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Matched 651 packages (Section = 'kde')

NameLatest VersionDescription
acqua-graphite3.2-1023KDE - Aqua-like KDE Theme
amarok1.4.8-2KDE - music player
amarok-core1.4.8-4KDE - music player (core application)
amarok-core-shlibs1.4.8-4Shared libraries for the Amarok core engine
amarok-engine-xine1.4.8-5KDE - music player (Xine output engine)
amarok2-mac2.2.2-4KDE4 - music player
amarok2-x112.2.2-4KDE4 - music player
amor3.5.10-1KDE - themeable animated window toy
apollon1.0.2.1-1006KDE - frontend for giFT file-sharing system
ark3.5.10-3KDE - archive utility
arts1.5.10-10KDE - analog realtime synthesizer
arts-dev1.5.10-10KDE - arts development headers and libraries
arts-shlibs1.5.10-10KDE - arts shared libraries
asciiquarium0.3.2-1003KDE - extra screensaver
atlantik3.5.10-2KDE - Monopoly-like game
autostart0.5-1005KDE - set programs to start automatically
baghira0.8-2KDE - A perky imitation of Apple's OSX look
basket4-mac1.81-4Multi-Purpose note-taking application
basket4-mac-shlibs1.81-4Common text-edit shared library
blinken3.5.10-1KDE - "Simon" clone
blinken4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - simon says game
blinken4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - simon says game
bundle-kde3.5.10-1KDE - convenience package: KDE 3.5
bundle-kde-unified3.5.10-1KDE - convenience package: KDE 3.5
bundle-kde4-mac4.4.1-3KDE4 - convenience package: KDE 4.4 (Native)
bundle-kde4-x114.4.1-3KDE4 - convenience package: KDE 4.4 (X11)
cantor4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - math application
cantor4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - math application
cervisia3.5.10-3KDE - graphical CVS client
cervisia4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - CVS client
cervisia4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - CVS client
cirkuit-kde4-mac0.2.2-1004KDE4 - Circuit figure generator
cirkuit-kde4-x110.2.2-1004KDE4 - Circuit figure generator
crystal1.0.6-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
crystal-kde4-x112.0.5-1003KDE4 - Window decoration
cwp-kde4-x110.9.17-1003KDE4 - Customizable Weather Plasmoid
cylonminimal0.2-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
d3lphin0.9.2-1004KDE - Fast file manager
datakiosk0.7-1008KDE - Database frontend
dcoprss3.5.10-2KDE - RSS tools
dekorator0.3-1007KDE - window style with themes
dekorator-kde4-x110.5.1-1003KDE4 - Window decoration engine
digikam0.9.5-1011KDE - Digital photo management
digikam-dev0.9.5-1011KDE - Digital photo management, development files
digikam-shlibs0.9.5-1011KDE - Digital photo management, shared libraries
dolphin0.8.2-1003KDE - Fast file manager
dragonplayer4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - media player
dragonplayer4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - media player
eqonomize0.5-1004KDE - Personal accounting software
fancytasks-kde4-x111.0.0-1004KDE4 - Enhanced task selector plasmoid
filelight1.9-rc3-1004Prettier graphical disk usage utility
filelight-kde4-mac1.9-rc3-1005KDE4 - Disk space usage tool
filelight-kde4-x111.9-rc3-1005KDE4 - Disk space usage tool
fitz0.4-1004KDE - window decoration style
flowerattack0.3-1004KDE - OpenGL screensaver
fraqtive0.4.5-1003KDE - Versatile fractal generator
gaia0.1-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
geramik0.27-22KDE "Keramik" widget styles for GTK+/GTK+2
gtk-kde4-x110.9.1-1003KDE4 - Select GTK settings from within KDE
gwenrename1.1-1003KDE - lightweight batch renamer tool
gwenview1.4.2-1008KDE - Versatile image viewer
gwenview-i18n1.4.2-1002KDE - Versatile image viewer, translations
juk4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - media player
juk4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - media player
kalgebra4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - MathML-based algebraic calculator
kalgebra4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - MathML-based algebraic calculator
kallery1.2.0-1008KDE - Image gallery generator
kalzium3.5.10-1KDE - periodic table
kalzium4-mac4.4.1-6periodic system of the elements
kalzium4-x114.4.1-6periodic system of the elements
kanagram3.5.10-1KDE - guess the mixed-up words
kanagram4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - anagram word game
kanagram4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - anagram word game
kapptemplate3.5.10-3KDE - application generator
kapptemplate4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - application template generator
kapptemplate4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - application template generator
karbon1.6.3-1032KDE - a vector drawing program
karchiver3.4.2.b4-1009KDE - Universal archiving tool
kasablanca0.4.0.2-1004KDE - FTP client that supports FXP transfers
kasteroids3.5.10-2KDE - asteroids clone
katapult0.3.2.1-1005KDE - Universal app launcher
kate-plugin-filetree0.1.20070704-1004KDE - File tree view plugin for Kate
