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NameLatest VersionDescription
abcm2ps3.7.21-1Converts abc to PostScript sheet music
acoc0.7.1-1Arbitrary command output colourer
agrep2.04-20Flexible egrep/fregrep replacement
aiksaurus1.2.1-4Open-source thesaurus--command-line utilities
aiksaurus-dev1.2.1-4Open-source thesaurus -- headers
aiksaurus-nox1.2.1-4Open-source thesaurus--command-line utilities
aiksaurus-nox-dev1.2.1-4Open-source thesaurus -- headers
aiksaurus-nox-shlibs1.2.1-4Open-source thesaurus -- shared libraries
aiksaurus-shlibs1.2.1-4Open-source thesaurus -- shared libraries
altpdftex2.14-1Script for invoking pdftex, used by TeXShop
amyedit1.0-1005Lightweight LaTeX editor
antiword0.37-1Display or convert MS-Word files
asciidoc8.6.9-1Flexible, simple documentation markup system
asciidoc-a2x8.6.9-1Flexible documentation markup system (a2x)
aspell0.60.6.1-3Spell checker better than ispell
aspell-compat0.60.6.1-3Ispell compatibility mode for aspell
aspell-da0.50.1-0-1Danish dictionary for aspell
aspell-de6.0-0-1002German dictionary for aspell
aspell-dev0.60.6.1-3Spell checker better than ispell
aspell-en7.1-0-1000English dictionary for aspell
aspell-es0.50-2-1013Spanish dictionary for aspell
aspell-fr0.50-3-1013French dictionary for aspell
aspell-id0.50.1-0-1Indonesian dictionary for aspell
aspell-it6.0-0-1002Italian dictionary for aspell
aspell-nl0.50-2-1013Dutch dictionary for aspell
aspell-ru0.99f7-1-2Russian dictionary for aspell
aspell-shlibs0.60.6.1-3Spell check better ispell - Shared libs
bap1.2-1ABNF verifier
bibclean2.11.4-2BibTeX prettyprinter and syntax checker
bibtex2html1.97-1Bibtex to HTML translator
bibtool2.55-1Manipulate BibTeX databases
bibus1.5.2-1Bibliographic database
breqn0.94-2LaTeX - Automatic equation line breaking
brs4.00.l1-8Bible Retrieval System
buthead1.0-2Copy all but the first few lines
cabocha0.53-4Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
cabocha-dev0.53-4Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
cabocha-shlibs0.53-4Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
celementtree-py251.0.5-2C implementation of the ElementTree API
cextra0.3.4-1Download & convert eText from Zeno/Gutenberg
chasen2.3.3-1Japanese morphological analysis system
chasen-base2.3.3-1003Japanese morphological analysis system
chasen-dev2.3.3-1003Japanese morphological analysis system
chasen-shlibs2.3.3-1003Japanese morphological analysis system
chess-tex1.2-5TeX Fonts and Macros for Typesetting Chess
cm-super0.3.3-1Type 1 fonts of Computer Modern font families
cmigemo1.2-9Tool to search Japanese with Alphabets
cmigemo-bin1.2-9Tool to search Japanese with Alphabets
cmigemo-shlibs1.2-9Tool to search Japanese with Alphabets
cmigemo-vim1.2-9Vim plugin to use cmigemo
colordiff1.0.13-1Colorized diff wrapper
csv2xml0.6-10CSV to XML converter
ctan-other-misc1.0-1LaTeX macros from CTAN contrib/other/misc
ctan-supported-misc1.0-1LaTeX macros from CTAN contrib/supported/misc
cuneiform1.0.0-1Commercial grade OCR system
cwtext0.95-1Morse Code Translator
dblatex0.3.4-1DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing
detex2.8-1001Filter to strip TeX commands from a .tex file
dict1.12.1-1Dictionary-lookup client
diction1.11-1Identifies word-use and style errors
diffstat1.51-2Generate statistics from diff output
discount2.1.3-1Markdown compiler in C
djview4.9-3Djview4 viewer and browser plugin
djvulibre3.5.25.3-3Free viewer for DjVu files
docbook-bundle4.1.2-1004DocBook convenience package
docbook-dsssl-ldp1.12-1LDP's DSSSL DocBook stylesheets
docbook-dsssl-nwalsh1.79-4Norman Walsh's DSSSL DocBook stylesheets
docbook-dtd4.5.0-1DocBook SGML/XML DTDs official releases
docbook-utils0.6.14-1009Utilities for manipulating SGML and XML
docbook-xsl1.78.1-1Norman Walsh's XSL DocBook stylesheets
docbook-xsl-ns1.78.1-1DocBook XSL namespaced stylesheets
docbook2x0.8.8-5Converts DocBook to man or texinfo format
