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Description:   Multiplayer Strategy Game (2.4.3-14)
Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the stone age to the space age...
Usage Hints:   
To start freeciv: - At any command prompt type 'freeciv-gtk2' to start the GTK 2 client. - The game window will come up giving you the option to join a server: 'Connect to Network Game'. For a local game, select: 'Start New Game', 'Start Scenario Game', or 'Load Saved Game' as desired. The server will start automagically if needed. - In-game sound effects are turned off by default. To enable them, go to the client menu "Game" -> "Options" -> "Local Client". Then select the 'Sound' tab to change the "Sound plugin" to 'sdl' and/or enable "Sound bell at new turn". To make these changes permanent, select "Save". - 'freeciv-server' can be used to manually start the server if so desired. Most folks won't need to do this. - The auxiliary program 'freeciv-manual' creates html versions of the rules. It will fail if it doesn't have permission to write the files, so either invoke from a directory that is writeable by all, or invoke as a superuser. - The auxiliary program 'freeciv-modpack' will connect to the project servers and display bonus content available for download such as tilesets [graphics], sounds, rulesets, and scenarios. I personally recommend 'Freesounds'.
Section:   games
Maintainer:   David Lowe <doctorjloweATverizonDOTnet>
License:   GPL
Info-File:   dists/10.7/stable/main/finkinfo/games/
CVS log, Last Changed: Sat, 06 Sep 2014 20:18:58 (UTC)

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