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Description:   Web-oriented text editor (1.0.7-1002)
Bluefish is a syntax-coloring text editor for the experienced web designer, it was designed for editing HTML, PHP and the like. It has (among others) the following major features: * Projects for quick access of frequently used sets of files * Customizable syntax highlighting based on Perl Compatible regular expressions for java, C, php, xml, python, perl, etc. * Multiple encodings support: utf-8, iso-xxx, Chinese, etc. * Wizards for startup, tables, frames, and others * Dialogs for many HTML tags, with all their attributes * User-customizable toolbar for quick access to often used functions * A custom menu to specify your own tags or sets of code, and define your own dialogs * Custom search and replace pattern support for the Custom menu * Function reference browser, including reference files for PHP, HTML, CSS2, and Python * User customizable integration of many programs, including weblint, tidy, make, xmllint. Installation To install bluefish on a system with gnome2 installed, use: * fink install bluefish-gnome2 To install bluefish on a system without gnome2 installed, use: * fink install bluefish if you don't care being able to open remote files * fink install bluefish-gnome2-novfs It is also recommended to install applesystemfonts. Usage * Launch it with: bluefish * To get the custom menus in French language, launch it with: export LANGUAGE=fr_FR; export LANG=fr_FR; export LC_ALL=fr_FR; bluefish * Do not forget to install the desired aspell dictionaries Documentation * The English documentation is available as a separate package: bluefish-doc
Section:   10.5-EOL/editors
Maintainer:   Kevin Horton <khorton01ATrogersDOTcom>
License:   GPL
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/10.5-EOL/editors/
CVS log, Last Changed: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 17:06:53 (UTC)

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