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Matched 256 packages (Section = 'kde/po')

NameLatest VersionDescription
bundle-kde-i18n3.5.10-1KDE - all language support
bundle-kde4-l10n-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - all language support
bundle-kde4-l10n-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - all language support
bundle-koffice-i18n1.6.3-1022KDE - all language support for KOffice
kde-i18n-afrikaans3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Afrikaans
kde-i18n-arabic3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Arabic
kde-i18n-azerbaijani3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Azerbaijani
kde-i18n-basque3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Basque
kde-i18n-belarusian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Belarusian
kde-i18n-bengali3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Bengali
kde-i18n-bosnian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Bosnian
kde-i18n-brazilian-portugese3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Brazilian Portugese
kde-i18n-breton3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Breton
kde-i18n-bulgarian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Bulgarian
kde-i18n-catalan3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Catalan
kde-i18n-chinese3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Chinese
kde-i18n-chinese-simplified3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Chinese Simplified
kde-i18n-croatian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Croatian
kde-i18n-czech3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Czech
kde-i18n-danish3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Danish
kde-i18n-dutch3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Dutch
kde-i18n-esperanto3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Esperanto
kde-i18n-estonian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Estonian
kde-i18n-farsi3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Farsi
kde-i18n-finnish3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Finnish
kde-i18n-french3.5.10-1KDE - languages for French
kde-i18n-frisian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Frisian
kde-i18n-galician3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Galician
kde-i18n-german3.5.10-1KDE - languages for German
kde-i18n-greek3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Greek
kde-i18n-hebrew3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Hebrew
kde-i18n-hindi3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Hindi
kde-i18n-hungarian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Hungarian
kde-i18n-icelandic3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Icelandic
kde-i18n-irish-gaelic3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Irish Gaelic
kde-i18n-italian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Italian
kde-i18n-japanese3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Japanese
kde-i18n-kashubian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Kashubian
kde-i18n-kazakh3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Kazakh
kde-i18n-khmer3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Khmer
kde-i18n-kinyarwanda3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Kinyarwanda
kde-i18n-korean3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Korean
kde-i18n-latvian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Latvian
kde-i18n-lithuanian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Lithuanian
kde-i18n-low-saxon3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Low Saxon
kde-i18n-macedonian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Macedonian
kde-i18n-malay3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Malay
kde-i18n-mongolian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Mongolian
kde-i18n-northern-sami3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Northern Sami
kde-i18n-norwegian-bokmaal3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Norwegian Bokmaal
kde-i18n-norwegian-nynorsk3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Norwegian Nynorsk
kde-i18n-polish3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Polish
kde-i18n-portugese3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Portugese
kde-i18n-punjabi3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Punjabi
kde-i18n-romanian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Romanian
kde-i18n-russian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Russian
kde-i18n-serbian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Serbian
kde-i18n-serbian-latin-script3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Serbian (Latin Script)
kde-i18n-slovak3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Slovak
kde-i18n-slovenian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Slovenian
kde-i18n-spanish3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Spanish
kde-i18n-swati3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Swati
kde-i18n-swedish3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Swedish
kde-i18n-tajik3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Tajik
kde-i18n-tamil3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Tamil
kde-i18n-telugu3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Telugu
kde-i18n-thai3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Thai
kde-i18n-turkish3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Turkish
kde-i18n-uk-english3.5.10-1KDE - languages for UK English
kde-i18n-ukranian3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Ukranian
kde-i18n-uzbek3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Uzbek
kde-i18n-uzbek-cyrillic3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Uzbek (Cyrillic)
kde-i18n-vietnamese3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Vietnamese
kde-i18n-walloon3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Walloon
kde-i18n-welsh3.5.10-1KDE - languages for Welsh
kde4-l10n-arabic-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Arabic
kde4-l10n-arabic-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Arabic
kde4-l10n-basque-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Basque
kde4-l10n-basque-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Basque
kde4-l10n-bengali-india-mac4.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Bengali India
kde4-l10n-bengali-india-x114.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Bengali India
kde4-l10n-brazilian-portugese-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Brazilian Portugese
kde4-l10n-brazilian-portugese-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Brazilian Portugese
kde4-l10n-bulgarian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Bulgarian
kde4-l10n-bulgarian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Bulgarian
kde4-l10n-catalan-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Catalan
