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Matched 267 packages (Section = 'games')

NameLatest VersionDescription
0verkill0.16-12D ASCII-art shooter
3dpong0.5-3Pong clone
abe1.1-3Abe's amazing adventure - Jump 'n Run
adonthell0.3.5-1Open Source RPG Engine
advancemame0.106.1-2SDL-based unofficial MAME emulator
advancemenu2.5.0-2SDL-based frontend for AdvanceMAME
advancescan1.14-1Command line rom manager for AdvanceMAME
afternoonstalker1.1.4-1002Afternoon Stalker - A robot-killing game
alienblaster1.1.0-1006Classic 2D shoot 'em up
amaze0.0-1014Text-based 3D maze game
an0.93-11Command-line anagram generator
angband3.4.1-1Text-based dungeon exploration game
angband-nox3.4.1-1Text-based dungeon exploration game
angband-sdl3.4.1-1Text-based dungeon exploration game
armagetronad0. Tron clone
asr-manpages1.3-4Man pages from alt.sysadmin.recovery
atari800-sdl2.1.0-2Atari 800 emulator, SDL variant
barrage1.0.4-1Simple, violent action game
batrachians0.1.4-1002Fly-eating frog game
battleworms1.2-2Clone of classic DOS game "Achtung die kurve"
beneath-a-steel-sky0.0372-2Science fiction adventure game
biloba0.6-3Turn based strategy game for up to 4 players
blobandconquer1.08-23D Platform shooting game
bloboats1.0.2-3Arcade-like boat racing game
blobwars1.14-4Platform shooting game
bomberclone0.11.8-1002Bomberman-like SDL game
bomns0.99.2-1002Fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch arcade game
boswars2.7-1Futuristic real time strategy game
briquolo0.5.7-1004Fast paced 3D Breakout
brutalchess0.5.2-10053D chess game inspired by BattleChess
bugsquish0.0.6-2Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm
bullet12.80-10043D Game Multiphysics Library
bullet1-shlibs2.80-10043D Game Multiphysics Library
bundle-ggz0.0.11-11Mininum necessary packages for GGZ
bundle-ggz-all0.0.11-11The complete GGZ distribution
burgerspace1.9.0-1002Hamburger-smashing video game
bygfoot2.0.0-4Football (soccer) management game
bzflag2.0.16-10023D multiplayer multiplatform tank battle game
capitalist0.3-1003Monopoly clone - server
cgoban1.9.14-3X11 frontend for the game of Go
chocolate-doom1.3.0-2Doom port
chromium0.9.12-6OBSOLETE use package 'chromium-bsu' instead
chromium-bsu0.9.15.1-1Fast paced, top-scrolling space shooter
ckmame0.4.1-11MAME rom set checker and fixer
cmatrix1.2a-1015Scrolling random text effect like The Matrix
cmine1.4-1004Text-based minesweeper game
codebreaker1.2.1-4Master Mind clone using GTK+
connect41.2-1011Text-based Connect Four game
connectagram-x111.0.1-1003Word unscrambling game, uses Qt4-x11
corewars0.9.13-22Assembler simulation game
cosmosmash1.4.5-1002Space rock shooting video game
cowsay3.03-2Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
crafty23.4-1Strong Chess Engine
crafty-enormousbook23-1Enormous (100M) opening book for Crafty
crafty-tb-four23-1Four piece endgame tablebases for crafty
crafty-tb-three23-1Three piece endgame tablebases for crafty
cutemaze-mac1.1.0-1003Target hunting in a maze, uses Qt4
cutemaze-x111.1.0-1003Target hunting in a maze, uses Qt4
cxboard0.14-2Graphical board for Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)
dadadodo1.04-1Dadaist phrase generator
dama0.5.4-12Turkish draughts board game. (checkers-like)
danican0.5.2-12International draughts board game
defendguin0.0.12-1Defender clone
deng1.8.6-7Doomsday Engine
