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Description:   OBSOLETE use cernlib2006 instead (2005-3014)
The CERN Program Library is a large collection of general purpose libraries and modules maintained and offered in both source and object code form on the CERN central computers. The two most popular applications based on CERNLIB are PAW and GEANT 3.21. Most of these programs were developed at CERN and are therefore oriented towards the needs of a physics research laboratory that is general mathematics, data analysis, detectors simulation, data-handling etc... applicable to a wide range of problems.
Usage Hints:   
In order to function properly, CERNLIB needs a few environment variables set. This is done automatically when you source the /sw/bin/init.(c)sh. Therefore, you need to open a new terminal after installing CERNLIB for the first time.
Section:   sci
Maintainer:   Remi Mommsen <remigiusDOTmommsenATcernDOTch>
License:   GPL
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/sci/
CVS log, Last Changed: Mon, 08 Jul 2013 21:35:29 (UTC)
cernlib2005-gfortran-geant321 OBSOLETE use cernlib2006-geant321 instead
cernlib2005-gfortran-mclibs OBSOLETE use cernlib2006-mclibs instead
patchy5-gfortran CERNLIB patchy utilities
cernlib2005-gfortran-paw++ OBSOLETE use cernlib2006-paw++ instead
cernlib2005-gfortran-dev OBSOLETE use cernlib2006-dev instead

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