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NameLatest VersionDescription
a52dec0.7.4-2ATSC A/52 stream decoder
a52dec-dev0.7.4-2ATSC A/52 stream decoder
a52dec-shlibs0.7.4-2ATSC A/52 stream decoder
aacplus-bin2.0.2-2High Efficiency AAC+ encoder
abcde2.5.4-1"A Better CD Encoder": Rips CDs to OGG/MP3
alac-decoder0.2.0-2Decoder for the Apple Lossless Audio Codec
ario-player1.5.1-2GTK+2 client for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
asfrecorder1.1-1Downloads ASF streaming media
audacious22.2-5Advanced audio player
audacious2-dev2.2-5Advanced audio player
audacious2-plugins2.2-6Plugins used by audacious2
audacious2-shlibs2.2-5Advanced audio player
biabconverter0.6.8-2Band-In-A-Box to MMA / Lilypond converter
bladeenc0.94.2-3LGPL'ed MP3 Encoder
canberra-gtk-module0.23-3GTK lib and GUI tools for libcanberra
caps0.4.5-1The C* Audio Plugin Suite
cd-discid0.9-3Calculates CDDB DiscIDs
cddb-py251.4-1004Audio CD track info access in Python
cdparanoia3a9.8-15Audio extraction tool for sampling CDs
celt0.7.1-3Ultra-low delay audio codec
celt-dev0.7.1-3Ultra-low delay audio codec
celt-shlibs0.7.1-3Ultra-low delay audio codec
cheesetracker0.9.9-1001Impulse Tracker-compatible module editor
chionic1.0.1-1002Sampling software, uses JACK
clthreads2.4.0-4Support library for Aeolus
clthreads-shlibs2.4.0-4Shared libraries for clthreads
cuberok0.0.7-1004Music player, based on Qt4
denemo0.8.0-1002Graphical musical score editor
dssi1.1.1-1Audio processing plugin API
dssi-dev1.1.1-1Audio processing plugin API
easytag2.1.7-3Viewing, editing and writing ID3 tags
esound0.2.41-3Enlightened Sound Daemon
esound-bin0.2.41-3Enlightened Sound Daemon
esound-common0.2.41-3Enlightened Sound Daemon
esound-shlibs0.2.41-3Enlightened Sound Daemon
faac1.24+cvs20041018-1012Encoder for AAC and MP4 audio
faac-dev1.24+cvs20041018-1012Encoder for AAC and MP4 audio
faac-shlibs1.24+cvs20041018-1012Encoder for AAC and MP4 audio
faad2.7-1016FAAC audio library
flac1.3.0-1003Free lossless audio codec
flac-doc1.3.0-1003HTML format docs for flac and libflac
flac-xmms1.2.1-1000XMMS plugin: Free lossless audio codec (FLAC)
flite1.3-1Small, fast run-time voice synthesis engine
fluidsynth1.1.3-379Software synthesizer with Soundfont 2 specs
fluidsynth-dev1.1.3-379Software synthesizer with Soundfont 2 specs
fluidsynth-shlibs1.1.3-379Software synthesizer with Soundfont 2 specs
fluidsynth11.1.6-382Software synthesizer with Soundfont 2 specs
fluidsynth1-dev1.1.6-382Software synthesizer with Soundfont 2 specs
fluidsynth1-shlibs1.1.6-382Software synthesizer with Soundfont 2 specs
freetts1.2.2-1Speech synthesizer written entirely in Java
ghostess20100923-1Graphical DSSI host
gnome-audio1.4.0-3Audio files for Gnome
gsm-bin1.0.13-101Programs implementing the GSM codec
gspeakers0.11-1003GTK+ speaker design program
gst1230.3.1-1GStreamer-based command line audio player
herrie2.2-4Commandline music player
hexter0.6.2-2DX7-style Sofware Synthesizer (DSSI Plugin)
icecast1.3.12-1026MP3 Audio Broadcasting System
ices22.0.2-1Source client for broadcasting in Ogg Vorbis
id3tool1.2-1Command line editor for id3 tags
id3v20.1.12-1Command line id3 (v1 and v2) tag editor
ilbc-decode0.200412-1Decode iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec)
jack0.121.3-1Low-latency audio server
