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Description:   Versatile Font Library, development files (3.6.14-6)
VFlib is a font library written in C language with several functions to obtain bitmaps of fonts. Unique feature of VFlib is that fonts in different formats are accessed by unified interface. VFlib supports the following font formats: TeX fonts: PK, GF, VF, TFM Omega TeX fonts: OFM (level 0), OVF X Window fonts: PCF, BDF Other fonts: TrueType, Type 1, HBF, Syotai Club, JG, ekanji This package contains the development files needed to run programs using VFlib3.
Section:   libs
Maintainer:   Chris Zubrzycki <beren12ATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet>
License:   LGPL
Parent:   vflib3 (Versatile Font Library, runtime libs)
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/libs/
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