docdiff0.3.3-1Advanced text-comparison/diff tool
doclifter2.9-1Convert man pages to DocBook format
docutils0.4-3Python-approved WYSIWYG text markup toolkit
docutils-py250.8-2Python-approved WYSIWYG text markup toolkit
docutils-py260.8-2Python-approved WYSIWYG text markup toolkit
docutils-py270.8-2Python-approved WYSIWYG text markup toolkit
docutils-py330.10-2Python-approved WYSIWYG text markup toolkit
docutils-py340.10-2Python-approved WYSIWYG text markup toolkit
doublespace0.12-1Fix intra-sentence spacing for RFC editor
dvilib21.3.2-4A portable DVI interpreter library
dvilib2-dev1.3.2-4A portable DVI interpreter library-dev files
dvipdfmx20090522-2DVI to PDF translator with CJK support
elementtree-py251.2.6-2Lightweight XML processing toolkit
enca1.13-1Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
enca-bin1.13-1Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
enca-shlibs1.13-1Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
enchant1.6.0-1Generic spell-checking dictionary
enchant1-dev1.6.0-1Generic spell-checking dictionary
enchant1-shlibs1.6.0-1Generic spell-checking dictionary
enscript1.6.6-1Converts text files to PostScript
enumitem2.0-1Itemize/enumerate/description layout control
epstool3.08-2Utility to manipulate EPS files
eptex0.110825-1Placeholder package to update to texlive-base. (OBSOLETE)
extex0.0svn8062-1TeX implementation using Java
feynmf1.08-4LaTeX package for drawing Feynman diagrams
foiltex2.1.4b-1System for generating foils/transparencies/slides using TeX
fop0.20.5-13Formatting Objects (FO) Processor
fop-offo0.20.5-2FOP Hyphenation files for various languages
ghostscript9.14-1Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
ghostscript-esp9.14-3Ghostscript with better CJK and cups support
ghostscript-fonts8.11+urwcyr1.0.7pre44-1Standard fonts for Ghostscript
ghostscript-nox9.14-1Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
ghostscript66.01-4Interpreter for PostScript and PDF, v6.01
ghostscript6-nox6.01-5Intrp. for PostScript/PDF, no X11 support
gnuvd1.0.2-1Dutch dictionary using the Van Dale website
groff1.21-1GNU document formatting system
gtypist2.7-1004GNU Touch Typing Tutor
gv3.7.3-1X11 interface for ghostscript interpreter
gxditview1.21-1GNU document formatting system
ha-prosper4.21-1Patches and improvements for prosper
hevea1.10-1LaTeX to HTML translator; uses Objective Caml
hspell1.2-1Hebrew spell checker and analyzer
html2text1.3.2a-1022Advanced HTML to text converter
hunspell1.2.15-1002Spell checker, default in OpenOffice
hyperestraier1.4.13-1Full-text search system
hyperestraier-dev1.4.13-1Full-text search system
hyperestraier-shlibs1.4.13-1Full-text search system
hyphen2.8.6-1Hyphenation library
hyphen-shlibs2.8.6-1Hyphenation shared libraries
idcomments0.18-1Extract review comments from an ID
idnits2.12.00-1Verify IDs against the IETF's checklist
ifmslide0.45-4Powerful presentations with PDFLaTeX and LaTeX
ipadic2.6.3-1002Japanese dictionary for ChaSen
ispell3.3.02-3Interactive spell-checker
ispell-french1.0-1French ispell dictionary
ispell-german20030222-2German ispell dictionaries
ispell-italian2001-2Italian ispell dictionary
ispell-portuguese20070628-1Portuguese ispell dictionary
ispell-spanish1.9-2Spanish ispell dictionary
itstool2.0.2-1Internationalization Tag Set XML/PO convert
jadetex3.13-1023TeX macros implementing the TeX output from Jade/OpenJade
jgroff1.18.1.1-1100GNU document formatting system with Japanese support
jing20030619-4RELAX NG validator in Java
jtoolkit-py250.7.8-3Python web application framework
kakasi2.3.4-13Kanji-text <-> other-scripts converter
kakasi-dev2.3.4-13Kanji-text <-> other-scripts converter
kakasi-shlibs2.3.4-13Kanji-text <-> other-scripts converter
kid-py250.9.5-2Python template language for XML
lacheck1.26-1Consistency checker for LaTeX documents
latex-beamer3.07-1LaTeX class to produce presentations
