-2Haskell, batteries included
hc1.1-2The Hacker's Calculator
hello2.8-1GNU greeting, multi-lingual
help2man-perl51001.41.1-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl51231.43.3-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl51241.43.3-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl51621.43.3-1Generates man pages from program output
help2man-perl5881.41.1-1Generates man pages from program output
hg-fast-export20130722-1Hg to git converter using git-fast-import
highlight2.9-1002Sourcecode converter with syntax colouring
hscolour1.20.3-1Colourise Haskell code
hub1.21-1Github integration for git
hwloc1.9-1Portable Hardware Locality
hwloc-dev1.9-1Portable Hardware Locality
hwloc-shlibs1.9-1Portable Hardware Locality
hyperspec7.0-1Common Lisp Hyper Spec
i386-beos-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit beos
i386-freebsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit freebsd
i386-go32v2-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit go32v2
i386-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit linux
i386-msdosdjgpp-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit msdosdjgpp
i386-netbsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit netbsd
i386-netware-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit netware
i386-solaris-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit solaris
i386-win32-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit win32
i386-wince-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit wince
idldepend0.81-2Ant task for running various IDL compilers
idutils4.2-1Utilities for manipulating ID databases
importchecker-py251.0-1Find unused Python imports
importchecker-py261.0-1Find unused Python imports
importchecker-py271.0-1Find unused Python imports
indent2.2.9-3C language source code formatting program
intltool-debian0.35.0+20060710.1-1Help i18n of RFC822 compliant config files
intltool400.50.2-401Internationalize various kinds of data files
isl0.12.2-2The Chunky Loop Generator
isl-shlibs0.12.2-2The Chunky Loop Generator
isl20.13-1The Chunky Loop Generator
isl2-shlibs0.13-1The Chunky Loop Generator
jam2.5-2Just Another Make build tool
java-getopt1.0.9-1Port of the GNU getopt from C to Java
javacc5.0-1Java Parser Generator
jdepend2.9-2Java package dependency management tool
kde4-buildenv4.6.0-104Scripts for simplifying KDE4 builds
kloc4.1-1Source code statistics program
lammpi7.1.4-1002MPI implementation for parallel computing
lammpi-dev7.1.4-1002Development files for lammpi package
lammpi-examples7.1.4-1002Example files for lammpi package
lammpi-shlibs7.1.4-1002Shared libraries for lammpi package
lazarus-aqua1.2.4-1Free Pascal IDE
lazarus-doc1.0.12-1Lazarus and FreePascal library documentation
lazarus-gtk21.2.4-1Free Pascal IDE
lazarus-lcl-carbon1.2.4-1The carbon version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-carbon-powerpc1.2.4-1The carbon-powerpc version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-cocoa1.2.4-1The cocoa version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-customdrawn1.2.4-1The customdrawn version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-gtk21.2.4-1The gtk2 version of the lcl for lazarus-aqua
lazarus-lcl-win321.2.4-1The win32 version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-win641.2.4-1The win64 version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-wince-arm1.2.4-1The wince-arm version of the lcl
lazarus-lcl-wince-i3861.2.4-1The wince-i386 version of the lcl
lclint2.5r-2Statically checks C programs
lcov1.9-1Summarize code coverage information from GCOV
libalgol2.6-3Algol-to-C translator
libalgol-shlibs2.6-3Algol-to-C translator