kde4-l10n-catalan-valencia-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Catalan (Valencia)
kde4-l10n-catalan-valencia-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Catalan (Valencia)
kde4-l10n-catalan-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Catalan
kde4-l10n-chhattisgarhi-mac4.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Chhattisgarhi
kde4-l10n-chhattisgarhi-x114.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Chhattisgarhi
kde4-l10n-chinese-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Chinese
kde4-l10n-chinese-simplified-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Chinese Simplified
kde4-l10n-chinese-simplified-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Chinese Simplified
kde4-l10n-chinese-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Chinese
kde4-l10n-croatian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Croatian
kde4-l10n-croatian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Croatian
kde4-l10n-czech-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Czech
kde4-l10n-czech-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Czech
kde4-l10n-danish-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Danish
kde4-l10n-danish-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Danish
kde4-l10n-dutch-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Dutch
kde4-l10n-dutch-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Dutch
kde4-l10n-esperanto-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Esperanto
kde4-l10n-esperanto-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Esperanto
kde4-l10n-estonian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Estonian
kde4-l10n-estonian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Estonian
kde4-l10n-finnish-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Finnish
kde4-l10n-finnish-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Finnish
kde4-l10n-french-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for French
kde4-l10n-french-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for French
kde4-l10n-frisian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Frisian
kde4-l10n-frisian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Frisian
kde4-l10n-galician-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Galician
kde4-l10n-galician-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Galician
kde4-l10n-german-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for German
kde4-l10n-german-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for German
kde4-l10n-greek-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Greek
kde4-l10n-greek-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Greek
kde4-l10n-gujarati-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Gujarati
kde4-l10n-gujarati-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Gujarati
kde4-l10n-hebrew-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Hebrew
kde4-l10n-hebrew-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Hebrew
kde4-l10n-hindi-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Hindi
kde4-l10n-hindi-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Hindi
kde4-l10n-hungarian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Hungarian
kde4-l10n-hungarian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Hungarian
kde4-l10n-icelandic-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Icelandic
kde4-l10n-icelandic-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Icelandic
kde4-l10n-indonesian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Indonesian
kde4-l10n-indonesian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Indonesian
kde4-l10n-irish-gaelic-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Irish Gaelic
kde4-l10n-irish-gaelic-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Irish Gaelic
kde4-l10n-italian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Italian
kde4-l10n-italian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Italian
kde4-l10n-japanese-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Japanese
kde4-l10n-japanese-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Japanese
kde4-l10n-kannada-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Kannada
kde4-l10n-kannada-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Kannada
kde4-l10n-kashubian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Kashubian
kde4-l10n-kashubian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Kashubian
kde4-l10n-kazakh-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Kazakh
kde4-l10n-kazakh-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Kazakh
kde4-l10n-khmer-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Khmer
kde4-l10n-khmer-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Khmer
kde4-l10n-korean-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Korean
kde4-l10n-korean-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Korean
kde4-l10n-kurdish-mac4.3.2-1KDE4 - languages for Kurdish
kde4-l10n-kurdish-x114.3.2-1KDE4 - languages for Kurdish
kde4-l10n-latvian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Latvian
kde4-l10n-latvian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Latvian
kde4-l10n-lithuanian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Lithuanian
kde4-l10n-lithuanian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Lithuanian
kde4-l10n-low-saxon-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Low Saxon
kde4-l10n-low-saxon-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Low Saxon
kde4-l10n-macedonian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Macedonian
kde4-l10n-macedonian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Macedonian
kde4-l10n-maithili-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Maithili
kde4-l10n-maithili-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Maithili
kde4-l10n-malayalam-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Malayalam
kde4-l10n-malayalam-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Malayalam
kde4-l10n-marathi-mac4.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Marathi
kde4-l10n-marathi-x114.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Marathi
kde4-l10n-norwegian-bokmaal-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Norwegian Bokmaal
kde4-l10n-norwegian-bokmaal-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Norwegian Bokmaal
kde4-l10n-norwegian-nynorsk-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Norwegian Nynorsk
kde4-l10n-norwegian-nynorsk-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Norwegian Nynorsk
kde4-l10n-polish-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Polish
kde4-l10n-polish-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Polish
kde4-l10n-portugese-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Portugese
kde4-l10n-portugese-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Portugese