latex-figbib2004-08-12-2Organise figures in BibTeX databases and more
latex-make2.1.15-1Easy compiling of LaTeX documents
latex-xft-fonts0.1-11TTF math fonts for lyx and latex
latex2html2002-2-1-4LaTeX->HTML (-ppdf variant gives old behavior
latex2html-ja2002-2-1-7Converts LaTeX documents to HTML(ja-patch)
latex2html-ppdf2002-2-1-4LaTeX->HTML (-ppdf variant gives old behavior
latex2rtf2.1.0-1Converts a LaTeX file to an RTF file
latexdiff0.5-4Compare latex files and markup differences
lcdf-typetools2.92-1OpenType and MM font manipulation programs
libass4-dev0.10.1-2Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer (dev pkg)
libass4-shlibs0.10.1-2Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer library
libass5-dev0.11.2-1Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer (dev pkg)
libass5-shlibs0.11.2-1Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer library
libdjvulibre15-dev3.5.20-1003Free viewer for DjVu files
libdjvulibre15-shlibs3.5.20-1003Free viewer for DjVu files
libdjvulibre21-dev3.5.25.3-3Free viewer for DjVu files
libdjvulibre21-shlibs3.5.25.3-3Free viewer for DjVu files
libexttextcat3.2.0-1N-gram based text categorization library
libexttextcat-shlibs3.2.0-1N-gram based text categorization library
libharu2.2.1-dev2.2.1-3PDF generation library (dev pkg)
libharu2.2.1-shlibs2.2.1-3PDF generation library
libhunspell1.2.15-1002Spell checker, default in OpenOffice
libhunspell-shlibs1.2.15-1002Spell checker, default in OpenOffice
libkpathsea43.5.7-3Path search library for TeX
libkpathsea4-shlibs3.5.7-3Shared libraries of path search library for TeX
libkpathsea66.0.1-1Path search library for TeX
libkpathsea6-shlibs6.0.1-1Shared libraries of path search lib for TeX
liblangtag-common0.5.4-1Language tag ID access library (data)
liblangtag1-dev0.5.4-1Language tag ID access library (dev pkg)
liblangtag1-shlibs0.5.4-1Language tag ID access library
libunistring00.9.3-2Unicode string library
libunistring0-shlibs0.9.3-2Unicode string library
libzvbi-common0.2.35-3VBI decoder (common files)
libzvbi0-dev0.2.35-3VBI decoder (development files)
libzvbi0-shlibs0.2.35-3Vertical Blanking Interval decoder library
lilycomp1.0.2-3Quick-entry GUI for LilyPond music typesetter
lilypond2.18.0-1GNU Music Typesetter
lilypond-devel2.19.2-1GNU Music Typesetter
littre-mac2.0-13French dictionary (Aqua version)
littre-x112.0-3French dictionary (X11 version)
lout3.29-3Document formatting system
luximono20040126-2Monospaced (typewriter) LaTeX type1 font pack
lxml-py253.2.0-2Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
lxml-py263.2.0-2Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
lxml-py273.3.3-1Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
lxml-py313.2.0-2Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
lxml-py323.3.3-1Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
lxml-py333.3.3-1Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
lxml-py343.3.3-1Binding for the libxml2 and libxslt
mathabx0.0.20050518-1Set of mathematical symbols font series
mccc0.7.1-1001Mac Japanese Character Code Converter
mecab0.95-1002Yet Another Morphological Analyzer - programs
mecab-dev0.95-1002Yet Another Morphological Analyzer - headers
mecab-ipadic2.7.0-20060707-1Japanese dictionary for MeCab
mecab-perl0.93-2Placeholder package for migration to mecab-pm
mecab-python0.93-2Placeholder package for migration to mecab-py
mecab-ruby0.93-2Placeholder package for migration to mecab-rb
mecab-shlibs0.95-1002Yet Another Morphological Analyzer - shlibs
mgv3.1.5-1Motif PostScript viewer based on Ghostview
miktex-tools2.8.3541-6MiKTeX package manager tools
movie1520081008-1LaTeX package for inclusion of movies
mpage2.5.6-1Many to one page printing utility
muse-el3.11-1Maintain and publish documents within emacs
nkf2.0.7-1Network Kanji Filter with UTF-8/16 support
ocrad0.21-1GNU Optical Character Recognition
