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Warning: Package queueing-oct343 1.2.1 not found in distribution 10.4!
Description:   Octave queueing functions (1.2.2-1)
The queueing package provides functions for queueing networks and Markov chains analysis. This package can be used to compute steady-state performance measures for open, closed and mixed networks with single or multiple job classes. Mean Value Analysis (MVA), convolution, and various bounding techniques are implemented. Furthermore, several transient and steady-state performance measures for Markov chains can be computed, such as state occupancy probabilities, mean time to absorption, time-averaged sojourn times and so forth. Discrete- and continuous-time Markov chains are supported. This package provides the following functions: Misc: ctmc ctmc_bd ctmc_check_Q ctmc_exps ctmc_fpt ctmc_mtta ctmc_taexps ctmcbd ctmcchkQ ctmcexps ctmcfpt ctmcmtta ctmctaexps dtmc dtmc_bd dtmc_check_P dtmc_exps dtmc_fpt dtmc_is_irreducible dtmc_mtta dtmc_taexps dtmcbd dtmcchkP dtmcexps dtmcfpt dtmcisir dtmcmtta dtmctaexps population_mix qnammm qnclosed qnclosedab qnclosedbsb qnclosedgb qnclosedmultimva qnclosedmultimvaapprox qnclosedpb qnclosedsinglemva qnclosedsinglemvaapprox qnclosedsinglemvald qncmaba qncmbsb qncmcb qncmmva qncmmvaap qncmnpop qncmpopmix qncmva qncmvisits qnconvolution qnconvolutionld qncsaba qncsbsb qncscmva qncsconv qncsconvld qncsgb qncsmva qncsmvaap qncsmvablo qncsmvald qncspb qncsvisits qnjackson qnmarkov qnmg1 qnmh1 qnmix qnmknode qnmm1 qnmm1k qnmminf qnmmm qnmmmk qnmvablo qnmvapop qnom qnomaba qnomvisits qnopen qnopenab qnopenbsb qnopenmulti qnopensingle qnos qnosaba qnosbsb qnosvisits qnsolve qnvisits qsammm qsmg1 qsmh1 qsmm1 qsmm1k qsmminf qsmmm qsmmmk
Section:   libs/octmods
Maintainer:   Alexander Hansen <alexkhansenATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet>
License:   GPL3+
Info-File:   dists/10.7/stable/main/finkinfo/libs/octmods/
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