libantlr3c3.0.1-1ANTLR runtime library for C, v.3
libantlr3c-shlibs3.0.1-1ANTLR runtime library for C, v.3
libapache2-mod-svn1.6.19-1Subversion - mod_svn
libdevhelp1.1-dev2.28.1-2API documentation browser for GNOME
libdevhelp1.1-shlibs2.28.1-2API documentation browser for GNOME
libhttpd-persistent1.3-1010Fix-UP version of libhttpd to work with daapd
libsrecord0-dev1.62-2Srecord library development files
libsrecord0-shlibs1.62-2Srecord shared libraries
libtbb-dev3.0.20101110-1Threading Building Blocks
libtbb-shlibs3.0.20101110-1Threading Building Blocks
libtbb44.0.20111130-1Threading Building Blocks
libtbb4-shlibs4.0.20111130-1Threading Building Blocks
libtool141.5.26-4Shared library build helper, v1.5
libtool14-shlibs1.5.26-4Shared libraries for libtool, v1.5
libtool22.4.2-3Shared library build helper, v2.x
libtool2-shlibs2.4.2-3Shared libraries for libtool, v2.x
libv8-2.4.2-dev2.4.2-1V8 JavaScript Engine
libv8-2.4.2-shlibs2.4.2-1V8 JavaScript Engine
logilab-common-py250.58.1-1Common functionalities for logilab projects
logilab-common-py260.58.1-1Common functionalities for logilab projects
logilab-common-py270.61.0-1Common functionalities for logilab projects
logilab-common-py320.61.0-1Common functionalities for logilab projects
logilab-common-py330.61.0-1Common functionalities for logilab projects
logilab-common-py340.61.0-1Common functionalities for logilab projects
m41.4.17-1Advanced macro processing language
m681x-binutils2.17-3For Motorola 6811/12 microcontrollers
m681x-gcc3.3.6-3For Motorola 68hc11/12 micro controllers
m681x-gdb6.4-2For Motorola 68hc11/12 micro controllers
m681x-newlib1.12.0-3For Motorola 68hc11/12 micro controllers
m68k-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for m68k-linux
make3.82-1Software build tool
makepatch2.05-1Perl scripts to make and apply patches
man2html3.0.1-1Generate html pages from man pages
marst2.6-3Algol-to-C translator
massif-visualizer-mac0.2-2Tool to visualise valgrind Massif data
massif-visualizer-mac-shlibs0.2-2Tool to visualise valgrind Massif data
massif-visualizer-x110.2-2Tool to visualise valgrind Massif data
massif-visualizer-x11-shlibs0.2-2Tool to visualise valgrind Massif data
maven3.2.3-1Software project management tool
memcached1.2.8-1High-performance object caching system
mercurial3.1.1-1Lightweight distributed SCM
mercurial-py252.7.1-1Lightweight distributed SCM
mercurial-py262.7.1-1Lightweight distributed SCM
mercurial-py273.1.1-1Lightweight distributed SCM
metrics1.0-2Code analysis tool
mico2.3.12-13Fully-compliant CORBA 2.3 Implementation
mico-dev2.3.12-13Fully-compliant CORBA 2.3 Implementation
mico-shlibs2.3.12-13Fully-compliant CORBA 2.3 Implementation
mingw-binutils2.16.91-20050827-1-4GNU binutils for MinGW
mingw-gcc4.1.0-3GNU GCC for MinGW
mingw-runtime3.8-1Minimalist GNU for Windows - Runtime
mingw-w32api3.3-1Minimalist GNU for Windows - Win32 API
mipsel-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for mipsel-linux
monkeystudio1.9.0.2-1IDE based on Qt4
mpatch0.7-2More helpful patch
mpatrol1.4.8-14Library that for diagnosing run-time errors
mpatrol1-dev1.4.8-14Library that for diagnosing run-time errors
mpatrol1-shlibs1.4.8-14Library that for diagnosing run-time errors
mpi4py-py251.2.1-1MPI for Python
mpi4py-py261.2.1-1MPI for Python
mpi4py-py271.2.1-1MPI for Python
msp430-binutils2.21.1-20120406-2GNU binutils for Texas Instruments MSP430 MCU
msp430-gcc4.6.3-20120406-2GNU GCC for for Texas Instruments MSP430 MCU
msp430-gdb7.2-20111205-2GNU GDB for Texas Instruments MSP430 MCU
msp430-libc0.1-20120224-1Standard C library for the MSP430 toolchain
msp430mcu0.1-20120406-1Device capabilites data for MSP430 toolchain
mspdebug0.18-3MSP430 programmer and debugger
