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Description:   Additional tools/libraries for caml-light (0.75-3)
Caml is a programming language, easy to learn, easy to use, and yet amazingly powerful. It is developed and distributed by INRIA (the main French research institute for computer science), since 1984. There exist two flavors of Caml: Caml Light and Objective Caml. Caml Light is merely a subset of Objective Caml, especially designed for teaching and learning the art of programming. This package includes some add-ons for caml-light, found in the contrib/ part of the distribution : a debugger, X11 graphics support, a big-num library....
Usage Hints:   
Run 'camllight camlgraph' for X11 graphics support.
Section:   languages
Maintainer:   Thomas Deniau <thomasATdeniauDOTorg>
License:   Restrictive/Distributable
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/languages/
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