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Matched 23 packages (Section = 'shells')

NameLatest VersionDescription
android-completion0.0.20111125-1Bash completion rules for Android dev tools
ash20040127-1-1NetBSD /bin/sh
bash4.3.27-1The GNU Bourne Again Shell
bash-completion2.1-5Command-line completions for bash
bash-doc4.2-1Extra documentation for the GNU bash shell
beanshell2.0b4-1Lightweight scripting for Java
dash0.5.6.1-1Debian Almquist Shell
fish2.1.0-1Friendly interactive shell
mirbsdksh29.5-2OBSOLETE use mksh instead
mksh50.2-1MirBSD Korn Shell
mksh-cur50.2+cvs201409270708-1Enhanced version of the Korn shell
osh12-2V6 Thompson Shell Port
pdsh2.18-1Runs commands in parallel on multiple hosts
rc1.7.1-2Remake of the Plan 9 shell
scsh0.6.6-20Unix shell embedded in Scheme
scsh-install-lib1.0.0-1Library to install packages for scsh
shmux1.0.2-1Runs commands in parallel on multiple hosts
system-bash-completion1.3-3Command-line completions for system bash
tcsh6.15.00-1001TENEX C Shell, an enhanced Berkeley csh
zsh5.0.6-1The Z Shell with multibyte support
zsh-helpfiles5.0.2-1Z Shell help files
zsh-multibyte4.3.12-1The Z Shell
zsh-templates2.0.5-4Template files for zsh customization

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