mtasc1.14-2.1ActionScript 2 to Flash (SWF) compiler
nana2.5-2Runtime assertion and debugging library
nant0.90-1Ant-like build tool for .NET
nasm2.11.02-1Netwide Assembler for x86
ninja1.4.0-1Small build system with a focus on speed
nsis2.42-1Scriptable win32 installer/uninstaller system
objtools2.22-3Binutils tools objcopy, objdump and readelf
ocaml-bitstring2.0.0-2Bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml
ocaml-extlib1.5.3-1Standard library for OCaml
ocaml-lib1.5.1-2Standard library for OCaml
ocaml-menhir20080912-1LR(1) parser generator for OCaml
ocaml-pcre6.0.1-1Perl-style regular expressions for OCaml
ocamlgraph1.1-1Graph library for OCaml
omake0.9.8.6-0.rc1Build system, scalable and portable
openmpi1.8.1-3MPI implementation for parallel computing
openmpi-dev1.4.5-1001Development files for openmpi package
openmpi-shlibs1.8.1-3Shared libraries for openmpi package
openocd0.8.0-2Open On-Chip Debugger (JTAG)
owanttask1.3.2-1ObjectWeb utility Ant tasks
p42002.2-1Perforce SCM System
p4pr3-1Perforce file annotation
pasdoc0.13.0-1Documentation tool for Pascal source code
pasdoc-gui0.13.0-1Documentation tool for Pascal source code
pccts1.33.mr33-4Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set
pd-extended-dev0.43.4-1Bundle of libraries for building Pd-extended
perl-tidy20090616-2Improves Perl script formatting and indenting
perltidy20090616-2OBSOLETE Improves Perl script formatting and indenting
pilrc3.1-2Palm Pilot resouce file compiler
pkgconfig0.28-1Manager for library compile/link flags
pkgconfig-common2-1Default files for pkg-config implementations
po-debconf1.0.16+nmu2-1Debconf template translations with gettext
po4a0.45-3Tools for helping translation of docs
powerpc-freebsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit freebsd
powerpc-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit linux
powerpc-macos-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit macos
powerpc-netbsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 32 bit netbsd
ppl0.10.2-8Parma Polyhedra Library
ppl-shlibs0.10.2-8Parma Polyhedra Library
ppl90.11.2-4Parma Polyhedra Library
ppl9-shlibs0.11.2-4Parma Polyhedra Library
proguard3.6-1Free Java class file shrinker and obfuscator
psyco-py251.6-1Specializing compiler for Python
psyco-py261.6-1Specializing compiler for Python
py2app-py260.7.3-1Creates standalone python OS X applications
py2app-py270.7.3-1Creates standalone python OS X applications
pychecker-py250.8.18-3Check Python programs for error - Modules
pychecker-py25-bin0.8.18-3Check Python programs for error - Main binary
pychecker-py260.8.18-3Check Python programs for error - Modules
pychecker-py26-bin0.8.18-3Check Python programs for error - Main binary
pychecker-py270.8.18-3Check Python programs for error - Modules
pychecker-py27-bin0.8.18-3Check Python programs for error - Main binary
pykg-config1.2.0-1Drop-in pkg-config replacement in python
pylint-py250.26.0-1Analyzes Python code for bugs and quality
pylint-py260.26.0-1Analyzes Python code for bugs and quality
pylint-py271.2.1-1Analyzes Python code for bugs and quality
pyrex-py250.9.8.5-1Tool to make writing Python modules easy
pyrex-py260.9.8.5-1Tool to make writing Python modules easy
pyrex-py270.9.8.5-1Tool to make writing Python modules easy
pythontidy1.16-2Python code cleanup
qgit2.3-1004Qt-based frontend for git, X11 version
qgit-mac2.3-1004Qt-based frontend for git, Mac version
qscintilla1.65-1004Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla-shlibs1.65-1004Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2-designer-qt4-mac2.8.2-1QScintilla plugin for Qt Designer
qscintilla2-designer-qt4-x112.8.2-1QScintilla plugin for Qt Designer
