Package Database Introduction

This database lists all available Fink packages. It knows about the "stable" tree of the latest release and about all packages in CVS ("current-stable" and "current-unstable"). Note that some packages are only available in the "unstable" tree.

Read this: The above means that a default install of Fink will not recognize some packages listed here. That is because those packages are in a section of the archive called "unstable" because they are not well-tested. You can help improve the situation by testing those packages and reporting both success and failure to the package maintainer. The Packages in Testing page lists all packages that still have to pass testing. In order to test the packages, you need to configure Fink to use unstable and then download the latest descriptions by running fink selfupdate-rsync (or fink selfupdate-cvs if you can't use rsync for some reason).

Help is also needed to find new maintainers for the packages without maintainers.

The database was last updated Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:40:13 (UTC) and currently lists 1 packages in 26 sections.

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