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Description:   Bug pattern detector for java (0.8.8-1)
FindBugs is a program to find bugs in Java programs. It looks for instances of "bug patterns" --- code instances that are likely to be errors. Changes since version 0.8.7: - New detector to find duplicate code in if/else statements (Dave Brosius) - Look for calls to wait() on Condition objects (David Hovemeyer) - Look for java.util.concurrent.Lock objects not released on every path out of method (David Hovemeyer) - Look for calls to Thread.sleep() with a lock held (David Hovemeyer) - More accurate detection of impossible casts (Bill Pugh, David Hovemeyer) - Saved XML now contains project statistics (Jay Dunning) - Filter files can select by bug pattern type and warning priority (David Hovemeyer) - Restored some files inadvertently omitted from previous release (Rohan Lloyd, David Hovemeyer) - Make sure detectors requiring JDK 1.5 runtime classes are only executed if those classes are available (David Hovemeyer) - Don't display analysis error dialog unless there is really an error (David Hovemeyer) - Updated and expanded French translations of bug patterns and Swing GUI (Olivier Parent) - Fixed invalid character encoding in German Swing GUI translation (Olivier Parent) - Fix locale used for date format in project stats (K. Hashimoto) - Fixed LongDescription elements in xml:withMessages output format (K. Hashimoto) Changes since version 0.8.6: - Extend Naming detector to look for classes that are named XXXException but that are not Exceptions (Dave Brosius) - New detector to find classes that expose semaphores in the public implementation through the 'this' reference. (Dave Brosius) - New Style detector to find Struts Action/Servlet derived classes that reference instance member variable not in synchronized blocks. (Dave Brosius) - New Style detector to find classes that declare implementation of interfaces that are already implemented by super classes (Dave Brosius) - New Style detector to find circular dependencies between classes (Dave Brosius) - New Style detector to find unnecessary math on constants (Dave Brosius) - New detector to find equality comparisons using floating point math (Jay Dunning) - New faster detector to find local self assignments (Bill Pugh) - New detector to find infinite recursive loops (Bill Pugh) - New detector to find for loops with an incorrect increment (Bill Pugh) - New detector to find suspicious uses of BufferedReader.readLine() and String.indexOf() (Bill Pugh) - New detector to find suspicious integer to double casts (David Hovemeyer, Bill Pugh) - New detector to find invalid regular expression patterns (Bill Pugh) - New detector to find Bloch/Gafter Java puzzlers (Bill Pugh) - New system property to suppress reporting of DLS based on local variable name (Glenn Boysko) - Enhancements to configuration dialog in Eclipse plugin, allow for saving enabled detectors in Eclipse projects (Phil Crosby) - Sortable columns in detector dialog (Dave Brosius) - New tab in gui for showing bugs grouped by category (Dave Brosius) - Improved German translation of Swing GUI (Thomas Kuehne) - Improved source file reporting in Emacs output format (Len Trigg) - Improvements to redundant null comparison detector (Bill Pugh) - Localization of run analysis and analysis error dialogs in Swing GUI (K. Hashimoto) - Don't scan equals methods in FindHEMismatch if code is native (Greg Bentz) - French translation fixes (David Cotton) - Internationalization report fixes (K. Hashimoto) - Japanese translations updates (SHISEI Hanai)
Section:   devel
Maintainer:   Rohan Lloyd <finkATrohanlDOTcom>
License:   OSI-Approved
Deb Archive:   10.5/dists/stable/main/binary-darwin-powerpc/devel/findbugs_0.8.8-1_darwin-powerpc.deb

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