kate-plugin-projectmanager0.1.2-1004KDE - Projectmanagement plugin for Kate
kate4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - advanced text editor
kate4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - advanced text editor
katomic3.5.10-2KDE - sokoban-like game
katy0.3.1-1006KDE - text editor, inspired by UltraEdit
kbabel3.5.10-3KDE - edit and manage gettext PO files
kbackgammon3.5.10-2KDE - backgammon board game
kbackup0.5.4-1003KDE - Backup application, using tar
kbackup-kde4-mac0.7.1-1003KDE4 - Backup application
kbackup-kde4-x110.7.1-1003KDE4 - Backup application
kbarcode2.0.7-1004KDE - Print barcodes and labels
kbattleship3.5.10-2KDE - Battleship clone
kbfx0.4.9.2-rc4-1003KDE - Custom, versatile menu applet
kbibtex0.2.1-1004KDE - BibTeX editor, embeddable
kbiof0.3-1003KDE - OpenGL screensaver
kblackbox3.5.10-2KDE - Blackbox clone
kbounce3.5.10-2KDE - catch moving balls
kbruch3.5.10-1KDE - generate tasks with fractions
kbruch4-mac4.4.1-6practice calculating with fractions
kbruch4-x114.4.1-6practice calculating with fractions
kbstateapplet3.5.10-2KDE - Track keyboard state
kbugbuster3.5.10-3KDE - bug-reporting tool
kbugbuster4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - bugzilla client
kbugbuster4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - bugzilla client
kcachegrind3.5.10-3KDE - profiling visualization
kcachegrind4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - valgrind visualization tool
kcachegrind4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - valgrind visualization tool
kcalc3.5.10-3KDE - scientific calculator
kcdlabel2.13-1004KDE - Creates CD covers, labels and booklets
kcharselect3.5.10-3KDE - character set selector
kchart1.6.3-1032KDE - a chart drawing program
kchmviewer3.0-1004KDE - Viewer for .chm help files
kchmviewer-kde4-mac5.1-1003KDE4 - Viewer for MS CHM help files
kchmviewer-kde4-x115.1-1003KDE4 - Viewer for MS CHM help files
kcoloredit3.5.10-4KDE - color palette editor
kcoloredit-kde4-x112.0.0-1004KDE4 - Color palettes editor
kconfigure2.1-1006KDE - Simplify compiling/installing software
kcron3.5.10-1KDE - crontab editor
kcron4-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - crontab editor
kcron4-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - crontab editor
kdbus0.8.6-1009KDE - D-BUS service browser
kde-emoticons3.5.10-1KDE - emoticons
kde-extra-screensavers3.5.10-1KDE - extra screensavers
kde-extra-sounds3.5.10-1KDE - extra sounds for startup and logout
kde-extra-themes3.5.10-1KDE - extra window styles and themes
kde-extra-wallpapers3.5.10-1KDE - extra wallpaper images
kde-filesharing3.5.10-2KDE - filesharing client
kde-icons-classic3.5.10-1KDE - "Classic" icon set
kde-icons-ikons3.5.10-1KDE - "iKons" icon set
kde-icons-kids3.5.10-1KDE - "Kids" icon set
kde-icons-locolor3.5.10-1KDE - "Locolor" icon set
kde-icons-noia0.95-1023KDE - "Noia" icon set
kde-icons-slick3.5.10-1KDE - "slick" icon set
kde-kfile-image-plugins3.5.10-4KDE - plugins for graphics file I/O
kde-panel-eyes3.5.10-1KDE - xeyes panel applet
kde-panel-fifteen3.5.10-1KDE - moving squares panel game
kde-panel-kmoon3.5.10-1KDE - moon phases
kde-panel-worldwatch3.5.10-1KDE - worldclock panel applet
kdeaccessibility33.5.10-2KDE - accessibility tools
kdeaccessibility3-base3.5.10-2KDE - kdeaccessibility base package
kdeaccessibility3-iconthemes3.5.10-2KDE - kdeaccessibility3 icon themes
kdeaccessibility4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - accessibility software
kdeaccessibility4-mac-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdeaccessibility base package
kdeaccessibility4-mac-color-schemes4.4.1-2KDE4 - color schemes to aid accessibility
kdeaccessibility4-mac-icon-themes4.4.1-2KDE4 - icon themes to aid accessibility
kdeaccessibility4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - accessibility software
kdeaccessibility4-x11-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdeaccessibility base package
kdeaccessibility4-x11-color-schemes4.4.1-2KDE4 - color schemes to aid accessibility
kdeaccessibility4-x11-icon-themes4.4.1-2KDE4 - icon themes to aid accessibility
kdeaccounts-plugin3.5.10-3KDE - manage KDE CVS accounts
kdeadmin33.5.10-1KDE - miscellaneous administrative tools
kdeadmin3-base3.5.10-1KDE - kdeadmin base package
kdeadmin4-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - UNIX admin tools
kdeadmin4-mac-base4.4.1-1KDE4 - kdeadmin base package
kdeadmin4-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - UNIX admin tools
kdeadmin4-x11-base4.4.1-1KDE4 - kdeadmin base package
kdeartwork33.5.10-1KDE - additional artwork
kdeartwork3-base3.5.10-1KDE - kdeartwork base package
kdebase33.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-apidox3.5.10-10KDE - base system (API documentation)
kdebase3-dev3.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-shlibs3.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-ssl3.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-ssl-dev3.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-ssl-shlibs3.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-unified3.5.10-11KDE - base system
