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Description:   Runtime assertion and debugging library (2.5-2)
Nana is a high performance library for software developers that provides support for assertion checks, improved debugging and configurable logging in C and C++ when using the GNU compilers. Better details at
Usage Hints:   
The nana debugging libraries are useful for software developers who understand the value of runtime assertions. The first step to using nana is to read about the nana debugging macros in the nana manual. The next step is to insert appropriate macros into your source code. The nana headers can be included by compiling with '-I/sw/include/nana' The static nana library will be linked in with '-L/sw/lib -lnana'
Section:   10.5-EOL/devel
Maintainer:   None <fink-develATlistsDOTsourceforgeDOTnet>
License:   BSD
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/10.5-EOL/devel/
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