kde4-l10n-punjabi-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Punjabi
kde4-l10n-punjabi-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Punjabi
kde4-l10n-romanian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Romanian
kde4-l10n-romanian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Romanian
kde4-l10n-russian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Russian
kde4-l10n-russian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Russian
kde4-l10n-serbian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Serbian
kde4-l10n-serbian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Serbian
kde4-l10n-sinhala-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Sinhala
kde4-l10n-sinhala-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Sinhala
kde4-l10n-slovak-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Slovak
kde4-l10n-slovak-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Slovak
kde4-l10n-slovenian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Slovenian
kde4-l10n-slovenian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Slovenian
kde4-l10n-spanish-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Spanish
kde4-l10n-spanish-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Spanish
kde4-l10n-swedish-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Swedish
kde4-l10n-swedish-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Swedish
kde4-l10n-tajik-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Tajik
kde4-l10n-tajik-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Tajik
kde4-l10n-thai-mac4.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Thai
kde4-l10n-thai-x114.3.90-1KDE4 - languages for Thai
kde4-l10n-turkish-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Turkish
kde4-l10n-turkish-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Turkish
kde4-l10n-uk-english-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for UK English
kde4-l10n-uk-english-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for UK English
kde4-l10n-ukranian-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Ukranian
kde4-l10n-ukranian-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Ukranian
kde4-l10n-walloon-mac4.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Walloon
kde4-l10n-walloon-x114.4.1-1KDE4 - languages for Walloon
koffice-i18n-afrikaans1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Afrikaans
koffice-i18n-arabic1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Arabic
koffice-i18n-basque1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Basque
koffice-i18n-bosnian1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Bosnian
koffice-i18n-brazilian-portugese1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Brazilian Portugese
koffice-i18n-breton1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Breton
koffice-i18n-bulgarian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Bulgarian
koffice-i18n-catalan1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Catalan
koffice-i18n-chinese1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Chinese
koffice-i18n-chinese-simplified1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Chinese Simplified
koffice-i18n-czech1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Czech
koffice-i18n-danish1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Danish
koffice-i18n-dutch1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Dutch
koffice-i18n-esperanto1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Esperanto
koffice-i18n-estonian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Estonian
koffice-i18n-farsi1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Farsi
koffice-i18n-finnish1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Finnish
koffice-i18n-french1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for French
koffice-i18n-galician1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Galician
koffice-i18n-german1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for German
koffice-i18n-greek1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Greek
koffice-i18n-hebrew1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Hebrew
koffice-i18n-hindi1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Hindi
koffice-i18n-hungarian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Hungarian
koffice-i18n-icelandic1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Icelandic
koffice-i18n-irish-gaelic1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Irish Gaelic
koffice-i18n-italian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Italian
koffice-i18n-japanese1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Japanese
koffice-i18n-khmer1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Khmer
koffice-i18n-latvian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Latvian
koffice-i18n-lithuanian1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Lithuanian
koffice-i18n-low-saxon1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Low Saxon
koffice-i18n-macedonian1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Macedonian
koffice-i18n-malay1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Malay
koffice-i18n-nepali1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Nepali
koffice-i18n-northern-sami1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Northern Sami
koffice-i18n-norwegian-bokmaal1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Norwegian Bokmaal
koffice-i18n-norwegian-nynorsk1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Norwegian Nynorsk
koffice-i18n-polish1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Polish
koffice-i18n-portugese1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Portugese
koffice-i18n-romanian1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Romanian
koffice-i18n-russian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Russian
koffice-i18n-serbian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Serbian
koffice-i18n-serbian-latin-script1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Serbian (Latin Script)
koffice-i18n-slovak1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Slovak
koffice-i18n-slovenian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Slovenian
koffice-i18n-spanish1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Spanish
koffice-i18n-swedish1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Swedish
koffice-i18n-tajik1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Tajik
koffice-i18n-tamil1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Tamil
koffice-i18n-turkish1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Turkish
koffice-i18n-uk-english1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for UK English
koffice-i18n-ukranian1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Ukranian
koffice-i18n-uzbek1.5.2-1022KDE - KOffice language files for Uzbek
koffice-i18n-welsh1.6.3-1022KDE - KOffice languages for Welsh

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