kdebase3-unified-dev3.5.10-11KDE - base development headers and libraries
kdebase3-unified-shlibs3.5.10-11KDE - base shared libraries
kdebase4-mac4.4.1-3KDE4 - base runtime
kdebase4-mac-dev4.4.1-3KDE4 - base development libraries and headers
kdebase4-mac-shlibs4.4.1-3KDE4 - base shared libraries
kdebase4-runtime-mac4.4.1-5KDE4 - base applications and tools (runtime)
kdebase4-runtime-x114.4.1-5KDE4 - base applications and tools (runtime)
kdebase4-x114.4.1-3KDE4 - base runtime
kdebase4-x11-dev4.4.1-3KDE4 - base development libraries and headers
kdebase4-x11-shlibs4.4.1-3KDE4 - base shared libraries
kdeedu33.5.10-1KDE - educational software
kdeedu3-base3.5.10-1KDE - kdeedu base package
kdeedu3-common3.5.10-1KDE - kdeedu common shared libraries
kdeedu3-dev3.5.10-1KDE - kdeedu development headers and libraries
kdeedu4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - Edutainment software
kdeedu4-mac-base4.4.1-6KDE4 - kdeedu base package
kdeedu4-mac-base-shlibs4.4.1-6KDE4 - base kdeedu shared libraries
kdeedu4-mac-dev4.4.1-6KDE4 - kdeedu development libs and headers
kdeedu4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - Edutainment software
kdeedu4-x11-base4.4.1-6KDE4 - kdeedu base package
kdeedu4-x11-base-shlibs4.4.1-6KDE4 - base kdeedu shared libraries
kdeedu4-x11-dev4.4.1-6KDE4 - kdeedu development libs and headers
kdegames33.5.10-2KDE - games
kdegames3-base3.5.10-2KDE - kdegames base package
kdegames3-common3.5.10-2KDE - game shared libraries
kdegames3-dev3.5.10-2KDE - kdegames development headers and libraries
kdegraphics33.5.10-4KDE - graphics
kdegraphics3-base3.5.10-4KDE - kdegraphics base package
kdegraphics3-dev3.5.10-4KDE - development headers and libraries
kdelibs33.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-apidox3.5.10-10KDE - essential libraries (API documentation)
kdelibs3-dev3.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-shlibs3.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-ssl3.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-ssl-dev3.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-ssl-shlibs3.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-unified3.5.10-14KDE - essential libraries
kdelibs3-unified-dev3.5.10-14KDE - essential development libraries and headers
kdelibs3-unified-shlibs3.5.10-14KDE - essential shared libraries
kdelibs4-mac4.4.1-4KDE4 - essential libraries
kdelibs4-mac-dev4.4.1-4KDE4 - essential development libraries and headers
kdelibs4-mac-shlibs4.4.1-4KDE4 - essential shared libraries
kdelibs4-x114.4.1-4KDE4 - essential libraries
kdelibs4-x11-dev4.4.1-4KDE4 - essential development libraries and headers
kdelibs4-x11-shlibs4.4.1-4KDE4 - essential shared libraries
kdemultimedia4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - Multimedia Apps
kdemultimedia4-mac-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdemultimedia base package
kdemultimedia4-mac-base-shlibs4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdemultimedia base shared libraries
kdemultimedia4-mac-dev4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdemultimedia dev headers and libs
kdemultimedia4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - Multimedia Apps
kdemultimedia4-x11-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdemultimedia base package
kdemultimedia4-x11-base-shlibs4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdemultimedia base shared libraries
kdemultimedia4-x11-dev4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdemultimedia dev headers and libs
kdenetwork33.5.10-2KDE - networking
kdenetwork3-base3.5.10-2KDE - kdenetwork base package
kdenetwork3-common3.5.10-2KDE - upgrade package for kdenetwork
kdenetwork3-dev3.5.10-2network development libraries and headers
kdenetwork3-misc3.5.10-2KDE - other miscellaneous network applications and plugins
kdepimlibs4-mac4.4.1-3KDE4 - PIM support libraries
kdepimlibs4-mac-dev4.4.1-3KDE4 - PIM support development libraries and headers
kdepimlibs4-mac-shlibs4.4.1-3KDE4 - PIM support shared libraries
kdepimlibs4-x114.4.1-3KDE4 - PIM support libraries
kdepimlibs4-x11-dev4.4.1-3KDE4 - PIM support development libraries and headers
kdepimlibs4-x11-shlibs4.4.1-3KDE4 - PIM support shared libraries
kdesdk33.5.10-3KDE - tools for developers
kdesdk3-base3.5.10-3KDE - kdesdk base package
kdesdk3-dev3.5.10-3KDE - kdesdk development headers and libraries
kdesdk3-extra-kfile-plugins3.5.10-3KDE - extra kfile plugins from kdesdk
kdesdk3-scripts3.5.10-3KDE - various development-related scripts
kdesdk3-ssl3.5.10-3KDE - upgrade package for kdesdk3-ssl
kdesdk3-svn3.5.10-2KDE - svn ioslave
kdesdk4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - Developer Utilities
kdesdk4-mac-accounts-plugin4.4.1-2KDE4 - add KDE developer emails to the address book
kdesdk4-mac-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdesdk base package
