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NameLatest VersionDescription
aplus-fsf4.22-1-2006APL based programming system
aplus-fsf-dev4.22-1-2006APL based programming system
aplus-fsf-shlibs4.22-1-2006APL based programming system
box0.3.4-2Vector graphics language
boxer0.3.8-1GUI editor for the box language
camlp44.02.0.1-1Caml Preprocessor and Pretty-Printer
camlp56.11-1Preprocessor-pretty-printer of Ocaml
chicken2.6-1Compiler for the Scheme programming language
chicken-shlibs2.6-1Shared libraries for chicken compiler
clang343.4.2-2Executables and runtime for clang compiler
clang34-dev3.4.2-2Development headers for clang API
clang34-docs3.4.2-2Documenation for clang and related tools
clang34-shlibs3.4.2-2Shared libraries for clang compiler
clang34-tools3.4.2-2Extra tools for clang, such as formatting
clojure1.6.0-1Functional Lisp-like programming language
distribute-py275.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py27 instead
distribute-py325.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py32 instead
distribute-py335.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py33 instead
distribute-py345.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py34 instead
dragonegg-gcc473.4-2Using LLVM as a GCC backend
dragonegg-gcc483.4-2Using LLVM as a GCC backend
dreampie-py271.1.1-1The Python shell you've always dreamed about
erlang-otp16.b.2-4General-purpose programming language
f2c20090414-3Convert Fortran 77 source code to C
fort771.18-19Wrapper for the f2c Fortran to C converter
fpc2.6.4-2Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) compiler
fpc-config2.6.4-3Free Pascal compiler configuration
fpc-cross-arm-gba2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-gba
fpc-cross-arm-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-linux
fpc-cross-arm-nds2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-nds
fpc-cross-arm-wince2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-wince
fpc-cross-armv4t-embedded2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-embedded
fpc-cross-armv7m-embedded2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler arm-embedded
fpc-cross-common2.6.4-3FPC common cross-compiler binaries
fpc-cross-i386-darwin2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-darwin
fpc-cross-i386-freebsd2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-freebsd
fpc-cross-i386-go32v22.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-go32v2
fpc-cross-i386-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-linux
fpc-cross-i386-solaris2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-solaris
fpc-cross-i386-win322.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-win32
fpc-cross-i386-wince2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler i386-wince
fpc-cross-powerpc-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler ppc-linux
fpc-cross-sparc-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler sparc-linux
fpc-cross-x86-64-freebsd2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-freebsd
fpc-cross-x86-64-linux2.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-linux
fpc-cross-x86-64-win642.6.4-3FPC cross-compiler X86_64-win64
fpc-doc2.6.4-1Free Pascal compiler documentataion
fpc-sources2.6.4-1Sources of the FreePascal compiler
gauche0.9.2-1Embedable Scheme interpreter
gcc464.6.4-1001GNU Compiler Collection Version 4.6
gcc46-compiler4.6.4-1001Compiler Binaries for gcc46
gcc46-shlibs4.6.4-1001Shared libraries for gcc4
gcc474.7.4-1000GNU Compiler Collection Version 4.7
gcc47-compiler4.7.4-1000Compiler Binaries for gcc47
gcc47-shlibs4.7.4-1000Shared libraries for gcc4
gcc484.8.3-1001GNU Compiler Collection Version 4.8
gcc48-compiler4.8.3-1001Compiler Binaries for gcc48
gcc48-shlibs4.8.3-1001Shared libraries for gcc4
gcc494.9.1-1000GNU Compiler Collection Version 4.9
gcc49-compiler4.9.1-1000Compiler Binaries for gcc49
gcc49-shlibs4.9.1-1000Shared libraries for gcc4
gccxml0.9-20130502.1XML output extension to GCC
ghc7.8.3-1Glasgow Haskell Compiler
ghc-prof7.8.3-1Glasgow Haskell Compiler (Profiling Libs)
go1.3-1Concurrent programming language
guile181.8.8-7Embedable Scheme interpreter
guile18-dev1.8.8-7Development package for guile18
guile18-doc1.8.8-7Texinfo files for guile18
guile18-gtk2.1-18Glue code to link gtk to guile
guile18-gtk-dev2.1-18Glue code to link gtk to guile
guile18-gtk-doc2.1-18Texinfo documentation files for guile18-gtk
guile18-gtk-shlibs2.1-18Glue code to link gtk to guile
guile18-gui0.2-1006Guile gui scheme code
guile18-lib0.1.6-2Repository of code written in Guile Scheme
guile18-libs1.8.8-7Scheme libraries and modules for guile18