jack-dev0.121.3-1Low-latency audio server -- Header Files
jack-doc0.121.3-1Low-latency audio server -- Documentation
jack-meterbridge0.9.2-2Configurable meterbridge for JACK
jack-shlibs0.121.3-1Low-latency audio server -- Shared Libraries
jackbeat0.7.5-3Audio sequencer designed for ease of use
jamin0.95.0-2JACK audio masterin interface
jconv0.8.1-1Convolution Engine for JACK
ladspa1.13-2Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API
ladspa-cmt1.16-1LADSPA Computer Music Toolkit (plugins)
ladspa-dev1.13-2Development files for LADSPA
lame3.99.5-2MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
lame-dev3.99.5-2MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
lame-shlibs3.99.5-2MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer radio to MP3 files
libaacplus2-dev2.0.2-2AAC+ dev package
libaacplus2-shlibs2.0.2-2AAC+ shared library
libalure1.2-2Utility library for OpenAL applications
libalure-shlibs1.2-2Utility library for OpenAL applications
libao20.8.8-2Audio output library
libao2-shlibs0.8.8-2Audio output library
libao41.1.0-1Audio output library
libao4-shlibs1.1.0-1Audio output library
libaubio20.3.2-4Library for audio labelling
libaubio2-bin0.3.2-4Library for audio labelling
libaubio2-shlibs0.3.2-4Library for audio labelling
libaubio40.4.1-1Library for audio labelling
libaubio4-bin0.4.1-1Library for audio labelling
libaubio4-shlibs0.4.1-1Library for audio labelling
libbs2b0-dev3.1.0-1Libbs2b dev package
libbs2b0-shlibs3.1.0-1Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP
libcanberra-gtk00.23-3GTK lib and GUI tools for libcanberra
libcanberra-gtk0-shlibs0.23-3GTK lib and GUI tools for libcanberra
libcanberra00.23-202Abstract interface for playing event sounds
libcanberra0-shlibs0.23-202Abstract interface for playing event sounds
libcdparanoia0-dev3a9.8-15Development files for libcdparanoia
libcdparanoia0-shlibs3a9.8-15Shared libraries for cdparanoia (runtime lib)
libcelt0.2-dev0.11.2-1Ultra-low delay audio codec
libcelt0.2-shlibs0.11.2-1Ultra-low delay audio codec
libdca0.0.5-2DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
libdca-dev0.0.5-2Development libraries for libdca
libdca-shlibs0.0.5-2Shared libraries for libdca
libdiscid0.2.1-2Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
libdiscid-shlibs0.2.1-2Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
libdssialsacompat1.0.8a-2DSSI compatibility layer from ALSA
libdssialsacompat-shlibs1.0.8a-2Shared libs for libdssialsacompat
libdumb0.9.3-1MOD player library
libdumb-bin0.9.3-1MOD player library
libdumb-shlibs0.9.3-1MOD player library
libfaad1-dev2.0.0-1015FAAC audio library
libfaad1-shlibs2.0.0-1015FAAC audio library
libfaad2-dev2.7-1016FAAC audio library
libfaad2-shlibs2.7-1016FAAC audio library
libflac81.3.0-1003Free lossless audio codec - shared libs
libflac8-dev1.3.0-1003Free lossless audio codec - encoder/decoder
libgig10.6.0.cvs20040309-1001Gigasampler file access library
libgig1-dev0.6.0.cvs20040309-1001Files for compiling against libgig1
libgme0-dev0.6.0-1Game music file library (dev pkg)
libgme0-shlibs0.6.0-1Game music file emulation/playback library
libgsm1-dev1.0.13-101Speech compression library
libgsm1-shlibs1.0.13-101Speech compression library
libid3tag0.15.1b-5ID3 tag manipulation library
