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Description:   Web interface for unix system administration (1.270-2)
Webmin is a web-based interface that allows Unix-like operating systems and common Unix services to be easily administered. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on. Webmin consists of a simple web server, and a number of CGI programs which can modify system configuration and control the system. It supports the concept of modules (like PhotoShop plugins). There are many third-party modules that were developed by other people separately. Webmin works alone or together with usermin.
Usage Hints:   
Install net-ssleay-pm to use OpenSSL with webmin. To get started point your web browser to <>. The userid is the word 'admin' and the password set to the Mac OS X admin user's password. Webmin also comes with a utility to reset the password, should any problems arise: sudo /sw/lib/webmin1.0/ /sw/etc/webmin admin newpass To manually stop/start webmin, use the commands 'sudo webminstop' and 'sudo webminstart'. To install the StartupItem run, "daemonic enable webmin" as root. Problems with "File Manager" and "SSH" applets: There is a problem with some browsers passing cookies to applets, which causes applets in webmin to fail to load due to webmin's use of cookies for authentication. One possible solution is to go into "Webmin Configuration -> Authentication" and turn off session authentication mode, then quit your browser and re-login. Controlling Fink within Webmin: Webmin knows how to use the debian package manager so you can remotely control fink's dpkg and apt-get with a web browser to install binary packages: "System -> Software -> Packages". Try installing a package from local a file in '/sw/fink/debs/' or '/sw/var/cache/apt/archives/'. You cannot install certain packages which require interaction to complete the installation. Reinstallation Notes: Webmin has a built-in upgrade facility. If you reinstall webmin using fink you will have to re-upgrade any modules which may have been updated. Uninstallation Notes: - After running dpkg --purge you must still manually delete some config files in /sw/etc/webmin. During the postinstall and whenever a new module is installed, Webmin copies a slew of configuration files into /sw/etc/webmin depending on the OS version. Activity logs are kept in /sw/var/webmin. - If you update webmin using the built-in upgrade facility then later uninstall the webmin package with fink, you will have to manually delete some extra files remaining in /sw/lib/webmin1.0.
Section:   utils
Maintainer:   None <fink-develATlistsDOTsourceforgeDOTnet>
License:   BSD
Info-File:   dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/utils/
CVS log, Last Changed: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:24:26 (UTC)
webmin-procmail Webmin module: Procmail Mail Filter
webmin-x-qmail EXTRA Webmin module: QMail Configuration
webmin-status Webmin module: System and Server Status
webmin-sendmail Webmin module: Sendmail Configuration
webmin-x-vgetty EXTRA Webmin module: Voicemail Server
webmin-cfengine Webmin module: Cluster Configuration Engine
webmin-postgresql Webmin module: PostgreSQL Database Server
webmin-fink-scripts Essential Fink scripts for Webmin
webmin-cluster-server Webmin module: Cluster Webmin Servers
webmin-burner Webmin module: CD Burner
webmin-postfix Webmin module: Postfix Configuration
webmin-webalizer Webmin module: Webalizer Logfile Analysis
webmin-samba Webmin module: Samba Windows File Sharing
webmin-squid Webmin module: Squid Proxy Server
webmin-pserver Webmin module: CVS Server
webmin-dhcpd Webmin module: DHCP Server
webmin-x-majordomo EXTRA Webmin module: Majordomo List Manager
webmin-x-wuftpd EXTRA Webmin module: WU-FTP Server
webmin-mysql Webmin module: MySQL Database Server
webmin-sentry Webmin module: Security Sentries
webmin-x-heartbeat EXTRA Webmin module: Heartbeat server monitor
webmin-stunnel Webmin module: SSL Tunnels
webmin-fetchmail Webmin module: Fetchmail Mail Retrieval
webmin-jabber Webmin module: Jabber IM Server
webmin-theme-caldera Webmin theme: Caldera
webmin-theme-msc Webmin theme: MSC.Linux
webmin-x-usermin EXTRA Webmin module: Usermin Configuration
webmin-nfs Webmin module: NFS Exports
webmin-sshd Webmin module: SSH Server
webmin-proftpd Webmin module: ProFTPD Server
webmin-bind Webmin module: BIND DNS Server
webmin-telnet Webmin module: Telnet Login
webmin-apache Webmin module: Apache Webserver

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