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Description:   Perl date and time object (0.55-2)
DateTime is a class for the representation of date/time combinations, and is part of the Perl DateTime project. For details on this project please see The DateTime site has a FAQ which may help answer many "how do I do X?" questions. The FAQ is at It represents the Gregorian calendar, extended backwards in time before its creation (in 1582). This is sometimes known as the "proleptic Gregorian calendar". In this calendar, the first day of the calendar (the epoch), is the first day of year 1, which corresponds to the date which was (incorrectly) believed to be the birth of Jesus Christ. The calendar represented does have a year 0, and in that way differs rom how dates are often written using "BCE/CE" or "BC/AD".
Section:   10.4-EOL/libs/perlmods
Maintainer:   Benjamin Reed <datetime-pmATfinkDOTraccoonfinkDOTcom>
License:   Artistic
Info-File:   dists/10.4/unstable/main/finkinfo/10.4-EOL/libs/perlmods/
CVS log, Last Changed: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 12:57:13 (UTC)

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