libid3tag-shlibs0.15.1b-5ID3 tag manipulation library
liblo00.22-2Lightweight OSC implementation
liblo0-shlibs0.22-2Lightweight OSC implementation
liblo70.28-1Lightweight OSC implementation
liblo7-shlibs0.28-1Lightweight OSC implementation
liblrdf0.4.0-1Lightweight RDF library for LADSPA plugins
liblrdf-shlibs0.4.0-1Shared libs for liblrdf
libmad0.15.1b-6MPEG audio decoder library
libmad-shlibs0.15.1b-6MPEG audio decoder library
libmikmod3.1.16-1Sound library for playing MOD modules
libmikmod-shlibs3.1.16-1Sound library for playing MOD modules
libmikmod33.3.6-1Sound library for playing MOD modules
libmikmod3-shlibs3.3.6-1Sound library for playing MOD modules
libmp4v21-dev2.0.0-1015FAAC audio library
libmp4v21-shlibs2.0.0-1015FAAC audio library
libmpcdec31.2.2-3Musepack audio compression library
libmpcdec3-shlibs1.2.2-3Shared libraries for libmpcdec
libmpcdec51.2.6-1Musepack audio compression library
libmpcdec5-shlibs1.2.6-1Shared libraries for libmpcdec
libmpg1231.20.0-1Real time MPEG Audio Player
libmpg123-shlibs1.20.0-1Real time MPEG Audio Player
libmusicbrainz3.63.0.3-2Library for accessing musicbrainz database
libmusicbrainz3.6-shlibs3.0.3-2Shared libraries for musicbrainz3
libmusicbrainz42.1.5-1026Library for accessing musicbrainz database
libmusicbrainz4-shlibs2.1.5-1026Shared libraries for musicbrainz
libmusicbrainz4.34.0.3-2Library for accessing musicbrainz database
libmusicbrainz4.3-shlibs4.0.3-2Shared libraries for musicbrainz4.3
libmusicbrainz5.05.0.1-1Developer files for libmusicbrainz 5.0
libmusicbrainz5.0-shlibs5.0.1-1Library for accessing musicbrainz database
libogg1.3.2-1Ogg bitstream headers and libs for devs
libogg-shlibs1.3.2-1Ogg bitstream shared libraries
libopus0-dev1.1-1Opus dev package
libopus0-shlibs1.1-1Interactive speech and audio codec
libsamplerate00.1.8-2Samplerate conversion library
libsamplerate0-dev0.1.8-2Headers and libraries for libsamplerate
libsamplerate0-shlibs0.1.8-2Shared libraries for libsamplerate
libsndfile00.0.28-2Read and write files containing sampled sound
libsndfile0-dev0.0.28-2Read and write files containing sampled sound
libsndfile0-shlibs0.0.28-2Read and write files containing sampled sound
libsndfile11.0.25-3Read and write files containing sampled sound
libsndfile1-dev1.0.25-3Read and write files containing sampled sound
libsndfile1-shlibs1.0.25-3Read and write files containing sampled sound
libtremor1.0.2-1Ogg Vorbis Decoder
libtremor-shlibs1.0.2-1Shared libraries for libtremor
libtunepimp30.4.4-1Library for musicbrainz tagging
libtunepimp3-bin0.4.4-1Tools for tunepimp
libtunepimp3-shlibs0.4.4-1Shared libraries for tunepimp
libtunepimp50.5.3-1Library for musicbrainz tagging
libtunepimp5-bin0.5.3-1Tools for tunepimp
libtunepimp5-shlibs0.5.3-1Shared libraries for tunepimp
libvorbis01.3.4-1Vorbis audio codec headers and libs for devs
libvorbis0-shlibs1.3.4-1Vorbis audio codec shared libraries
libxmp44.2.8-1Extended Module Player Library
libxmp4-shlibs4.2.8-1Extended Module Player Library
livemedia0.0.2009.11.27-2LIVE555 Streaming Media
madplay0.15.2b-7MPEG audio decoder and player
marsyas0.4.5-1Audio processing & info retrieval framework
mediatagtools0.3.2-1004Collection of tools for audio files
mikmod3.2.5-1Portable tracked music player
milkytracker0.90.80-1003Free clone of FastTracker