kdesdk4-mac-dev4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdesdk dev headers and libs
kdesdk4-mac-ioslaves4.4.1-2OBSOLETE: use kdesdk4-mac-svn-ioslave instead
kdesdk4-mac-scripts4.4.1-2KDE4 - scripts for KDE development
kdesdk4-mac-svn-ioslave4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesdk4-mac-svn-provider4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesdk4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - Developer Utilities
kdesdk4-x11-accounts-plugin4.4.1-2KDE4 - add KDE developer emails to the address book
kdesdk4-x11-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdesdk base package
kdesdk4-x11-dev4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdesdk dev headers and libs
kdesdk4-x11-ioslaves4.4.1-2OBSOLETE: use kdesdk4-x11-svn-ioslave instead
kdesdk4-x11-scripts4.4.1-2KDE4 - scripts for KDE development
kdesdk4-x11-svn-ioslave4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesdk4-x11-svn-provider4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdessh3.5.10-3KDE - ssh frontend
kdesudo2.6-1005KDE - better sudo wrapper
kdesudo-kde4-mac3.4.2.3-1005Replacement for kdesu (respects sudoers etc)
kdesudo-kde4-x113.4.2.3-1005Replacement for kdesu (respects sudoers etc)
kdesvn1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdesvn-dev1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdesvn-kde4-mac1.5.5-1KDE4 - SVN frontend
kdesvn-kde4-x111.5.5-1KDE4 - SVN frontend
kdesvn-shlibs1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdetoys33.5.10-1KDE - toys
kdetoys3-base3.5.10-1KDE - kdetoys base package
kdeutils33.5.10-3KDE - miscellaneous utilities
kdeutils3-base3.5.10-3KDE - kdeutils base package
kdeutils3-dev3.5.10-3KDE - kdeutils development headers and libraries
kdeutils3-ssl3.5.10-3KDE - upgrade package for kdeutils3-ssl
kdevelop3.5.4-2KDE - development IDE
kdevelop-dev3.5.4-2Development headers and libs for kdevelop
kdevelop-shlibs3.5.4-2Shared libraries for kdevelop
kdewebdev33.5.10-1KDE - Web Development Tools
kdewebdev3-base3.5.10-1KDE - kdewebdev base package
kdewebdev3-dev3.5.10-1KDE - kdewebdev development headers and libraries
kdewebdev4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - Web Development
kdewebdev4-mac-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdewebdev base package
kdewebdev4-mac-dev4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdewebdev headers and libraries
kdewebdev4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - Web Development
kdewebdev4-x11-base4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdewebdev base package
kdewebdev4-x11-dev4.4.1-2KDE4 - kdewebdev headers and libraries
kdf3.5.10-3KDE - disk space GUI
kdiff30.9.92-1004KDE - compare/merge 2 or 3 files/directories
kdiff3-kde4-mac0.9.95-1009KDE4 - compare/merge files or directories
kdiff3-kde4-x110.9.95-1009KDE4 - compare/merge files or directories
kding0.4.2-1004KDE - Dictionary lookup program
kding-kde4-mac0.5.1-1005KDE4 - Dictionary lookup program
kding-kde4-x110.5.1-1005KDE4 - Dictionary lookup program
kdirstat2.4.4-1Graphical disk usage utility
kdissert1.0.7-1003KDE - MindMapping tool
kdnssd3.5.10-2KDE - a DNS SD (Bonjour) ioslave and KDED module
kdoodle0.2.3-1002KDE - Frontend GUI for doodle
kdvi3.5.10-4KDE - DVI print file previewer
kedit3.5.10-3KDE - simple text editor
keduca3.5.10-1KDE - create and revise form-based exams
keep0.4.0-1005KDE - Backup system, based on rdiff
kenolaba3.5.10-2KDE - strategy board game
keurocalc-kde4-mac1.0.2-1003KDE4 - Currency converter/calculator
keurocalc-kde4-x111.0.2-1003KDE4 - Currency converter/calculator
kexchange1.0-1005KDE - Currency converter
kexi1.6.3-1032KDE - integrated data management application
kfax3.5.10-4KDE - fax file viewer
kfieldlines0.1-1002KDE - OpenGL screensaver
kfilereplace3.5.10-1KDE - String replacement utility
kfilereplace4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - batch search-and-replace
kfilereplace4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - batch search-and-replace
kfish2.01-1004KDE - Panel applet displaying a fish
kflickr0.9-1004KDE - upload tool for users
kflickr-kde4-mac20081222-1003KDE4 - Picture upload tool for
kflickr-kde4-x1120081222-1003KDE4 - Picture upload tool for
kflocks0.1-1001KDE - OpenGL screensaver
kfloppy3.5.10-3KDE - floppy disk formatter
kformula1.6.3-1032KDE - a powerful formula editor
kfouleggs3.5.10-2KDE - PuyoPuyo clone
kftpgrabber0.8.1-1003KDE - FTP client
kgamma3.5.10-4KDE - monitor calibration tool
kgeography3.5.10-1KDE - learn about geography
kgeography4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - geography learning trainer
kgeography4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - geography learning trainer
kget3.5.10-2KDE - download manager
kghostview3.5.10-4KDE - postscript viewer
kgoldrunner3.5.10-2KDE - platform game
khangman3.5.10-1KDE - hangman word game
khangman4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - hangman word guessing game