ocrad-dev0.21-1GNU ocrad header/static lib
okumura-clsfiles090826-2Document class for pTeX made by H.Okumura
openjade1.3.2-1040Implementation of DSSSL
opensp-bin1.5.2-4SGML parser programs
opensp4-shlibs1.5.1-1015SGML parser library
opensp5-dev1.5.2-4SGML parser library
opensp5-shlibs1.5.2-4SGML parser library
otf-fontfiles1.5.6.1-1Virtual fonts and style files for otf in ptex
pandoc1.12.4.2-2Conversion between markup formats
pdfjam1.20-1Collection of PDF document handling utilities
pdfposter0.6.0-1Utility to print large-area PDF files
pdfscreen1.5-7Resize LaTeX-produced pdf to fit on computer screen
pdfslide0.50-4Presentations with pdfTeX
pdfsync1.0-2Sync between LaTeX source and PDF output
pgf1.01-1TeX Portable Graphic Format
pinfo0.6.10-1Lynx-style info browser
pootle1.0.2-2Manage your translation project
poster20060221-1Utility to print large-area PostScript files
powerdot1.3-3Presentation class for LaTeX, the successor of HA-Prosper
ppower40.9.4-1Post-processor for PDF presentations created by pdf(La)TeX
prosper1.5-1LaTeX class for writing transparencies
psmulti-dna1.1.2-1The Multi-talented postscript filter
psutils-a41.17-3Postscript tools, a4 size
psutils-letter1.17-3Postscript tools, letter size
ptex3.1.11-4Bundle package for ASCII publishing TeX
ptex-babel20071208-2Correct hyphenation of Babel macros for pTeX
ptex-base3.1.11-3OBSOLETE: Use 'texlive-base' instead
ptex-nox3.1.11-4Bundle package for ASCII publishing TeX
ptex-nox-base3.1.11-3OBSOLETE: Use 'texlive-nox-base' instead
ptex-texmf2.5-3OBSOLETE: Use 'texlive-texmf' instead
ptexenc1.0.6-1Kanji code convert library for pTeX
ptexenc-shlibs1.0.6-1Shared libraries of Kanji code convert library for pTeX
ptexenc11.2.0-1Kanji code convert library for pTeX
ptexenc1-shlibs1.2.0-1Shared libs of Kanji code convertor for pTeX
pybliographer1.2.15-1Tool for managing bibliographic databases
pyfo-py250.6-1Generate XML from Python data structures
python-bibtex1.2.4-2BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-bibtex-py251.2.5-1BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-bibtex-py261.2.5-1BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
python-bibtex-py271.2.5-1BibTeX parser and binding to GNU Recode
pyx-py250.11.1-1PyX - Python graphics package
pyx-py260.11.1-1PyX - Python graphics package
pyx-py270.11.1-1PyX - Python graphics package
qkc1.0.0-4Quick KANJI code converter
qprint1.0-1Encode and decode Quoted-Printable files
rast0.3.1-1Full-text search system
rast-dev0.3.1-1Full-text search system
rast-shlibs0.3.1-1Full-text search system
recode3.6-14Convert files between various charsets
recode-dev3.6-14Convert files between various charsets
recode-shlibs3.6-14Convert files between various charsets
rfcdiff1.38-1Compare two versions of an Internet Draft
rfcmarkup1.85-1Add HTML markup to IETF text-format documents
rfcstrip1.03-1Strips headers and footers from RFCs and IDs
rl0.2.5-1Cmdline utility to randomize lines of text
rtf2latex2e1.0fc2-1Translates RTF files into LaTeX files
rubber1.1-2Building system for LaTeX documents
rxp1.2.5-1XML well-formedness checker and validator
sagasu2.0.6-1006GNOME tool to find strings in files
sary1.2.0-1008Suffix array library
sary-bin1.2.0-1008Suffix array library - examples and manuals
sary-shlibs1.2.0-1008Suffix array library
saxon6.5.3-1Java tools for processing XML documents
saxon-b8.8-1Java tools for processing XML documents
scribus1.4.0-2Dummy upgrade to new "scribus-x11" package
scribus-aqua1.4.4-2Layout program (stable branch)
scribus-x111.4.4-1Layout program (stable branch)
scribus1351.4.0-1OBSOLETE, use package 'scribus-x11' instead
scribus135-aqua1.4.0-1OBSOLETE, use package 'scribus-aqua' instead
sgml-entities-iso88791986-4SGML (ISO 8879) entity sets for special chars
sicp2.neilvandyke4-1Structure and Interp. of Computer Programs
spawg1.3.2-4a simple TeX DVI previewer with a simple GTK+ UI