mma1.7-1Musical MIDI Accompaniment
moc2.5.0-1Console audio player
moodbar0.1.2-2Creates visual representation of audio file
mp3blaster3.2.5-1003Console music player, uses SDL for output
mp3check0.8.3-1Check mp3 files for integrity
mp3cut1.13-1Split and concatenate MP3 files
mp3diags-mac1.3.00-1Fix problems with mp3 files
mp3diags-x111.3.00-1Fix problems with mp3 files
mp3info0.8.5a-5Read and modify the id3 tags of mp3 files
mp3info-x110.8.5a-5Read and modify the id3 tags of mp3 files
mp3splt2.2.5-2Split mp3 and ogg files
mp3wrap0.5-2Wrap multiple mp3 files into a single file
mpc0.11.2-1Command line Music Player Daemon (mpd) client
mpck0.09-2MP3 checker
mpd0.17.6-2Music Player Daemon
mpdas0.2.5-1002AudioScrobbler client for MPD reporting client for mpd
mpg1231.20.0-1Real time MPEG Audio Player
mpg123-jack1.20.0-1JACK output module for mpg123
mpg123-portaudio1.20.0-1PortAudio output module for mpg123
mpg123-sdl1.20.0-1SDL output module for mpg123
mpg3210.3.2-1Mpeg audio player for layer 1, 2, and 3
mppdec1.15s-2Musepack (.mpc) file decoder
ncmpc0.21-1Fully featured curses client for MPD
ncmpcpp0.5.4-1002C++ clone of ncmpc with some new features
nekobee0.1.6-2TB-303-like Sofware Synthesizer (DSSI Plugin)
normalize0.7.4-2Audio file volume normalizer
ocp0.1.21-2Music player with CoreAudio support
ogmtools1.5-1Tools for OGG media streams
opus-tools0.1.9-1Utilities to work with .opus files
phonon-mac4.5.0-36Qt-based multimedia framework
phonon-mac-backend4.5.0-31Wrapper package to choose a Phonon backend
phonon-mac-backend-gstreamer4.5.1-33Phonon GStreamer backend (mac)
phonon-mac-backend-xine4.4.4-34Phonon Xine backend (mac)
phonon-mac-shlibs4.5.0-36Shared libraries for Phonon
phonon-x114.5.0-37Qt-based multimedia framework
phonon-x11-backend4.5.0-31Wrapper package to choose a Phonon backend
phonon-x11-backend-gstreamer4.5.1-33Phonon GStreamer backend (x11)
phonon-x11-backend-xine4.4.4-34Phonon Xine backend (x11)
phonon-x11-shlibs4.5.0-37Shared libraries for Phonon
pianobar2013.09.15-1Console client
pms0.41-1002Practical Music Search (ncurses mpd client)
portaudio18.1-3Cross platform audio I/O library
portaudio-doc18.1-3Cross platform audio I/O library
portaudio-shlibs18.1-3Cross platform audio I/O library
portaudio22.19.0-20111121-1Cross platform audio I/O library
portaudio2-doc2.19.0-20111121-1Cross platform audio I/O library
portaudio2-shlibs2.19.0-20111121-1Cross platform audio I/O library
portmidi0.217-2Cross-platform real-time MIDI input/output
portmidi-shlibs0.217-2Cross-platform real-time MIDI input/output
puddletag1.0.3-1Audio file tag editor
pyportmidi-py270.217-2Cross-pl. realtime MIDI i/o (Python bindings)
qjackctl0.3.7-3JACK Audio Connection Kit - Qt GUI Interface
qsynth0.3.5-351Fluidsynth GUI front-end application
qtguitune0.5-1Tuning guitars and other instruments
qtplay1.3.1-4Utility to play music files with QuickTime
quodlibet2.6.3-1Audio library tagger, manager, and player
rosegarden12.04-2Music composition and editing environment
rotter0.8-2Transmission/audio logger for JACK
schismtracker20090817-1002Free clone of ImpulseTracker
sdl-sound1.0.3-5SDL sound library
sdl-sound-bin1.0.3-5SDL sound library - audio player
sdl-sound-shlibs1.0.3-5SDL sound library - shared libs
shntool3.0.10-1WAV data processing and reporting utility