qscintilla2-qt4-mac2.4.6-5Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py252.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py262.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py272.8.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py312.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py322.8.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py332.8.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-py342.8.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-mac-shlibs2.4.6-5Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2-qt4-x112.4.6-5Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2-qt4-x11-py252.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-x11-py262.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-x11-py272.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-x11-py312.6.2-1QScintilla python bindings for pyqt4
qscintilla2-qt4-x11-shlibs2.4.6-5Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.11-qt4-mac2.8.2-1Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.11-qt4-mac-shlibs2.8.2-1Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.11-qt4-x112.8.2-1Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.11-qt4-x11-shlibs2.8.2-1Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.6-qt4-mac2.5.1-3Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.6-qt4-mac-shlibs2.5.1-3Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.6-qt4-x112.5.1-3Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.6-qt4-x11-shlibs2.5.1-3Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.8-qt4-mac2.6.2-4Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.8-qt4-mac-shlibs2.6.2-4Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.8-qt4-x112.6.2-4Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qscintilla2.8-qt4-x11-shlibs2.6.2-4Qt port Scintilla C++ editor class
qtscriptgenerator-mac0.2.0-1QtScript binding generator
qtscriptgenerator-mac-runtime0.2.0-1Runtime QtScript plugins
qtscriptgenerator-x110.2.0-1QtScript binding generator
qtscriptgenerator-x11-runtime0.2.0-1Runtime QtScript plugins
quilt0.61-1Tool to work with series of patches
ragel6.7-2State machine compiler
rapidsvn0.9.8-1GUI front-end for Subversion
rcs5.9.2-1GNU Revision Control System
re2c0.13.5-1Tool for generating fast C-based recognizers
rej0.16-1Tool to fix up patch rejects
reportbug3.5-1002Reports bugs in the Fink distribution
reposurgeon3.8-1Tool for editing version-control repositories
robodoc4.99.41-1Source code documentation tool
rsnapshot1.3.1-1Filesystem (Backup) snapshot utility
scons2.3.2-1Python-based build tool
sdcc3.0.0-1Small Device C Compiler
sloccount2.26-1Programs for counting source lines of code
smake1.2.1-1Portable make program with automake features
snoopy1.0-5ASCII art calendar sheet with a famous dog
sparc-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for sparc-linux
sparc-netbsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for sparc-netbsd
sparc-solaris-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for sparc-solaris
splint3.1.2-1Secure Programming Lint
srecord1.62-2Set of tools for manipulating EPROM files
stgit0.17.1-1Maintain a patch series on top of Git
svn1.8.3-1Subversion version control
svn-client1.6.11-3OBSOLETE - Use svn instead
svn-javahl1.8.3-1Subversion - Java bindings
svn-swig-pm51001.8.3-1Swig svn Perl 5.10.0 bindings
svn-swig-pm5100-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Perl Shared libraries
svn-swig-pm51231.8.10-1Swig svn Perl 5.12.3 bindings
svn-swig-pm51241.8.10-1Swig svn Perl 5.12.4 bindings
svn-swig-pm51621.8.10-1Swig svn Perl 5.16.2 bindings
svn-swig-pm5881.8.3-1Swig svn Perl 5.8.8 bindings
