Package apache2-2.2.22-13.2

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Description:   Apache HTTP Server metapackage (2.2.22-13.2)
The Apache Software Foundation's goal is to build a secure, efficient and extensible HTTP server as standards-compliant open source software. The result has long been the number one web server on the Internet. It features support for HTTPS, virtual hosting, CGI, SSI, IPv6, easy scripting and database integration, request/response filtering, many flexible authentication schemes, and more.
Section:   web
Maintainer:   Justin F. Hallett <thesinATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet>
License:   BSD
Deb Archive:   10.8/dists/stable/main/binary-darwin-x86_64/web/apache2_2.2.22-13.2_darwin-x86_64.deb
apache2-doc HTTP Server documentation
apache2-mpm-event HTTP Server - event driven model
apache2-mpm-prefork HTTP Server - traditional non-threaded model [RECOMMENDED]
apache2-mpm-worker HTTP Server - high speed threaded model
apache2-prefork-dev Development headers - non-threaded MPM
apache2-suexec Standard suexec tool (Apache 2 mod_suexec)
apache2-threaded-dev Development headers - threaded MPM
apache2-utils Utility programs for webservers
apache2.2-bin HTTP Server common binary files
apache2.2-common HTTP Server common files

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