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Description:   Octave control tools (2.4.5-1)
Octave control systems package based on the proven SLICOT Fortran library This package provides the following functions: Examples: MDSSystem optiPID Anderson Madievski Linear Time Invariant Models: dss filt frd ss tf zpk Model Data Access: @lti/dssdata @lti/filtdata @lti/frdata @lti/get @lti/set @lti/ssdata @lti/tfdata @lti/zpkdata Model Conversions: @lti/c2d @lti/d2c @lti/prescale @lti/xperm Model Interconnections: @lti/append @lti/blkdiag @lti/connect @lti/feedback @lti/lft @lti/mconnect @lti/parallel @lti/series Model Characteristics ctrb ctrbf @lti/dcgain gram hsvd @lti/isct isctrb isdetectable @lti/isdt @lti/isminimumphase isobsv @lti/issiso isstabilizable @lti/isstable @lti/norm obsv obsvf @lti/pole pzmap @lti/size @lti/zero Model Simplification @lti/minreal @lti/sminreal Time Domain Analysis covar gensig impulse initial lsim ramp step Frequency Domain Analysis bode bodemag @lti/freqresp margin nichols nyquist sensitivity sigma Pole Placement place rlocus Linear-Quadratic Control dlqe dlqr estim kalman lqe lqr Robust Control augw fitfrd h2syn hinfsyn mixsyn ncfsyn Matrix Equation Solvers care dare dlyap dlyapchol lyap lyapchol Model Reduction bstmodred btamodred hnamodred spamodred Controller Reduction btaconred cfconred fwcfconred spaconred Experimental Data Handling iddata @iddata/cat @iddata/detrend @iddata/diff @iddata/fft @iddata/filter @iddata/get @iddata/ifft @iddata/merge @iddata/nkshift @iddata/plot @iddata/resample @iddata/set @iddata/size System Identification arx moen4 moesp n4sid Overloaded LTI Operators @lti/ctranspose @lti/horzcat @lti/inv @lti/minus @lti/mldivide @lti/mpower @lti/mrdivide @lti/mtimes @lti/plus @lti/subsasgn @lti/subsref @lti/transpose @lti/uminus @lti/uplus @lti/vertcat Overloaded IDDATA Operators @iddata/horzcat @iddata/subsasgn @iddata/subsref @iddata/vertcat Miscellaneous options strseq test_control BMWengine Boeing707 WestlandLynx
Usage Hints:   
From discussions with package's author, it appears that using either atlas or Accelerate for lapack leads to numerical problems. We therefore also can use the reference lapack implementation from Fink's lapack342 package. Install control-ref-oct360 to use it. To see the numerical issues yourself either run test_control or look at the individual tests from /sw/share/octave/3.6.0/packages/control-2.4.5/test_control.m
Section:   libs/octmods
Maintainer:   Alexander Hansen <alexkhansenATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet>
License:   GPL3+
Info-File:   dists/10.7/stable/main/finkinfo/libs/octmods/
CVS log, Last Changed: Thu, 15 May 2014 15:07:11 (UTC)

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