svn-swig-pm588-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Perl Shared libraries
svn-swig-py261.8.3-1Swig svn Python 2.6 bindings
svn-swig-py26-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Python Shared libraries
svn-swig-py271.8.3-1Swig svn Python 2.7 bindings
svn-swig-py27-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Python Shared libraries
svn-swig-rb181.8.3-1Swig svn Ruby 1.8 bindings
svn-swig-rb18-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Ruby Shared libraries
svn-swig-rb191.8.10-1Swig svn Ruby 1.9 bindings
svn151.6.23-2Subversion - svnserve, tools
svn15-dev1.6.23-2Subversion - Development headers and libs
svn15-doc1.6.23-2Subversion - Documentation
svn15-shlibs1.6.23-2Subversion - Shared libraries
svn171.7.18-1Subversion - svnserve, tools
svn17-dev1.7.18-1Subversion - Development headers and libs
svn17-doc1.7.18-1Subversion - Documentation
svn17-shlibs1.7.18-1Subversion - Shared libraries
svn181.8.3-1Subversion - svnserve, tools
svn18-dev1.8.3-1Subversion - Development headers and libs
svn18-doc1.8.3-1Subversion - Documentation
svn18-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Shared libraries
svn2cl0.12-1Generate a ChangeLog from an SVN log
svncpp2-dev0.9.8-1C++ API to subversion - Development Headers
svncpp2-doc0.9.8-1C++ API to subversion - Documentation
svncpp2-shlibs0.9.8-1C++ API to subversion - Shared libraries
tailor-py250.9.35-2Multiformat source repository synchronizer
tailor-py260.9.35-2Multiformat source repository synchronizer
tailor-py270.9.35-3Multiformat source repository synchronizer
tclap1.2.1-1Templatized C++ Command Line Parser
tig1.2.1-1Ncurses git repository browser
tkcvs8.2.3-1GUI for Subversion and CVS
tla-tools0.2004.p90-2Useful tools for working with GNU Arch
tmake1.13-1Tool for creating and maintaining makefiles
to-f902000-03-21-5Fortran 77 to fortran 90 converter
tortoisehg-py252.4.1-2Graphical interface to Mercurial
tortoisehg-py262.4.1-2Graphical interface to Mercurial
tortoisehg-py273.1-1Graphical interface to Mercurial
transifex-client0.9.1-1Command line interface for Transifex (tx)
treecc0.3.0-1001Tree Compiler-Compiler
txt2man1.5.6-1Convert flat ASCII text to man page
txt2regex0.8-2Regular expression wizard
unifdef1.0-2Remove #ifdef'ed lines from a file
unsermake0.4-0.20070824.2Replacement for automake
vala0.12.1-2Compiler for the GObject type system
vala-shlibs0.12.1-2Compiler for the GObject type system
vala0.180.17.7-1Compiler for the GObject type system
vala0.18-shlibs0.17.7-1Compiler for the GObject type system
valgrind3.9.0-1Debugging and profiling tool
valgrind-64bit3.7.0-2Debugging and profiling tool
valgrind-64bit-dev3.7.0-2Debugging and profiling tool
valgrind-dev3.9.0-1Debugging and profiling tool
valkyrie-mac2.0.0-3Qt4-based GUI for valgrind
valkyrie-x112.0.0-3Qt4-based GUI for valgrind
x86-64-freebsd-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 64 bit freebsd
x86-64-linux-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 64 bit linux
x86-64-win64-binutils2.24-1GNU binutils for 64 bit win64
xalan-j2.7.1-2Java XSLT processor
xalan-j-docs2.7.1-2Docs for xalan-j
xdev-toolkit2012-1451-8Delphi -> Lazarus/FPC conversion tools
xerces-c2.7.0-1005XML parser in C++
xerces-c-dev2.7.0-1005XML parser in C++
xerces-c-shlibs2.7.0-1005XML parser in C++
xerces-c313.1.0-3XML parser in C++
xerces-c31-dev3.1.0-3XML parser in C++
xerces-c31-shlibs3.1.0-3XML parser in C++
xerces-j2.11.0-1XML parser in Java
xerces-j-docs2.11.0-1Documentation for xerces-j
xmkmf1.0.6-1201X11 legacy build tools
yasm1.2.0-1Modular Assembler Project
yasm-dev1.2.0-1Development libraries for yasm

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