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Description:   Shared libraries for anjuta (
Anjuta is one of the most powerful IDEs available in open source today. It supports many different languages, such as C, C++ (both with Glade support), Java, Perl, Python, and many more. You can either have a single source file with all of your code in it, or you can use its built-in wizards to make all kinds of different application projects (such as graphical applications with Glade that can be used with GNOME and KDE). Project files store all source files, header files, and libraries together, and everything is compiled as you wish. It also automatically creates files such as NEWS, TODO, README, and INSTALL that are typically found in open source applications' folders. It also has a built-in debugging area that uses gdb. The standard C compiler it uses is gcc, and the C++ compiler it uses is g++. All of these settings can be changed of course, along with a wide range of other preferences you can set to truely make the program your own development environment.
Section:   10.5-EOL/gnome
Maintainer:   Remi Mommsen <remigiusDOTmommsenATcernDOTch>
License:   GPL
Parent:   anjuta (Complete Programmers' IDE)
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/10.5-EOL/gnome/
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