shorten3.6.1-1Lossless audio (de)compressor
shout0.8.0-2Client for the shoutcast MP3 streaming system
sidplay1.0.9-1002Command line SID (C64 audio file) player
sineshaper0.4.2-2Sofware Synthesizer (DSSI Plugin)
solfege3.14.10-2Ear training lessons with audio feedback
soundtouch1.3.1-1005Sound stretching library
soundtouch-bin1.3.1-1005Sound stretching library, binaries
soundtouch-shlibs1.3.1-1005Sound stretching library, shared libraries
sox14.4.1-1Universal sound sample translator
sox-dev14.3.2-2Headers for sox
sox-shlibs14.3.2-2Shared libraries for sox
sox2-dev14.4.1-1Headers for sox
sox2-shlibs14.4.1-1Shared libraries for sox
sphinx30.7-1003Speech recognition engine, tools
sphinx3-dev0.7-1003Speech recognition engine, development files
sphinx3-shlibs0.7-1003Speech recognition engine, shared libs
sphinxbase0.3-1003Speech recognition engine, base
sphinxbase-bin0.3-1003Speech recognition engine, base executables
sphinxbase-shlibs0.3-1003Speech recognition engine, base shared libs
stereoboost0.1-2Widen/enlarge/boost stereo effects in music
stops0.3.0-2OrganStops for Aeolus
tap-plugins0.7.0-2The TAP collection of LADSPA plugins
tap-plugins-doc20040817-1Documentation for the TAP LADSPA plugins
tap-reverbedr0-2TAP reverb editor
timidity++-gtk2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity++-motif2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity++-nox2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity++-tcltk2.13.2-3Software MIDI synthesizer
timidity-eawpatches12-3Eric Welsh's GUS patches for TiMidity++
timidity-el2.13.2-1Emacs interface for TiMidity++
timidity-freepats20060219-2Set of patches for the timidity
timidity-shompatches19960409-1Shoji's GUS patches for TiMidity++
ttaenc3.4.1-1TTA Lossless Audio Codec
twolame0.3.13-1MP2 Encoder - Command Line Tool
twolame-dev0.3.13-1Developer files for twolame
twolame-shlibs0.3.13-1MP2 Encoder - Shared Library
vmo2wav1-3Converts Siemens Voice Memo files to wav
vorbis-tools1.4.0-1002The Ogg Vorbis CODEC tools
vorbisgain0.37-1Calculate ReplayGain for OggVorbis files
waon0.9-2Wave-to-Notes transcriber
wavpack4.60.1-1Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack-dev4.3-1004Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack-shlibs4.3-1004Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack1-dev4.60.1-1Hybrid lossless audio compression
wavpack1-shlibs4.60.1-1Hybrid lossless audio compression
whysynth20100922-2Sofware Synthesizer (DSSI Plugin)
xineadump0.1-1003Xine audio decoding utility
xmms1.2.10-6Multimedia player headers and libraries
xmms-aac2.0.0-1015FAAC audio library
xmms-bin1.2.10-6Multimedia player for the X Window System
xmms-coreaudio1.0-5XMMS plugin: CoreAudio output
xmms-crossfade0.3.10-2Crossfade plugin for XMMS
xmms-jack0.19-3XMMS plugin: JACK output
xmms-normalize0.7.4-1004Xmms plugin to normalize sound files
xmms-shlibs1.2.10-6Multimedia player shared libraries
xmms-shn2.4.1-2XMMS plugin: shorten (shn) files
xmms-sid0.8.0beta14-1003XMMS plugin: play SID (C64 audio file format)
xmms-status1.0.0-12XMMS plugin: add a status applet to GNOME/KDE
xmp4.0.8-1Extended Module Player
zita-convolver1.0.0-1Support library for jconv
zita-convolver-shlibs1.0.0-1Shared libraries for zita-convolver

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