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Description:   Convert DOS or Mac text files to Unix format (6.0.6-1)
Two utilities to convert DOS end-of-line (CRLF) and Macintosh classic end-of-line (CR) formated text files into Unix (LF) format.
Usage Hints:   
Usage: dos2unix [options] [file ...] [-n infile outfile ...] -ascii convert only line breaks (default) -iso conversion between DOS and ISO-8859-1 character set -1252 Use Windows code page 1252 (Western European) -437 Use DOS code page 437 (US) (default) -850 Use DOS code page 850 (Western European) -860 Use DOS code page 860 (Portuguese) -863 Use DOS code page 863 (French Canadian) -865 Use DOS code page 865 (Nordic) -7 Convert 8 bit characters to 7 bit space -c, --convmode conversion mode convmode ascii, 7bit, iso, mac, default to ascii -f, --force force conversion of binary files -h, --help give this help -k, --keepdate keep output file date -L, --license display software license -l, --newline add additional newline -m, --add-bom add UTF-8 Byte Order Mark -n, --newfile write to new file infile original file in new file mode outfile output file in new file mode -o, --oldfile write to old file file ... files to convert in old file mode -q, --quiet quiet mode, suppress all warnings always on in stdio mode -s, --safe skip binary files (default) -ul, --assume-utf16le assume that the input format is UTF-16LE -ub, --assume-utf16be assume that the input format is UTF-16BE -F, --follow-symlink follow symbolic links and convert the targets -R, --replace-symlink replace symbolic links with converted files (original target files remain unchanged) -S, --skip-symlink keep symbolic links and targets unchanged (default) -V, --version display version number
Section:   utils
Maintainer:   Karl-Michael Schindler <karl-michaelDOTschindlerATwebDOTde>
License:   BSD
Info-File:   dists/10.7/stable/main/finkinfo/utils/
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