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Matched 119 packages (Search = 'svn')

NameLatest VersionDescription
app-svn-bisect-pm51001.1-2Perform binary searches among revisions
app-svn-bisect-pm51231.1-2Perform binary searches among revisions
app-svn-bisect-pm51241.1-2Perform binary searches among revisions
app-svn-bisect-pm51621.1-2Perform binary searches among revisions
autorevision1.7-1Extracts metadata from VCS repositories
bazaar2.6.0-2Distributed SCM
bzr-py252.3.4-1Bazaar distributed SCM
bzr-py262.6.0-1Bazaar distributed SCM
bzr-py272.6.0-2Bazaar distributed SCM
cvs2svn2.3.0-2CVS to SVN/git/bzr/hg repository converter
cvs2svn-py262.4.0-1CVS to SVN/git/bzr/hg repository converter
cvs2svn-py272.4.0-1CVS to SVN/git/bzr/hg repository converter
esvn0.6.11-12GUI frontend for Subversion (QT-based)
extex0.0svn8062-1TeX implementation using Java
git-remote-gitifyhg-py260.8.2.1-1Access hg repos as git remotes
git-remote-gitifyhg-py270.8.4-1Access hg repos as git remotes
git-remote-testsvn2.1.1-1+10.9SVN remote helper for git
git-svn2.1.1-1+10.9Tool to let git use subversion repositories
kdesdk3-svn3.5.10-2KDE - svn ioslave
kdesdk3-svn-ssl3.5.10-1KDE - svn ioslave (with SSL)
kdesdk4-mac-ioslaves4.4.1-2OBSOLETE: use kdesdk4-mac-svn-ioslave instead
kdesdk4-mac-kioslaves4.14.0-1KDE4 - KIO subversion access
kdesdk4-mac-svn-ioslave4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesdk4-mac-svn-provider4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesdk4-x11-ioslaves4.4.1-2OBSOLETE: use kdesdk4-x11-svn-ioslave instead
kdesdk4-x11-svn-ioslave4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesdk4-x11-svn-provider4.4.1-2KDE4 - Subversion support
kdesvn1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdesvn-dev1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
kdesvn-kde4-mac1.5.5-1KDE4 - SVN frontend
kdesvn-kde4-x111.5.5-1KDE4 - SVN frontend
kdesvn-shlibs1.0.6-1KDE - SVN frontend
krecipes-kde4-mac2.0-svn20100115-1004KDE4 - Recipes database, uses sqlite3
krecipes-kde4-x112.0-svn20100115-1004KDE4 - Recipes database, uses sqlite3
libapache2-mod-svn1.6.19-1Subversion - mod_svn
module-release-pm51002.06-3Automate software releases
module-release-pm51232.08-1Automate software releases
module-release-pm51242.08-1Automate software releases
module-release-pm51622.08-1Automate software releases
module-release-pm5882.06-3Automate software releases
mplayer1.1.1svn37152-2Unix movie player
nano-cur2.3.6+svn5095-1Small, friendly text editor (dev)
nmap6.46-1Network exploration utility
nmap-update6.46-1Update nmap files from svn
psvn20071115-2Subversion interface for Emacs
py-py251.4.12-2Python development support library
py-py261.4.12-2Python development support library
py-py271.4.23-1Python development support library
py-py311.4.12-2Python development support library
py-py321.4.23-1Python development support library
py-py331.4.23-1Python development support library
py-py341.4.23-1Python development support library
pyobjc-py252.2+svn2349-1Glue to interface Python with Objective-C
pyobjc-py25-bin2.2+svn2349-1Binaries for pyobjc
pyobjc-py25-doc2.2+svn2349-1Docs and example scripts for pyobjc
pyobjc-py262.2+svn2349-1Glue to interface Python with Objective-C
pyobjc-py26-bin2.2+svn2349-1Binaries for pyobjc
pyobjc-py26-doc2.2+svn2349-1Docs and example scripts for pyobjc
pysvn-py261.7.7-2Python SVN Extension