khangman4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - hangman word guessing game
khexedit3.5.10-3KDE - hex editor
khtpasswd0.1.7-1002KDE - Editor for .htaccess & .htpasswd files
kiconedit3.5.10-4KDE - icon editor
kiconedit-kde4-mac4.2.2-1003KDE4 - Icon editor
kiconedit-kde4-x114.2.2-1003KDE4 - Icon editor
kid31.3-1003KDE - ID3 tagger for mp3 and ogg files
kig3.5.10-1KDE - explore geometric constructions
kig4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - explore geometric constructions
kig4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - explore geometric constructions
kile2.0.3-1003KDE - LaTeX frontend
kile-kde4-mac2.1b3-1003KDE4 - TeX editor
kile-kde4-x112.1b3-1003KDE4 - TeX editor
kimagemapeditor3.5.10-1KDE - Edit HTML image maps
kimagemapeditor4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - HTML image map editor
kimagemapeditor4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - HTML image map editor
kinstaller0.2-1004KDE - Application installer
kipi-plugins0.1.2-1013Plugins for the KDE Image Plugin Interface
kiten3.5.10-1KDE - Japanese reference and learning tool
kiten4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - Japanese learning tool
kiten4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - Japanese learning tool
kivio1.6.3-1032KDE - a Visio(R)-style flowcharting application
kjots3.5.10-3KDE - small note taker
kjsembed3.5.10-10KDE - embedded javascript interpreter
kjsembed-dev3.5.10-10KDE - headers and libraries for KJSEmbed development
kjumpingcube3.5.10-2KDE - tactical game
klaptopdaemon3.5.10-3KDE - battery monitor for laptops
klatexformula2.1.1-1002KDE - Creates images from LaTeX formulas
klatin3.5.10-1KDE - latin language tool
kleansweep0.2.9-1002KDE - Finds and removes unneeded files
klettres3.5.10-1KDE - multi-language alphabet learning aid
klettres4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - learn language alphabets
klettres4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - learn language alphabets
klibido0.2.5-1008KDE - Linux Binaries Downloader
klickety3.5.10-2KDE - Tetris-like game
klines3.5.10-2KDE - Color Lines-like logic game
klinkstatus3.5.10-1KDE - Web site link checker
klinkstatus4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - web link validity checker
klinkstatus4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - web link validity checker
klogic1.63-1005KDE - Digital circuit simulation
klogview0.6-1003KDE - Shows multiple log files, in realtime
klusters1.6.2-1004KDE - Cluster-cutter for neurophysiologists
kmag3.5.10-2KDE - magnifier
kmag4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - magnify a part of your screen
kmahjongg3.5.10-2KDE - pick-up game based on the ancient mandarin Mah Jong
kmess-kde4-mac2.0.3-1006KDE4 - Instant messenger for the MSN network
kmess-kde4-x112.0.3-1006KDE4 - Instant messenger for the MSN network
kmines3.5.10-2KDE - minesweeper-like game
kmix4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - volume control and mixer
kmix4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - volume control and mixer
kmldonkey0.10.1-1004KDE - Frontend for MLDonkey
kmldonkey-dev0.10.1-1004KDE - Frontend for MLDonkey, development files
kmldonkey-kde4-mac2.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-kde4-mac-shlibs2.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-kde4-x112.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-kde4-x11-shlibs2.0.2-1005KDE4 - MLDonkey frontend
kmldonkey-shlibs0.10.1-1004KDE - Frontend for MLDonkey, shared libraries
kmousetool3.5.10-2KDE - automatically click when mouse idles
kmousetool4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - automatically click your mouse
kmouth4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - text-to-speech tool
kmouth4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - text-to-speech tool
kmplayer0.10.0-1005KDE - Video player
kmplot3.5.10-1KDE - mathematical function plotter
kmplot4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - mathematical function plotter
kmplot4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - mathematical function plotter
kmrml3.5.10-4KDE - konqueror plugin for searching pictures
kmymoney20.8.9-3Personal finance manager
kmymoney2-dev0.8.9-3Personal finance manager
kmymoney2-shlibs0.8.9-3Personal finance manager
knetwalk3.5.10-2KDE - a game for system administrators
knetworkconf4-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - network configuration tool
knetworkconf4-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - network configuration tool
knewsticker3.5.10-2KDE - news ticker
knmap2.1-1011KDE - Frontend for nmap, the Network Mapper
knowit0.10-1004KDE - Hierarchical notebook like CueCards
koctave0.70-1006KDE - Frontend/GUI for octave
kodometer3.5.10-1KDE - desktop mileage odometer
koffice1.6.3-1032KDE - office suite
koffice-base1.6.3-1032KDE - koffice base package
