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Description:   SNMP tools and libraries (5.7.2-1)
The net-snmp package, previously known as ucd-snmp, provides tools and libraries relating to SNMP. It provides SNMP libraries (the libnetsnmp30-dev and libnetsnmp30-shlibs packages), an SNMP daemon and tools to request and set information (the net-snmp-unified package), and other features.
Usage Hints:   
In order to run net-snmp correctly, the community name needs to be set. The easiest way to set this is to run the 'snmpconf' program, allowing you to setup the various net-snmp configuration files. You can use the "daemonic" program to set snmpd to be run automatically. The service-name is "net-snmp-unified" for a variety of compatibility and technical reasons on OS X up through 10.6 and "net-snmp-snmpd" on OS X 10.7. Likewise, the package containing the daemon and other programs is is called "net-snmp-unified" up through 10.6 and "net-snmp-bin" on 10.7. Note: the perl modules allowing perl programs to access net-snmp programs and libraries have been removed from this package. They will some day be revived in a separate package.
Section:   net
Maintainer:   Benjamin Reed <net-snmpATfinkDOTraccoonfinkDOTcom>
License:   BSD
Parent:   libnetsnmp30-shlibs (SNMP tools and libraries)
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/net/
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