dopewars1.5.12-1013Drug dealing game set in New York
dvorak7min1.6.1-1Simple ncurses-based Dvorak typing tutor
eboard1.1.1-3X11 based chess playing interface
eboard-extras2-1Extra themes for eboard
enigma1.04-2Puzzle game
fillets-ng1.0.1-1Puzzle game, clone of Fish Fillets
flatzebra0.1.5-1002Game support library
flatzebra-shlibs0.1.5-1002Game support library
flight-of-the-amazon-queen1.0.0-2Fantasy adventure game
fortune-mod1.99.1-4001Fortune cookies on demand
fortunes1.99.1-4001Data files containing fortune cookies
fortunes-b520060905-1Babylon 5 quotes for fortune-mod
fortunes-bofh-excuses1.2-1BOFH excuses for fortune
fortunes-de0.31-1Fortune-mod: German data files for fortune
fortunes-es1.32-1Fortune-mod: Spanish data files for fortune
fortunes-min1.99.1-4001Files of the basic fortune cookie set
fortunes-off1.99.1-4001Files of offensive fortune cookies
freeciv2.4.3-14Multiplayer Strategy Game
freedroid1.0.2-5Clone of the game "Paradroid"
freedroidrpg0.15.1-2Isometric roleplaying game
frotz2.43-1012Interpreter for all Infocom-type games
funny-manpages1.3-2Funny manpages
funny-manpages-extra1.3-2Funny manpages which overlap normal pages
geekcode1.7.3-1The Geek Code generator
ggz-client-libs20.0.14.1-2GGZ Gaming Zone (Client)
ggz-client-libs2-dev0.0.14.1-2GGZ Gaming Zone (Client)
ggz-gtk-client0.0.11-1013GGZ Gaming Zone GTK+ Client
ggz-gtk-games0.0.11-1014GGZ Gaming Zone GTK+ Game Modules
ggz-server0.0.11-1014GGZ Gaming Zone server
ggz-server-dev0.0.11-1014GGZ Gaming Zone server
ggz-server-shlibs0.0.11-1014GGZ Gaming Zone server
glchess0.4.6-53D Chess Interface
glob20.9.4.4-1Innovative Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game
gnocatan0.9.19-1Upgrade package for pioneers
gnome-games-dev2.26.3-5Placeholder to aid upgrading
gnome-games-shlibs2.26.3-5Placeholder to aid upgrading
gnuboy1.0.3-1001Nintendo GameBoy Emulator
gnuchess5.08-2GNU Chess
gnuchess-largebook5.x-1.01-1Large opening book for GNU Chess
gnugo3.8-1Plays the game of Go
gothello0.1-13Small othello game for GTK
gottet-mac1.0.3-1005Tetris clone, uses Qt4
gottet-x111.0.3-1005Tetris clone, uses Qt4
grhino0.11.0-1018Strong othello game for GNOME 2
gtans1.2-4Tangram (puzzle) game using GTK+
gtetrinet0.4.4-14Legacy-package upgrade to "gtetrinet2"
gtetrinet20.7.11-1014Tetrinet (internet Tetris) client for GNOME2
hex-a-hop1.1.0-1Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles
hexalate-mac1.0.1-1004Color matching game, uses Qt4
hexalate-x111.0.1-1004Color matching game, uses Qt4
hexxagon1.0.1-1Board game, uses GTK+2
icbm3d0.4-3Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D
inform6.30-2Interactive fiction language and compiler
jzip2.1-1021Infocom/Inform game interface
kapitalist0.4-1004Monopoly clone - KDE client
lbreakout2.6.4-4Breakout clone, based on SDL
liballegro55.0.10-1Cross-platform game library
liballegro5-shlibs5.0.10-1Cross-platform game library
libggz20.0.14.1-1GGZ Gaming Zone base library
libggz2-shlibs0.0.14.1-1GGZ Gaming Zone base library
libggzcore9-shlibs0.0.14.1-2GGZ Gaming Zone (Client)
libggzmod4-shlibs0.0.14.1-2GGZ Gaming Zone (Client)
lincity-ng2.0-2City Simulation Game
liquidwar5.6.4-1Unique multiplayer wargame
lmarbles1.0.8-1Puzzle game, resembles Atomix
longloops1.0.1-1002Brain-stretching strategy game
lpairs1.0.4-3Memory game
luola1.3.0-3Multiplayer cave-flying game