pysvn-py271.7.8-1Python SVN Extension
pysvn-py311.7.7-2Python SVN Extension
pysvn-py321.7.8-1Python SVN Extension
pysvn-py331.7.8-1Python SVN Extension
pysvn-py341.7.8-1Python SVN Extension
qsvn0.8.3-1005Qt-based frontend for svn
qsvn-0.8.3-shlibs0.8.3-1005Qt-based frontend for svn
qsvn-dev0.8.3-1005Qt-based frontend for svn
qsvn-mac0.8.3-1003Qt4-mac-based frontend for svn
qsvn-mac-0.8.3-shlibs0.8.3-1003Qt4-mac-based frontend for svn
qsvn-mac-dev0.8.3-1003Qt4-mac-based frontend for svn
rapidsvn0.9.8-1GUI front-end for Subversion
subvertpy-py250.9.1-2Python bindings for subversion
subvertpy-py260.9.1-2Python bindings for subversion
subvertpy-py270.9.1-2Python bindings for subversion
svn1.8.3-1Subversion version control
svn-client1.6.11-3OBSOLETE - Use svn instead
svn-dump-pm0.06-1Perl interface to Subversion dumps
svn-javahl1.8.3-1Subversion - Java bindings
svn-mirror-pm5860.75-3Perl module to mirror svn repository
svn-mirror-pm586-bin0.75-3Perl module to mirror svn repository
svn-mirror-pm5880.75-3Perl module to mirror svn repository
svn-mirror-pm588-bin0.75-3Perl module to mirror svn repository
svn-simple-pm51000.28-1Perl module, simple interface for svn editors
svn-simple-pm51230.28-1Perl module, simple interface for svn editors
svn-simple-pm51240.28-1Perl module, simple interface for svn editors
svn-simple-pm51620.28-1Perl module, simple interface for svn editors
svn-simple-pm5880.28-1Perl module, simple interface for svn editors
svn-swig-pm51001.8.3-1Swig svn Perl 5.10.0 bindings
svn-swig-pm5100-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Perl Shared libraries
svn-swig-pm51231.8.10-1Swig svn Perl 5.12.3 bindings
svn-swig-pm51241.8.10-1Swig svn Perl 5.12.4 bindings
svn-swig-pm51621.8.10-1Swig svn Perl 5.16.2 bindings
svn-swig-pm5881.8.3-1Swig svn Perl 5.8.8 bindings
svn-swig-pm588-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Perl Shared libraries
svn-swig-py261.8.3-1Swig svn Python 2.6 bindings
svn-swig-py26-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Python Shared libraries
svn-swig-py271.8.3-1Swig svn Python 2.7 bindings
svn-swig-py27-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Python Shared libraries
svn-swig-rb181.8.3-1Swig svn Ruby 1.8 bindings
svn-swig-rb18-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Swig Ruby Shared libraries
svn-swig-rb191.8.10-1Swig svn Ruby 1.9 bindings
svn151.6.23-2Subversion - svnserve, tools
svn15-dev1.6.23-2Subversion - Development headers and libs
svn15-doc1.6.23-2Subversion - Documentation
svn15-shlibs1.6.23-2Subversion - Shared libraries
svn171.7.18-1Subversion - svnserve, tools
svn17-dev1.7.18-1Subversion - Development headers and libs
svn17-doc1.7.18-1Subversion - Documentation
svn17-shlibs1.7.18-1Subversion - Shared libraries
svn181.8.3-1Subversion - svnserve, tools
svn18-dev1.8.3-1Subversion - Development headers and libs
svn18-doc1.8.3-1Subversion - Documentation
svn18-shlibs1.8.3-1Subversion - Shared libraries
svn2cl0.12-1Generate a ChangeLog from an SVN log
svncpp2-dev0.9.8-1C++ API to subversion - Development Headers
svncpp2-doc0.9.8-1C++ API to subversion - Documentation
svncpp2-shlibs0.9.8-1C++ API to subversion - Shared libraries
tkcvs8.2.3-1GUI for Subversion and CVS
tla-tools0.2004.p90-2Useful tools for working with GNU Arch

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