koffice-common1.6.3-1032KDE - files used by all of KOffice
koffice-dev1.6.3-1032KDE - development headers and libraries for KOffice
koffice-shlibs1.6.3-1032KDE - shared libraries for KOffice
kolf3.5.10-2KDE - mini-golf game
kolourpaint3.5.10-4KDE - easy-to-use paint program
kommander3.5.10-1KDE - Dialog box creator
kommander4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - visual dialog builder
kommander4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - visual dialog builder
komparator0.9-1003KDE - tool for comparing directory contents
kompare3.5.10-3KDE - graphical patch browser
kompare4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - file difference viewer
kompare4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - file difference viewer
kompose0.5.4-1003KDE - full screen task manager
konquest3.5.10-2KDE - multi-player strategic war game
konserve0.10.3-1004KDE - System tray app for periodic backups
konversation1.0.1-1024KDE - User-friendly IRC client
konversation-kde4-mac1.3.1-1004KDE4 - Full-featured IRC client
konversation-kde4-x111.3.1-1004KDE4 - Full-featured IRC client
konvertible-kde4-mac0.1.3-1003KDE4 - Audio converter, uses ffmpeg
konvertible-kde4-x110.1.3-1003KDE4 - Audio converter, uses ffmpeg
kooka3.5.10-4KDE - scanning and OCR
kooldock0.4.7-1004KDE - Cute desktop panel with icon zooming
kopete3.5.10-2KDE - multi-protocol IM client
kopete-antispam0.5-1003KDE - Antispam plugin for Kopete
koverartist0.5-1004KDE - Tool for fast creation of CD covers
kpackage3.5.10-1KDE - software package tool
kpar2-kde4-mac0.4.5-1003KDE4 - Frontend for libpar2
kpar2-kde4-x110.4.5-1003KDE4 - Frontend for libpar2
kpartloader4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - test loading a KPart
kpartloader4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - test loading a KPart
kpatience3.5.10-2KDE - collection of solitaire-like card games
kpdf3.5.10-4KDE - pdf document viewer
kpercentage3.5.10-1KDE - practice calculating percentages
kpf3.5.10-2KDE - personal fileserver
kphotoalbum3.1.1-1003KDE - Catalog for pictures and movies
kpl3.3-1006KDE - Function plotter, 2D and 3D
kplato1.6.3-1032KDE - project manager
kplayer0.6.3-1003KDE - Video player, frontend/GUI for mplayer
kpogre1.8.2-1005KDE - Administration tool for PostgreSQL
kpoker3.5.10-2KDE - poker card game
kpovmodeler3.5.10-4KDE - 3D modeler and composer
kprayertime4-kde4-x114.01-1003KDE4 - Plasmoid for islamic prayer times
kpresenter1.6.3-1032KDE - a full-featured presentation program
kradioripper-kde4-mac0.5.10-1003KDE4 - Internet stream converter
kradioripper-kde4-x110.5.10-1003KDE4 - Internet stream converter
kradview1.1.0-1003KDE - DICOM image viewer
kraft0.32-1003KDE - Software for small business operators
krd1.6-1005KDE - Remote desktop manager
krdc3.5.10-2KDE - remote desktop client (VNC)
krecipes1.0-1006KDE - Cooking book
krecipes-kde4-mac2.0-svn20100115-1004KDE4 - Recipes database, uses sqlite3
krecipes-kde4-x112.0-svn20100115-1004KDE4 - Recipes database, uses sqlite3
kregexpeditor3.5.10-3KDE - regular expression editor kpart
krename3.0.14-1006KDE - batch renamer tool
krename-kde4-mac4.0.3-1004KDE4 - Powerful batch file renamer
krename-kde4-x114.0.3-1004KDE4 - Powerful batch file renamer
krep0.8.2-1005KDE - monitors a file, with filters
krep-kde4-mac0.5-1003KDE4 - File monitor, has filters
krep-kde4-x110.5-1003KDE4 - File monitor, has filters
kreversi3.5.10-2KDE - reversi clone
krfb3.5.10-2KDE - remote desktop server (VNC)
krita1.6.3-1032KDE - a pixel-based image manipulation program
kruler3.5.10-4KDE - distance and color measurement
krusader1.80.0-release-3Twinpanel (commander-style) filemanager
krusader-kde4-mac2.2.0.beta1-1005KDE4 - Twin panel filemanager
krusader-kde4-x112.2.0.beta1-1005KDE4 - Twin panel filemanager
ksame3.5.10-2KDE - simple game inspired by SameGame
ksayit3.5.10-2KDE - Speak a text file
kscope1.6.2-1004KDE - cscope-based source editing environment
kshisen3.5.10-2KDE - Shisen-So - a Mah Jong-like game
kshutdown1.0.4-1003KDE - Advanced shut down utility
ksim3.5.10-3KDE - system monitor
ksirc3.5.10-2KDE - graphical IRC client
ksirtet3.5.10-2KDE - Tetris clone
ksmiletris3.5.10-2KDE - Tetris clone
ksmoothdock4.5-1005KDE - Cute desktop panel with icon zooming
ksnake3.5.10-2KDE - snake race played against the computer
ksnapshot3.5.10-4KDE - screenshot utility
ksokoban3.5.10-2KDE - sokoban-like game
ksoprano-kde4-mac0.2-1KDE4 - Query and manipulate RDF data
ksoprano-kde4-x110.2-1KDE4 - Query and manipulate RDF data
kspaceduel3.5.10-2KDE - 2-player space arcade game
ksplash-engine-moodin0.4.2-1004KDE - fading splash screen engine
kspread1.6.3-1032KDE - a powerful spreadsheet program
kspy3.5.10-3KDE - Qt/KDE application state examination
kst1.7.0-1004KDE - Scientific data plotter
kst-dev1.7.0-1004KDE - Scientific data plotter, development files
kst-shlibs1.7.0-1004KDE - Scientific data plotter, shared libraries
kstars3.5.10-1KDE - desktop planetarium
kstars4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - desktop planetarium
