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Description:   Shared libs for Sablotron XML Processor (0.98-1024)
Sablotron is an XML processor implementing XPath 1.0, XSLT 1.0 and DOM Level2. It also includes some other features such as XSLT debugger, SXP (access to external documents via callbacks) or EXSLT support. Sablotron is a single shared library written in C++ (sablot.dll or It provides a native C API; APIs for Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and other languages are available through wrappers (not part of the Sablotron project). See for more information on Sablotron wrappers. Sablotron can also be used from the command line via a simple interface called sabcmd. Sablotron also include an XPath Processor (SXP) working with virtual DOM objects accessed via user-defined (DOM-like) callback functions. The C API to SXP is described in a separate SXP Reference guide.
Section:   libs
Maintainer:   Dustin Sias <dustinATcoretechnologiesDOTnet>
License:   OSI-Approved
Parent:   libsablot (XML processor (XPATH, XSLT, DOM2) Library)
Deb Archive:   10.5/dists/stable/main/binary-darwin-powerpc/libs/libsablot-shlibs_0.98-1024_darwin-powerpc.deb

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