spawx111.3.2-4a simple TeX DVI previewer for X11
spell1.0-1GNU wrapper for ispell
srcltx1.6-1Jump from .dvi file to .tex source and back
swish-e2.4.5-4Simple Web Indexing Sys. for Humans, Enhanced
swish-e2-dev2.4.5-4Simple Web Indexing Sys. for Humans, Enhanced
swish-e2-shlibs2.4.5-4Simple Web Indexing Sys. for Humans, Enhanced
t1utils1.38-1Type-1 font manipulation programs
tabfmt0.1-1Cmdline utility for tabular data formatting
tagainijisho0.2.4-1004Japanase dictionary and kanji lookup tool
talkfilters2.3.8-6Filters that convert english into slangs
talkfilters-dev2.3.8-6Filters that convert english into slangs
talkfilters-shlibs2.3.8-6Filters that convert english into slangs
teckit2.5.1-1Text Encoding Conversion toolkit
teckit-dev2.5.1-1Development files of TECkit
teckit-shlibs2.5.1-1Shared libraries of TECkit
tetex3.0-1006Complete distribution of TeX typesetting
tetex-base3.0-1006Base programs for a teTeX installation
tetex-nox3.0-1006Complete distribution of TeX typesetting
tetex-nox-base3.0-1006Base programs for a teTeX installation
tetex-texmf3.0-2Main texmf tree for a teTeX installation
tex-guy1.3.2-4Miscellaneous utilities using DVIlib
tex2im1.6-1Script to convert latex formulas into images
tex4ht20090611-2TeX to Hypertext translator
texi2html1.82-1Converts texinfo documents to HTML
texinfo5.2-2GNU documentation system
texinfo-legacy4.13-1GNU documentation system (legacy support)
texlive0.20110705-3Bundle package for TeX Live
texlive-base0.20110705-3Base programs for a TeX Live installation
texlive-nox0.20110705-3Bundle package for TeX Live
texlive-nox-base0.20110705-3Base programs for a TeX Live installation
texlive-texmf0.20110705-1Main texmf tree for a TeX Live installation
texpower0.2-4Dynamic online presentations with LaTeX
texshop2.41-1TeX previewer for Mac OS X, written in Cocoa
text-bibtex-pm51000.53-3Read and parse BibTeX files
text-bibtex-pm51230.53-4Read and parse BibTeX files
text-bibtex-pm51240.53-4Read and parse BibTeX files
text-bibtex-pm51620.53-4Read and parse BibTeX files
text-bibtex-pm5880.53-3Read and parse BibTeX files
tipa1.3-2Fonts and macros for IPA phonetics characters
tkinfo2.8-2Graphical browser for "info" files
tldp-xsl2004-03-21-1LDP's DocBook XSL stylesheets
tofrodos1.7.13-1Text file conversion utility
trang20030619-1Multi-format schema converter based on RELAX NG
translate-toolkit1.9.0-1Convert between various translation formats
tth3.85-4TeX to HTML translator
uni2ascii4.9-2Converts text between Unicode and ASCII
unicode-tex20041017-2Unicode support for LaTeX
unrtf0.21.3-2Converts rtf format to several other formats
urifind1.00-2Extract URIs from a text document
urw-fonts1.0.7pre44-1Cyrillized free URW fonts
utf-fontfiles1.9.6-1Virtual fonts and style files for utf in ptex
vgrind5.7-2Runoff preprocessor for program sources
watch3.2.8-31Continuously print the output of a command
wrap1-4Fast text wrapping
xcolor2.11-1Easy driver-independent TeX class for color
xdvi22.85-3Display TeX .dvi files under x11
xetex0.996-1001TeX typesetter using native Mac OS X fonts
xgdvi1.3.2-4a TeX DVI previewer for X, with a nice GTK+ UI
xhtml-dtd1.0-3W3C XHTML DTDs official release
xkeyval2.5f-1Extension of the keyval package
xml20.5-1Convert XML| HTML <-> a line-oriented format
xml2rfc1.35pre1-1Convert memos written in XML to RFC format
xmlindent0.2.17-2XML stream reformatter
xmlstarlet1.4.1-1Command-line XML manipulation tool
xmlto0.0.25-6Tool to convert xml files to other formats
xpdf3.04-1Portable Document Format (PDF) file viewer
xxdiff3.1-1001Graphical diff and merge utility
yamcha0.33-1004Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
yamcha-dev0.33-1004Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
yamcha-shlibs0.33-1004Yet Another Multipurpose CHunk Annotator
zvbi0.2.35-3Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) utilities

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