kstars4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - desktop planetarium
ksubnet1.0-1003KDE - IP subnet calculator
ksubtile1.3-1003KDE - Editor for .srt subtitle files
ksudoku0.4-1005KDE - Sudoku game, includes a solver
ksvg3.5.10-4KDE - vector graphics
ksystemlog4-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - system log viewer
ksystemlog4-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - system log viewer
kteatime3.5.10-1KDE - tea timer
ktimer3.5.10-3KDE - timer
ktorrent2.2.8-1004KDE - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-mac3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-mac-dev3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-mac-shlibs3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-x113.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-x11-dev3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktorrent-kde4-x11-shlibs3.3.4-1003KDE4 - Bittorrent client
ktouch3.5.10-1KDE - touch-typing tutor
ktouch4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - learn touch typing
ktouch4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - learn touch typing
ktron3.5.10-2KDE - simple Tron clone
ktts3.5.10-2KDE - Text-to-Speech
ktuberling3.5.10-2KDE - Mr. Potato Head-like game
kturtle3.5.10-1KDE - LOGO educational programming language
kturtle4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - educational programming environment (Logo)
kturtle4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - educational programming environment (Logo)
ktux3.5.10-1KDE - tux the penguin screensaver
kuake0.3-1005KDE - Console that imitates the Quake engine
kudus0.3-1006KDE - sudoku game
kuftp1.5.0-1003KDE - FTP client with tabbed sessions
kugar1.6.3-1032KDE - a tool for generating business-quality reports
kuickshow3.5.10-4KDE - slideshow application
kuiviewer3.5.10-3KDE - preview KDE .ui files
kuiviewer4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - Qt Designer interface viewer
kuiviewer4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - Qt Designer interface viewer
kunittest3.5.10-3KDE - unit test library
kuser4-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - user management
kuser4-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - user management
kverbos3.5.10-1KDE - spanish verb form study aid
kview3.5.10-4KDE - image viewer
kvirc3.4.2-1003KDE - IRC client with many extras
kvirc-dev3.4.2-1003KDE - IRC client with many extras, development files
kvirc-shlibs3.4.2-1003KDE - IRC client with many extras, shared libs
kvoctrain3.5.10-1KDE - vocabulary training tool
kwalletmanager3.5.10-3KDE - KWallet configuration tool
kweather3.5.10-1KDE - weather reporting tools
kwikdisk3.5.10-3KDE - mount and unmount disks
kwin43.5.10-2KDE - Connect-4 clone
kword1.6.3-1032KDE - a frame-based word processor
kwordquiz3.5.10-1KDE - flashcard and vocabulary learning program
kwordquiz4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - flash card program
kwordquiz4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - flash card program
kworldclock3.5.10-1KDE - international clock
kworldclock-maps3.5.10-1KDE - extra maps for kworldclock
kxmleditor1.1.4-1031KDE - XML editor
kxsldbg3.5.10-1KDE - XML stylesheet debugger
kynaptic0.55-1007KDE - Graphical package manager
libkdcraw0.1.1-1005KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw
libkdcraw-shlibs0.1.1-1005KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw, shared libraries
libkdcraw20.1.2-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw
libkdcraw2-shlibs0.1.2-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw, shared libraries
libkdcraw40.1.6-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw
libkdcraw4-shlibs0.1.6-1004KDE - a KIPI clone of dcraw, shared libraries
libkexif0.2.5-1004Library for reading embedded image tags
libkexif-shlibs0.2.5-1004Library for reading embedded image tags, shared libraries
libkexiv20.1.6-1009KDE - a KIPI wrapper for exiv2
libkexiv2-shlibs0.1.6-1009KDE - a KIPI wrapper for exiv2, shared libraries
libkholidays4-mac4.4.1-3KDE4 - holiday calendar support
libkholidays4-mac-shlibs4.4.1-3KDE4 - holiday calendar shared libraries
libkholidays4-x114.4.1-3KDE4 - holiday calendar support
libkholidays4-x11-shlibs4.4.1-3KDE4 - holiday calendar shared libraries
libkipi0.1.5-1003KDE Image Plugin Interface
libkipi-shlibs0.1.5-1003KDE Image Plugin Interface, shared libraries
libknotificationitem1-mac4.3.4-2KDE4 - notification lib
libknotificationitem1-mac-dev4.3.4-2KDE4 - notification headers and libs
libknotificationitem1-mac-shlibs4.3.4-2KDE4 - notification shlibs
libknotificationitem1-x114.3.4-2KDE4 - notification lib
libknotificationitem1-x11-dev4.3.4-2KDE4 - notification headers and libs
libknotificationitem1-x11-shlibs4.3.4-2KDE4 - notification shlibs
libktorrent-mac1.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libktorrent-mac-shlibs1.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libktorrent-x111.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