luola-levels-nostalgia1.2-2Multiplayer cave-flying game, level pack
luola-levels-standard6.0-2Multiplayer cave-flying game, level pack
madbomber0.2.5-2Clone of the Kaboom! game
maelstrom3.0.6-1007Arcade-style game resembling Asteroids
mah-jong1.10-1Multiplayer tile game
mathwar0.2.5-12Simple "flash-card" type math game for kids
mednafen0.9.35-1Console game emulator
mindless1.5-1004Play CCG against other player
mindless-data050220-1Wizards Of The Coast Magic: The Gathering card database
moria5.5.2-7Terminal-based dungeon exploration game
motti2.5.0.5-4Simple strategy game for 2-31 players
nazghul0.7.0-2RPG engine, includes one game
nethack3.4.3-2Console/X11 based graphical adventure game
nethack-qt3.4.3-1006Console/X11 based graphical adventure game
nethack-x113.4.3-2Console/X11 based graphical adventure game
nethack-x11-qt3.4.3-1006Console/X11 based graphical adventure game
neverball1.4.0-1002Part puzzle game, part action game
neverputt1.4.0-1002Hot-seat multiplayer miniature golf game
nexuiz0.20100408-4Modified Quake 1 engine
nexuiz-data2.5.2-11Data pack for nexuiz
nexuiz-dedicated0.20100408-2Modified Quake 1 engine - Dedicated Server
nexuiz-mappackr2-3Extra map pack for nexuiz
nibbles1.2-1011Text-based color snake game
ninvaders0.1.1-2Invaders for the console, based on ncurses
opencity0.0.6.4-13D City Simulator
openglad0.98-1002Top-down gauntlet-style RPG
openttd1.3.0-2Simulation game based on "Transport Tycoon"
openttd-opengfx0.4.6.1-1Graphics files for OpenTTD
openttd-openmsx0.3.1-1Music files for OpenTTD
openttd-opensfx0.2.3-1Sound files for OpenTTD
othello0.03-1Console based Othello Game
paragui1.1.8-1004SDL-based themed GUI library
paragui-shlibs1.1.8-1004SDL-based themed GUI library
peg-e-mac1.1.0-1002Peg solitaire game, uses Qt4
peg-e-x111.1.0-1002Peg solitaire game, uses Qt4
pgn-extract16.7-1Convert chess games into PGN notation
pinball0.3.1-1004Pinball simulator
pioneers0.12.3-1Multiplayer strategy board game for GNOME
pipepanic0.1.3-3Skill test game: Connect the pipes
ppracer0.5alpha-1TuxRacer Improved
pushover0.0.1-1002Puzzle game
pygame-py251.9.1-1Python modules for writing games
pygame-py261.9.1-1Python modules for writing games
pygame-py271.9.1-2Python modules for writing games
qcheckers-mac20091230-1003Checkers boardgame, uses Qt4-mac
qcheckers-x1120091230-1003Checkers boardgame, uses Qt4-x11
quit1.2a-1Bicycle with traillers like "sl"
residual0.1.0-2OBSOLETE: use 'residualvm' instead
residualvm0.1.0-2Engine for Monkey Island IV and Grim Fandango
robotfindskitten1.4142135.406-1000It's a collection of parallel universe
roguedarwin1.0.0-5Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
scid3.6.26-1002Chess Information Database
scummvm1.6.0-2Engine for several graphical adventure games
scummvm-tools1.6.0-1Tools for ScummVM
sdl1.2.15-2Cross-platform multimedia library
sdl-gfx132.0.23-1SDL basic drawing routines and rotozoomer
sdl-gfx13-shlibs2.0.23-1SDL basic drawing routines and rotozoomer
sdl-image1.2.12-2SDL image file loading library
sdl-image-shlibs1.2.12-2SDL image file loading library
sdl-mixer1.2.12-1SDL multi-channel audio mixer library
sdl-mixer-shlibs1.2.12-1SDL multi-channel audio mixer library
sdl-net1.2.7-1SDL networking library
sdl-net-shlibs1.2.7-1SDL networking library
sdl-shlibs1.2.15-2Cross-platform multimedia library
sdl-ttf2.0.11-1SDL TrueType font library
