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Description:   Binaries for pyobjc (2.2+svn2349-1)
The PyObjC package provides the glue needed to interface the Python interpreter with the Objective-C language. At its core is the 'objc' module makes Objective-C objects and classes available as first-class Python citizens. It is not only possible to use Objective-C objects but you can also subclass Objective-C classes. To make it easier to use the core 'objc' module, this package also provides a number of modules that are wrappers for the Cocoa frameworks, such as Foundation and AppKit. These modules not only give you access to the classes in these frameworks but also to the functions and constants in those modules. To test see windows appear on your Mac OS X desktop from Python scripts, run some of the example scripts in the pyobjc-pyXX-doc package.
Section:   libs/pythonmods
Maintainer:   James Bunton <jamesbuntonATfastmailDOTfm>
License:   BSD
Parent:   pyobjc-py25 (Glue to interface Python with Objective-C)
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/libs/pythonmods/
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