libktorrent-x11-shlibs1.0.0-1005KDE4 - Background library of KTorrent
lisa3.5.10-2KDE - network neighborhood browser
lokalize4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - translation system
lokalize4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - translation system
loopy-kde4-mac0.5.3-1003KDE4 - Slim, themeable video player
loopy-kde4-x110.5.3-1003KDE4 - Slim, themeable video player
lskat3.5.10-2KDE - 2-player card game like Offiziersskat
mailody0.5.0-1004KDE - advanced IMAP email client
marble4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - virtual globe and world atlas
marble4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - virtual globe and world atlas
mateedit0.2-1004KDE - collaborative editor
mplayerthumbs4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - thumbnail generator
mplayerthumbs4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - thumbnail generator
ndmanager1.2.1-1003KDE - Neurophysiological Data Manager
neuroscope1.3.3-1004KDE - Viewer for physio and behavioral data
nitrogen-kde4-x113.3.0-1003KDE4 - Window decoration
opak0.1-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
oxygen-icons-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - Oxygen icons
oxygen-icons-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - Oxygen icons
parley4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - memorization program
parley4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - memorization program
pgcalc2.2-1004KDE - Full-featured desktop calculator
po2xml4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - translate docbook XML with gettext
po2xml4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - translate docbook XML with gettext
polyester1.0.5-1002KDE - extra theme/style
poxml3.5.10-3KDE - use PO files to translate DocBook XML
qtcurve-kde30.59.5-1Unified widget style (KDE 3 version)
qtrans-kde4-mac0.2.2.2-1004KDE4 - Word translator
qtrans-kde4-x110.2.2.2-1004KDE4 - Word translator
quadkonsole2.0.3-1004KDE - terminal emulator with 4 konsole kparts
quanta3.5.10-1KDE - HTML Editor
rekonq-kde4-mac0.5.0-1004KDE4 - Lightweight WebKit based web browser
rekonq-kde4-x110.5.0-1004KDE4 - Lightweight WebKit based web browser
rocs4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - Graph editor and environment
rocs4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - Graph editor and environment
scheck3.5.10-3KDE - accelerator and style guide conflict checker
secpolicy3.5.10-1KDE - PAM security policy viewer
showimg0.9.5-1005KDE - Feature-rich image viewer
sim0.9.4.3-1004KDE - Multiprotocol instant messenger
sir1.2-1003Simple image resizer, based on Qt3
skanlite-kde4-mac0.3-1003KDE4 - Simple scanning app (replaces kooka)
skanlite-kde4-x110.3-1003KDE4 - Simple scanning app (replaces kooka)
skrooge-kde4-mac0.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
skrooge-kde4-mac-shlibs0.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
skrooge-kde4-x110.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
skrooge-kde4-x11-shlibs0.7.1-1005KDE4 - Personal finances manager
smb4k0.9.9-1002KDE - advanced network neighborhood browser
smb4k-dev0.9.9-1002Headers and dev libraries for KDE advanced netwrk nbhd browser
smb4k-kde4-mac0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-mac-dev0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-mac-shlibs0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-x110.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-x11-dev0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-kde4-x11-shlibs0.10.5-1003KDE4 - Network neighborhood browser
smb4k-shlibs0.9.9-1002Shared libraries for KDE advanced netwrk nbhd browser
soundkonverter0.3.9-1004KDE - Frontend for audio transcoding tools
step4-mac4.4.1-6KDE4 - Interactive physics simulator
step4-x114.4.1-6KDE4 - Interactive physics simulator
styleclock0.5.1-1005KDE - Themeable clock applet
superkaramba3.5.10-3KDE - desktop customization and information display
taskjuggler2.4.1-2KDE - Flexible project management tool
taskjuggler-nox2.4.1-2KDE - Flexible project management tool
tellico1.2.14-1005KDE - Collection manager
tellico-kde4-mac2.3.7-2KDE4 - Collections manager
tellico-kde4-x112.3.7-2KDE4 - Collections manager
transkode0.7-1005KDE - Frontend for audio transcoding tools
tweak0.2.2-1003KDE - set various hidden config options
umbrello3.5.10-3KDE - UML modeler
umbrello4-mac4.4.1-2KDE4 - UML modelling tool
umbrello4-x114.4.1-2KDE4 - UML modelling tool
whiteline0.1-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
wisdom0.5-1003KDE - extra window decoration style
yakuake2.8.1-1004KDE - Quake-style terminal emulator
yakuake-kde4-mac2.9.8-1KDE4 - Quake-like terminal emulator
yakuake-kde4-x112.9.8-1KDE4 - Quake-like terminal emulator
yawp-kde4-x110.3.2-1005KDE4 - Yet another weather plasmoid

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