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Description:   Text file conversion utility (1.7.13-1)
Tofrodos is a text file conversion utility that converts ASCII and Unicode UTF-8 files between the MSDOS (or Windows) format, which traditionally have CR/LF (carriage return/line feed) pairs as their new line delimiters, and the Unix format, which usually have LFs (line feeds) to terminate each line.
Usage Hints:   
tofrodos converts text files between MSDOS and Unix file formats. Usage: todos [options] [file...] Usage: fromdos [options] [file...] -a (Deprecated option, see manual for info.) -b Make backup of original file (.bak). -d Convert DOS to Unix. -e Abort processing files on error in any file. -f Force: convert even if file is not writeable. -h Display help on usage and quit. -l file Log most errors and verbose messages to <file> -o Overwrite original file (no backup). -p Preserve file owner and time. -u Convert Unix to DOS. -v Verbose. -V Show version and quit. Also see: man todos
Section:   text
Maintainer:   Karl-Michael Schindler <karl-michaelDOTschindlerATwebDOTde>
License:   GPL
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/text/
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