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Matched 71 packages (Section = 'libs/rubymods')

NameLatest VersionDescription
actionmailer-rb182.0.2-1Mail service classes
actionpack-rb182.0.2-1Web request routing and handling
actionwebservice-rb181.2.6-4SOAP and XML-RPC support for Rails
activerecord-rb182.0.2-1Object-Relational Mapper for Ruby
activeresource-rb182.0.2-1Object-Relational Mapper for Ruby
activesupport-rb182.0.2-1Utility classes for Rails
algorithm-diff-rb180.4-1Diff Algorithm Implementation for Ruby
bio-svgenes-rb190.4.1-1SVG format genome browser style pictures
bio-svgenes-rb200.4.1-1SVG format genome browser style pictures
bioruby-rb181.4.0-1Open source bioinformatics library for Ruby
bioruby-rb191.4.3.0001-2Open source bioinformatics library for Ruby
bioruby-rb201.4.3.0001-2Open source bioinformatics library for Ruby
cairo-rb191.12.8-1Ruby bindings for cairo
cairo-rb201.12.8-1Ruby bindings for cairo
chasen-rb181.6-1ChaSen interface for Ruby
curb-rb180.1.4-1Libcurl bindings for Ruby
cursor-rb180.9-2Iterators which work like a text cursor
daemons-rb181.0.10-1Wrap a ruby script as a daemon
fastercsv-rb181.4.0-1CSV library for Ruby
fastthread-rb181.0.1-1Optimized threading for Ruby
ferret-rb180.11.6-2Search engine library for Ruby
flexmock-rb180.8.0-2Flexible mocking library for Ruby
gd-rb180.7.4-2GD library interface for Ruby
gem-plugin-rb180.2.3-1Gem Based Plugin System for Ruby
glib2-rb192.2.0-1Ruby binding of GLib-2.x
glib2-rb202.2.0-1Ruby binding of GLib-2.x
hoe-rb181.5.3-1Rakefile helper
hoe-rb193.10.0-1Rakefile helper
hoe-rb203.10.0-1Rakefile helper
iconv-rb201.0.4-1Iconv wrapper library for Ruby
imlib2-rb180.5.2-2Ruby wrapper for imlib2
json-rb181.1.2-2JSON from ruby datastructures
json-rb191.8.1-1JSON from ruby datastructures
json-rb201.8.1-1JSON from ruby datastructures
kakasi-rb182002.09.28-1KAKASI interface for Ruby
libgems-rb181.1.1-1Package management framework for Ruby
libxml2-rb180.5.4-2Ruby bindings for libxml2
libxml2-rb192.7.0-2Ruby bindings for libxml2
libxml2-rb202.7.0-2Ruby bindings for libxml2
login-generator-rb181.2.2-2User and Login Management for Rails
mecab-rb180.95-1002Ruby binding of MeCab
midilib-rb181.1.4-1MIDI file I/O library for ruby
mongrel-rb181.1.5-1Fast HTTP server for Ruby
opengl-mac-rb180.32g-1Ruby interface to OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT
opengl-rb180.32g-2Ruby interface to OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT
pango-rb192.2.0-1Ruby binding of pango-1.x
pango-rb202.2.0-1Ruby binding of pango-1.x
piston-rb181.4.0-1Vendor branch management for Rails
pkg-config-rb191.1.5-1Pkg-config implemented by pure Ruby
pkg-config-rb201.1.5-1Pkg-config implemented by pure Ruby
plist-rb183.0.0-2Manipulate plist files in Ruby
postgres-rb180.7.9-5Ruby bindings for PostgreSQL
rails-rb182.0.2-1MVC web application framework
rake-compiler-rb190.9.2-1Build ruby extension with rake as glue
rake-compiler-rb200.9.2-1Build ruby extension with rake as glue
rake-rb180.8.2-1Make-like utility for Ruby
reg-rb180.4.7-2Pattern matching in Ruby data structures
rrd-rb181.2.23-1RRDTool Ruby bindings module
ruby18-tcltk-x111.8.5-p12.1Tcl/Tk (using X11) extensions for Ruby
rubyforge-rb181.0.0-1Rubyforge automation
rubygems-rb181.1.1-1Package management framework for Ruby (binaries)
rubyosa-rb180.4.0-2Apple Event Manager infrastructure bridge
sary-rb181.2.0-1004Ruby binding of Sary for Ruby
sqlite3-rb181.2.1-1023SQLite database interface for Ruby
sqlite3-rb191.3.9-1SQLite database interface for Ruby
sqlite3-rb201.3.9-1SQLite database interface for Ruby
syntax-rb181.0.0-2Syntax hilighting and lexical analysis
term-ansicolor-rb181.0.2-1Color screen text using ANSI escape sequences
uconv-rb180.4.12-1Japanese <-> unicode conversion
xapian-bindings-rb181.0.20-1002Xapian bindings for Ruby 1.8
zentest-rb183.9.2-1Continuous integration while you code

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