guile18-shlibs1.8.8-7Shared libraries for guile18
guile202.0.11-2Embedable Scheme interpreter
guile20-dev2.0.11-2Development package for guile20
guile20-doc2.0.11-2Texinfo files for guile20
guile20-libs2.0.11-2Scheme libraries and modules for guile20
guile20-shlibs2.0.11-2Shared libraries for guile20
icon9.5.0-2Very high level programming language
ipython-py272.1.0-1Replacement interactive Python interpreter
ipython-py342.1.0-1Replacement interactive Python interpreter
itcl3.4-101Object-oriented extensions to Tcl
itcl-dev3.4-101Object-oriented extensions to Tcl
itcl-shlibs3.4-101Object-oriented extensions to Tcl
itk3.4-102Mega-widget support for Tcl
itk-dev3.4-102Mega-widget support for Tcl
itk-shlibs3.4-102Mega-widget support for Tcl
iverilog0.9.7-1Icarus Verilog
iverilog-snapshot20140801-1Icarus Verilog (development snapshot)
iwidgets4.0.1-101Mega-widget support for Tcl
libapache2-mod-php55.4.4-3PHP5 Apache 2 module
libapache2-mod-php5filter5.4.4-3PHP5 Apache 2 filter module
libboxcore0.20.2.2-2Vector graphics language
libboxcore0.2-shlibs0.2.2-2Vector graphics language
libboxcore0.30.3.4-2Vector graphics language
libboxcore0.3-shlibs0.3.4-2Vector graphics language
libcxx1-dev3.4.2-2Standard library headers for libc++
libcxx1-shlibs3.4.2-2Standard library for libc++
libphp5-embed5.4.4-3SAPI library for embedding PHP5
libyaml0.1.6-1YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
libyaml-shlibs0.1.6-1YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
llvm-gcc422336.11-107Apple gcc compiler frontend for llvm
llvm-gcc42-shlibs2336.11-107Shared libraries for llvm-gcc42
llvm313.1-0Modular and reusable compiler
llvm323.2-5Modular and reusable compiler
llvm333.3-3Modular and reusable compiler
llvm343.4.2-2Modular and reusable compiler
llvm34-bundle3.4.2-2Bundle of LLVM/Clang compiler tools
llvm34-dev3.4.2-2Developement headers for LLVM infrastructure
llvm34-docs3.4.2-2Documentation for LLVM tools and internals
llvm34-shlibs3.4.2-2Shared libraries for LLVM infrastructure
lua515.1.5-2Small and fast embeddable scripting language
lua51-dev5.1.5-2Files for compiling against Lua C API
lua51-shlibs5.1.5-2Shared libraries for linking Lua 5.1
lua525.2.3-1Small and fast embeddable scripting language
lua52-dev5.2.3-1Files for compiling against Lua C API
lua52-shlibs5.2.3-1Shared libraries for linking Lua 5.2
ocaml4.02.1-1Latest implementation of Caml dialect of ML
ocaml-findlib1.3.3-1Ocaml library management system
open-cobol1.0-2COBOL compiler
open-cobol-shlibs1.0-2Open Cobol Shared Library
perl51235.12.3-103The Perl programming language, v. 5.12.3
perl5123-core5.12.3-103Core files for perl, v. 5.12.3
perl51245.12.4-104The Perl programming language, v. 5.12.4
perl5124-core5.12.4-104Core files for perl, v. 5.12.4
perl51625.16.2-103The Perl programming language, v. 5.16.2
perl5162-core5.16.2-103Core files for perl, v. 5.16.2
perl51825.18.2-1The Perl programming language, v. 5.18.2
perl5182-core5.18.2-1Core files for perl, v. 5.18.2
php-fpdf1.7-1PHP class to generate PDF files
php-pear5.4.4-3PHP Extension and Application Repository
php55.4.4-3Server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language
php5-cgi5.4.4-3PHP5 CGI binary
php5-cli5.4.4-3Command-line interpreter for PHP5
php5-common5.4.4-3Common files for the PHP5 suite
php5-curl5.4.4-3CURL module for php5
php5-dev5.4.4-3Files for PHP5 module development
php5-enchant5.4.4-3Enchant module for php5
php5-fpm5.4.4-3PHP5 FPM-CGI binary
php5-gd5.4.4-3GD module for php5
php5-gmp5.4.4-3GMP module for php5
php5-imap5.4.4-3IMAP module for php5
php5-intl5.4.4-3Internationalisation module for php5
php5-ldap5.4.4-3LDAP module for php5
php5-mcrypt5.4.4-3MCrypt module for php5
php5-mysql5.4.4-3MySQL module for php5
php5-mysqlnd5.4.4-3MySQL module for php5 (Native Driver)
php5-odbc5.4.4-3ODBC module for php5
php5-pgsql5.4.4-3PostgreSQL module for php5
php5-pspell5.4.4-3Pspell module for php5
php5-recode5.4.4-3Recode module for php5
php5-snmp5.4.4-3SNMP module for php5
php5-sqlite5.4.4-3SQLite module for php5
php5-sybase5.4.4-3Sybase / MS SQL Server module for php5
php5-tidy5.4.4-3Tidy module for php5
php5-xmlrpc5.4.4-3XML-RPC module for php5
php5-xsl5.4.4-3XSL module for php5
pip-py271.5.6-1Python package management
pip-py331.5.6-1Python package management
pip-py341.5.6-1Python package management
pip-systempython251.4.1-1Python package management
pip-systempython261.4.1-1Python package management
pip-systempython271.4.1-1Python package management
polly34-dev3.4.2-2Development headers for Polly loop optimizer
polly34-docs3.4.2-2Documentation for Polly optimizer
polly34-shlibs3.4.2-2Shared libraries for Polly loop optimizer
