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Description:   KDE - games (3.5.10-2)
Install kdegames3 if you would like to install all of the kdegames packages.
Usage Hints:   
---[ Installation ]--------------------------------------------------- To install all of the official KDE packages, install "bundle-kde" or "bundle-kde-ssl" (depending on whether crypotgraphic laws permit downloading strong cryptography). Unless you have a specific reason not to, "bundle-kde-ssl" is suggested. ---[ Configuration ]-------------------------------------------------- To use KDE as your windowing system in XDarwin, create a file called ".xinitrc" in your home directory, containing the following line: /sw/bin/startkde >/tmp/kde.log 2>&1 See for more information on the xinitrc files and how they work. If you want to use Apple's X11 instead of the KDE window manager, put the following line before the startkde line in .xinitrc: export KDEWM=quartz-wm If you want to disable quartz-wm even for clipboard synchronization (proxying), put the following line before the startkde line in .xinitrc: export DISABLE_PROXY=1 ---[ Startup ]-------------------------------------------------------- Once you have created an ~/.xinitrc file, you should be able to start KDE by clicking on the "XDarwin" icon in your Applications folder. NOTE: By default, X11 on Mac OS X runs in "rootless" mode, generally. If you run KDE in rootless mode, it will take over your desktop with a window that covers everything up. You can remove this by disabling desktop icons in the KDE control center. Open the control center (either from the "K" menu bar, or by typing "kcontrol" in an xterm) then expand the "Desktop" list, click "Behavior", and uncheck the "Show icons on desktop" checkbox. ---[ Removal ]-------------------------------------------------------- To remove all of the official KDE packages, you can remove the KDE libraries and anything that depends on them by running, in a terminal: sudo apt-get remove kdelibs3-unified-shlibs To remove an individual KDE package collection (like kdenetwork3 or kdesdk3) you can generally remove [package]-base. For example, to remove all of the kdenetwork3 packages, run: sudo apt-get remove kdenetwork3-base
Section:   10.5-EOL/kde
Maintainer:   Benjamin Reed <kdegames3ATfinkDOTracoonfinkDOTcom>
License:   GPL/LGPL
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/10.5-EOL/kde/
CVS log, Last Changed: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 17:07:07 (UTC)
ksmiletris KDE - Tetris clone
ksnake KDE - snake race played against the computer
klickety KDE - Tetris-like game
kspaceduel KDE - 2-player space arcade game
kreversi KDE - reversi clone
knetwalk KDE - a game for system administrators
klines KDE - Color Lines-like logic game
atlantik KDE - Monopoly-like game
kdegames3-dev KDE - kdegames development headers and libraries
kbounce KDE - catch moving balls
kolf KDE - mini-golf game
lskat KDE - 2-player card game like Offiziersskat
ktron KDE - simple Tron clone
kmines KDE - minesweeper-like game
ksame KDE - simple game inspired by SameGame
kbattleship KDE - Battleship clone
kmahjongg KDE - pick-up game based on the ancient mandarin Mah Jong
kshisen KDE - Shisen-So - a Mah Jong-like game
kbackgammon KDE - backgammon board game
kpatience KDE - collection of solitaire-like card games
kwin4 KDE - Connect-4 clone
kdegames3-base KDE - kdegames base package
konquest KDE - multi-player strategic war game
ktuberling KDE - Mr. Potato Head-like game
ksirtet KDE - Tetris clone
kgoldrunner KDE - platform game
ksokoban KDE - sokoban-like game
kjumpingcube KDE - tactical game
katomic KDE - sokoban-like game
kenolaba KDE - strategy board game
kfouleggs KDE - PuyoPuyo clone
kpoker KDE - poker card game
kasteroids KDE - asteroids clone
kdegames3-common KDE - game shared libraries
kblackbox KDE - Blackbox clone

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