sdl-ttf-shlibs2.0.11-1SDL TrueType font library
sdl22.0.3-2Cross-platform multimedia library
sdl2-shlibs2.0.3-2Cross-platform multimedia library
sdljump0.91-2Jump up the Falling Tower
sdlzombies1.0.0-4"Zombies" clone, old game for 8bit computers
sjeng11.2-2Engine for Chess Variants
sjeng-zhbook11.0-2Crazyhouse opening book for Sjeng
sl1.0.4-2Corrects your miss typing
slimevolley2.4.1-2Simple volleyball simulation
smpeg0.4.4-1027SDL MPEG Player Library
smpeg-bin0.4.4-1027SDL MPEG Player Library
smpeg-shlibs0.4.4-1027SDL MPEG Player Library
snes9x1.53-1Super Nintendo Emulator
spacehulk1.5-0.beta1.1002Turn-based strategy game
stella3.2.2-1002Emulator for the ATARI 2600 VCS
stratagus2.2.4-1Real Time Strategy Engine
supertuxkart0.6.2a-10033D racing game with many tracks and extras
tads33.0.8-3Text Adventure Development System
tanglet-mac1.1.0-1004Word finding game (based on Boggle)
tanglet-x111.1.0-1004Word finding game (based on Boggle)
teg0.11.2-1Strategy game similar to Risk
teg-themes1.0-3Extra themes for TEG
tetzle-mac1.2.1-1004Jigsaw puzzle game, uses Qt4
tetzle-x111.2.1-1004Jigsaw puzzle game, uses Qt4
tome2.3.5-2Troubles of Middle Earth, curses-based RPG
toppler1.1.3-1002Remake of the old game "Nebulus"
tornado1.3-1015Networkable text-based weather destruction
toycars0.3.10-1006Physics based 2D racer, like Micro Machines
trackballs1.1.4-1005Marble Madness Clone
tsito0.8.4-1001Engine for Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)
ultrastardx1.1-final-1Singing game
vectoroids1.1.0-2Vector-based rock-shooting Asteroids clone
violetland0.2.10-1002Action-Adventure, uses SDL
vor0.5.4-3Dodge the rocks until you die
vrcon0.99-1Curses-based rcon util for gameserver admins
warmux11.04-4Worms clone
warmux-maps20100501-1Extra maps for WarMUX
warp2002.03.12-15Classic space-war game
wastesedge0.3.4-1Open Source RPG
wesnoth1.8.6-3Fantasy turn-based strategy game
wesnoth-campaign-server1.8.6-3Battle for Wesnoth campaign server
wesnoth-devel1.9.3-1Fantasy turn-based strategy game
wesnoth-devel-campaign-server1.9.3-1Battle for Wesnoth campaign server
wesnoth-devel-server1.9.3-1Battle for Wesnoth multiplayer network daemon
wesnoth-server1.8.6-3Battle for Wesnoth multiplayer network daemon
wordwarvi0.25-3Retro styled side scrolling shoot-'em-up
wtf20080926-1Translates common Internet acronyms
xbl1.1.5-1XBlockout - Block dropping game in 3D
xblast2.6.1-3Bomberman clone
xboard4.5.2a-1X11 based chess playing interface
xbomb2.1a-4Minesweeper for X11
xbomber0.8-1Bomberman clone
xfrisk1.3b-2Computer version of the Risk boardgame
xfrisk-xaw3d1.3b-2Computer version of the Risk boardgame
xgalaga2.0.34-11Clone of the classic game of galaga
xinvaders2.1.2-7Space Invaders clone for X
xinvaders3d1.3.6-13D Space Invaders Game
xjig2.4-1012Jigsaw puzzle game for X11
xlaby2.0.2-1Evil labyrinth game for X11
xlightoff1.1-10Light switching game for X11
xmahjongg3.7-4X-Windows version of Mah Jongg
xmoto0.5.11-12D motocross platform game
xorcurses0.1.2-1Game based on Xor
xpilot4.5.4-2Multi-player 2D space game
xscorch0.2.0-6Scorched Earth clone for X11
xscrabble0901-4Scrabble game for X
xye0.9.1-1002Open Source version of Kye
yahtzee1.00-3Curses-based version of the dice game
ztools981107-1Set of Z-Machine tools
ztrack1.0-1Curses-based pseudo 3D driving game

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