pyqt-py273.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt-py27-bin3.18.1-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt4-mac-py274.11.2-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt4-mac-py324.11.2-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt4-mac-py334.11.2-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
pyqt4-mac-py344.11.2-2Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
python2.7.8-1Generic commands to invoke python27
python272.7.8-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
python27-shlibs2.7.8-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
python33.4.2-4Generic commands to invoke python34
python323.2.6-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
python32-shlibs3.2.6-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
python333.3.6-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
python33-shlibs3.3.6-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
python343.4.2-4Interpreted, object-oriented language
python34-shlibs3.4.2-4Interpreted, object-oriented language
ri181.8.7-p371-202Ruby 1.8 documentation
ri191.9.3-p547-1Ruby 1.9 documentation
ri202.0.0-p481-1Ruby 2.0 documentation
ri212.1.2-1Ruby 2.1 documentation
ruby1.8.7-p371-202Interpreted, object-oriented language
ruby181.8.7-p371-202Interpreted, object-oriented language
ruby18-dev1.8.7-p371-202Ruby 1.8 dev files (mkmf.rb, *.h and *.dylib)
ruby18-shlibs1.8.7-p371-202Ruby 1.8 shared libraries
ruby191.9.3-p547-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
ruby19-dev1.9.3-p547-1Ruby 1.9 dev files (mkmf.rb, *.h and *.dylib)
ruby19-shlibs1.9.3-p547-1Ruby 1.9 shared libraries
ruby202.0.0-p481-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
ruby20-dev2.0.0-p481-1Ruby 2.0 dev files (mkmf.rb, *.h and *.dylib)
ruby20-shlibs2.0.0-p481-1Ruby 2.0 shared libraries
ruby212.1.2-1Interpreted, object-oriented language
ruby21-dev2.1.2-1Ruby 2.1 dev files (mkmf.rb, *.h and *.dylib)
ruby21-shlibs2.1.2-1Ruby 2.1 shared libraries
rust0.12.0-2Safe Fast System Programming Language
sbcl1.2.2-1ANSI Common Lisp implementation
setupdocs-py271.0.2-1Setuptools plugin for building docs from ReST
setuptools-py275.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py27 instead
setuptools-py325.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py32 instead
setuptools-py335.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py33 instead
setuptools-py345.1-1OBSOLETE: use setuptools-tng-py34 instead
setuptools-tng-py275.1-1EasyInstall and python eggs
setuptools-tng-py325.1-1EasyInstall and python eggs
setuptools-tng-py335.1-1EasyInstall and python eggs
setuptools-tng-py345.1-1EasyInstall and python eggs
setuptools-tng-systempython251.1.6-2EasyInstall and python eggs for system python
setuptools-tng-systempython261.1.6-2EasyInstall and python eggs for system python
setuptools-tng-systempython271.1.6-2EasyInstall and python eggs for system python
sip-py274.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py27-bin4.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py324.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py32-bin4.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py334.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py33-bin4.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py344.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
sip-py34-bin4.16.3-1Create Python bindings for C and C++ Libs
slib33b4-1Portable scheme library
slib3-gu183b4-1Portable scheme library for guile18
swi-prolog6.6.6-3SWI Prolog interpreter
swi-prolog-dev6.6.6-3SWI Prolog interpreter
swi-prolog-shlibs6.6.6-3SWI Prolog interpreter
swig3.0.0-1Tool that connects C, C++ programs with HLL
tcllib1.15-2Standardized Tcl library
tcltk8.5.15-4Tool Command Language and the Tk toolkit
tcltk-dev8.5.15-4Tool Command Language and the Tk toolkit
tcltk-shlibs8.5.15-4Tool Command Language and the Tk toolkit
tdom0.8.3-1High performance XML data processing in Tcl
tdom-dev0.8.3-1High performance XML data processing in Tcl
tdom-shlibs0.8.3-1High performance XML data processing in Tcl
tile0.8.4.0-2Next-generation core Tk widgetset
tile-dev0.8.4.0-2Next-generation core Tk widgetset
tkimg1.3-5Adds a lot of image formats to Tcl/Tk
tkimg-dev1.3-5Adds a lot of image formats to Tcl/Tk
tkimg-shlibs1.3-5Adds a lot of image formats to Tcl/Tk
tklib0.5-1Tk Standard Library
tktreectrl2.2.7-103Flexible listbox widget for Tk
tolua++1.0.93-1Accessing C/C++ code from Lua
ucblogo6.0-1Berkeley Logo Interpreter
wxgtk2.8-py272.8.12.1-3Python bindings for the wxGTK library
wxgtk2.8-py27-dev2.8.12.1-3Python bindings for the wxGTK library

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